Toxicity - System of a Down Drum Duel

Me and mack rippin to toxicity in a drum battle. :)

my next door neighbor's kid had a band..the neighbors on the other side of them complain all the time about the noise..i don't mind listening to them ..they are a decent band for teenagers..and it saves that tiny bit of electricity of turning on the radio when i'm cleaning the house on weekends LOL anyway ..neighbors complained so much that i had them set up in my garage on weekends so they can't complain as much..and the baby excuse is bullshit..i have a 6mo daughter that will sleep through it when they are playing in the garage.. and/or sit there in her walker listening to them quietly dancing and cheering them on.. I look at it like this...these kids are doing something productive with their lives and are not out running the streets doing drugs and gang bangin..
Jonathan Peacock
The dude at 3:39 just sweeping his decking.....legend
Here, everyone's complaining about how they're "disrupting" the area. I'm just here wishing I could have neighbors like them. I'd be out there with my bass jamming out.
Brian Pimley
I'd out come with my guitar and amp if I were your neighbor!
Manuel Villanueva
Why i cant have neightbours like these ;-;
"More wood for their fires, loud neighbors..." The irony... xD
Jake January
Guy in his backyard minding his own business at 3:41 is goals.
Brendon Kelly
Wish you were my neighbors! I'd love to here this at anytime guys. Rock on!!
Max Wendling
Nothings more intense than a nice beat off
This is the most metal thing ever done in spite.
Nacho Rodríguez
I'd love having neighbors like you. Imagine a whole heavy metal band (or whatever music genre you like) living next to you. Wouldn't it be amazing?
Cody West
Probably sounded annoying to anyone listening there without the music
Ian Byrne
I know this isn't the point of the video, but this is my opinion of who won. The guy on the right in the green shirt in my opinion handled the fills better than the left man did. But the left man was much more diverse in his use of the drums and cymbals. (Might have partially been because he had a larger kit.)But this is my opinion, they were both good
Marcus Amyotte
That's was cool. If you were my neighbours I'd be out there moshing it up!!!!!
Logan Colp
2:25 I blinked, what happened? Seriously though, that was awesome. Hard to believe it took me five years to find it, but that was honestly spectacular. Serious props to both drummers.
Ruhlan Jef
Dream neighbors..
J Venturella
Mike portnoy be playing those two kit combined
That's why I live in a room whre nobody can hear my victims scream, eh, I mean, where you don't have to be as silent while doing something perfectly normal and socially accepted.
Luiz Fernando Costa
Nice guys!!! Like from Brazil to you!!!
Mr Funguy
that dude in the red shirt prob called the police
demonocus metalocus
they play well together
Harold Edward Williams
Fuk yeah bro's love the choice you both choice awesome song
trey murphy
it would have been better at the end if the old lady came into the video and started bitching at them for playing outside
NoName Wiki
lol im still waiting on a noise complaint for my guitar. i need neighbors like you guys. disrupt the town so much lol
Andreas Höhmann
Very nice ... I like to see these kids doing something "meaningful" with their time ... instead of playing with smartphones :) Keep going. Btw. ... what they doing nowadays?
Has there ever been a better song to play as a drummer? I doubt it.
hahaha on 3:40 that man on the back in red i bet he things ffs my nightbours again ^^ hahah
Lucas Sales
só falta ter BR's aki tbm
For once the thumbnail was true!
Guy on the left definitely won.
Talented kids. Nice.
Mario the Plumber
"More wood for the fires, loud neighbors"
Mauricio Rdgz
Guitar hero in live! :V
Tobias Morales
That was a lot of fun to watch. Thanks.
Jack Rock
A+++++ Play that great music!!! Louder..
Michael Wass
So who won the drum off? - didnt bother to scroll through it all. \m/ long live metal - RIP LEMMY!
Rick OnTheDrums
That was a duel????
Great job guys!! And I say this in my best metal vocals...Fuck the naysayers...
If yall were my neighbors I'd be complaining because it isn't loud enough. Y'all are badass
Ben Theredonethat
These guys must have 1096 neighbors with kids sleeping.
Anthony MacLean
Amazing duo, everything was syncronized well
Team Magma Grunt
This is by far my fav cover. Keep rockin dudes
grab a brew and a chair and hang out in their driveway. lil bit of bud too. dream neighbors.
Matthew Smith
If I saw two kids playing instruments during the day I'd do my best to encourage them!
Ruben Beltrandelrio
So amazing to watch! True brothers, you inspire me so much.
Jason Paul
You two are jackasses. Skilled, and tight, and decidedly cool ... but jackasses nonetheless.
Baginda Ridho Egoizz-19
wow maizing Drumer Style Duel Cover, Tip Top
Piotr Wojtkowiak
Super robota,ale róbcie to jednak w pojedynke :-Peterball
Your real dad
for everyone that thinks they're being jerks... as long as it's after 6 AM, and before 9 PM, they can do whatever the f**k they want with drums, and yes, it may be a bit douchy, however HOW ELSE ARE THEY GONNA PRACTICE?! If someone gets mad because they're practicing and keeping them up... tell 'em to suck it up, they have their rights, and they need to practice. As a drummer, I can definitely back this up.
Cher bee
that's fuckin awesome🤘🤘🤘🤘
Scott Duckworth
Haha that is awesome. Could the people on the street hear the music or just the drums?
it will be funny as shit if a big SUV just plowed into both of y'all... then out steps the lady from next door. I know I'm twisted awesome video kudos
That guy next door swept through it all
This is an awesome middle finger for those with kids sleeping at 4 O'clock.
Wolf Me
Yea Sure....Drumming OUTSIDE the garage...yea tottaly not being sarcastