Boris Brejcha @ Art of Minimal Techno Tripping - The Mad Doctor by RTTWLR

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Art of Minimal Techno Tripping
*Mixed + Synch by RTTWLR* *Tracklist + Picture + Free Download* : *MORE CARTOON MINIMAL TECHNO SETS* :
Mu Ki
Whoever had the idea mixing these cartoons with this kind of techno is a genius
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
Dread Walker
38:41 brings fire in my veins. Brutal, primal, outstanding.
D. Fenton
This set has me captivated from start to finish. listened many times before. Something so polished and completed about this set, it never gives up on you at any point and maybe the cartoons are huge influence too. Its just a lovely mix man ha. He got all the little finiky back noises down to a T or the tunes selected have them all consistently. One high grade set this like. Big Baws.
B.Kristin Degirmenci
📂Documents └📁Music └📁 Boris Brejcha └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty.
Before the set: ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°) During the set: ✌.ʕʘ‿ʘʔ.✌
Xnx Gaming
Boris IS SO FAR AHEAD of the competition. <3 @42:36 PERFECT!!!
knoxedout knoxville
Disney had some dark shit back in the day. It pulled at my heart strings seeing the dog crying out.
Hoikiu Kong
0:00-5:26 -Boris Brejcha - Sad But True 5:27-8:46-Boris Brejcha - EVERYBODY WANTS TO GO TO HEAVEN (Remix D-Nox & Beckers)【highlight 6:40 8:30】 8:47-13:44-Smilla - Play (Worakls Remix)【9:00 9:30 10:00 11:23】 13:45-16:16 -Boris Brejcha - Mr. Hendrix 16:17-20:40 Boris Brejcha - Take My Space【16:37】 20:41-24:10-Victor Ruiz, Alex Stein - Consciousness 24:11-28:24-Gabs, Bessiff - Maybeep (Bessiff Remix) 28:25-34:42-Boris Brejcha - Turn Over (eargasm 31:20 31:37) 34:43-38:42-Boris Brejcha & Deniz Bul - Out Of Brain 38:43-42:40- Boris Brejcha - Black Beauty【41:40】 42:41-47:37-Boris Brejcha - Lonely Planet
1:00:41 -->
luv this mix...reminds me of sir henrys...techno nights
asimetria higiénica
Terapia psicodélica
Simon Roland
48:00 Please, help! :)
SUPERB work at 20:43, it caught me by surprise, excellent work right there!!!!!
Steve Bronson
I dropped an acid trip, this blew my mind, thnx Boris
Dont forget the water
Disco Biscuits
man, Cuphead2 looks hard
Serdar Serdar
For 10 years after myself. Start listening this again at 46:33
Came for the music, stayed for cartoons
Xnx Gaming
Poor Pluto :'(
sid temp
need 10 bottles of water
Stumbled upon BB only a couple of weeks ago through listening to Daso and subsequent U-noob recommendations. The correlation with old skool loony tunes is phenomenal! 12 out of 10. More please!
Ahmed Hachmi
16:13 it fits perfectly
When cocaine was common among cartoon drawers.
Димас Антонюк
15:35 lol)
Ze Silva Carneiro
By far the best remix i heard. And the animation, just make it sublime to watch. Thank you for posting
Guessiba Sofiane
2019🎵🎧 😎
Jon Davies
Beautiful;took me on a real journey! Miss what we’re great parties Brighton beach Monday’s you know the ones great people great location90/96
Matt Barrett
This is exceptional. Absolutely outstanding from beginning to end. The vintage cartoons add a brilliant dark edge to a truly twisted mix. My windows are vibrating...
Jimmy Loetoft
This is straight out genius Boris. Love IT bro!
Tracy Hettler
This works. Techno visualized, brilliant
Mariana Edaly M.
19:28 Cartoon it's really creepy by itself
Bartosz Rychlicki
Made my night! O-0
20:30-21:00 : ) Our musik of today is certainly different. So hard to imagine growing up in the Great Depression! Kinda wish to have been raised without technology, but at the same time really appreciate it, too, j\s
just want to say- thank You! this mix is pure awesomeness :)
those old cartoons fit so perfect to this Boris Breijcha set. I run videos like this all the time at home on my TV <3
Jest dobrze Babciu to jest zajebiste 😀
Wolf The Gentleman
Nadja Gerlitzki
One of the best Videos ever Seen.... The set of course.... love you Boris 😘
Bryan Ouellet
Best acid/MDMA trip I ever had was out in woods with DJ playing this stuff.
projecthazard 9
Pork Pie
Made my day. thx for all that hours of good time you gave me, us, like for you from hearts
Thx for this Trippin Trip Boris great work
Evelyn Börner
Ich liebe diesen Mix 🤩👍 I Love this Set so much - I can‘t count how often I was listening !!! This is fucking awsome great !!! RTTWLR - please never stop to pur out such genious mixes !!!
Rahul Basu
Perfect visuals for this truly psychedelic techno music composition
who ever made these toons was completely stoned
Wall Cutter
Fantastic shit. Love it
kim drakula
Perfect set for being super high and dance all night
Street sweep 717
1:16 wait wtf does the peep hole have to be locked from the inside... [rolls harder]
Dana Du
Sinister and elegant
Rayeez Ramsahye
My friends always trip when they listen to this set with me they call it Evil tripping track 😂
milka chokolata
🌞☮❤🙏🤝👁🔺️فاروق حاجي اشكركم ويتمان أن تقبلوني عضو معكم⚔❤💌🗝
The sound at 14:50 remembers me so much to FORMAT B. I love them both :-))) Heavenly sound !!
sylvain descoteaux
The purest techno availiable out there ... Boris is the very best Dj composer right now!
Dean Daniel
im sitting here seriously into these cartoons man
JPmusik —-
fucking dope
Gustavo Martins
Virtusx - Jan 11 (original mix)
Lovely sets here ❤ Good job!
Boris come spin in Los Angeles some time bro 🔺
Max Belihov
if you are high, put the video on 1.5 speed. have fun <3
Andreas Repaski
Hello Boris Brecha! i love your styl,! ❤️ technofreak forever! ❤️
Matan Argental
29:21 Old school subliminal message :)
nicolas begue
Love the correlation with the anim
Александр Беспалько
Это-не что,бешенство,безумство!шикарно-это мало!!
I was Feeling this Beat, I Love It so much. Thanks I was Born to hear this. [email protected] Alias Maddin. Amazing !!!! Kisses from Germany. Age 50. But i feeel 20
Ross Chapman
That's it! Boris has officially become my alarm clock. Great tunes. Never stop. Peace
Vanessa Davila
This video makes perfect sense on LSD
Nikodem Kabulak
I don't really like techno music but OMG Boris's music is pure love !
Marcus Volk
yes, came for he musik, stay for de Toons, and staying for the music with toons XD
Trip Six
This is seriously one of my best liked videos. Strong music set, good background music for gaming.
Anton Iarovoi
I love this guy! Best MinimalTech man ever with his own special style and flow!
true brain banger !!! Awesome job !!! thank you for sharing !
this is like really good for working, I can concentrate with that, it powers but doesn't overpower. Just keeps you in the sweet spot.
1:02:50 until the end … OMFG - what a great track!
nataša vrban
Just amazing bro ;)) U ar unreal :)
Edd Traill
Now days when I think of tech deep vibes I always come back to this man
Alan A.R
Estas canciones estan hechas para ponerse un viajesote 👌
David Wiese
Truely a piece of Art of Minimal Techno. Everytime i listen to this set after a party i think " damm the dj's where so crap today". Love this dark sound. Where can i download this?
This took me so far away om DMT. And it took me back again :)
Daniel Reyes
love the combination of visuals and dark minimal (Y)!
Valery Filipev
Daaamn! Such kind of stuff playing in my town bar when I'm drunk)
Marcus Schmidt
Many Thanks for this Kind of Culture. I love it really much! Do it again!
juan galue
audio technica M40x + Fiio A5 = OMFG...!!
Oleg Woronin
holy crаp what the hell is going on in these cartoons anyway the mix and visual part are great
Fabien Favre
The Real ART of Minimal, one of the best techno sample I've ever heard !!!
Ben Lawson
Everytime I watch this, it gets better and better.
Paul D
Don't know what I love more the music or the cartoons :)
John Johnson
It is true I come from outter space, technically, everybody does, from outter space, everything really, mother Earth comes from outter space did you knew that? Gods and Goddesses comes from outter space... God comes from outter space, fool, now go get me some stones (jk, some godly humour for you) Rejoice! The Gods and Godesses walks amongst thy hearth *edited cuz even gods edit asf*
Lana Vortić
Francis Atti
Excellent musical transition, astonishing video editing. No drugs needed to take off
Willie Mendoza
I post on the wall like a (creepy tarantula) bust down drip like a (leak intha aqueduct) (freaking spectacular) your nose started bleeding the moment your (greeted by Dracula)
Mysterious Design
I spend too much time here lol... Need little bit for 1000subs, everyone who love Techno support me I will do the same :)
David Cartagena
Viva medellin✊✊✊
Timo Ryynänen
Mini hangover, just surfing youtube. Surfin stopped right here, can't do nothing but listen and stare. Great
Thanks for the Upload!
Soft Chew
Do betty boop next, clubbed to death matrix ost remix
Rob Pols Photography
THIS! IS! SUBLIME! BEST-MIX-EVER so freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaking awesomee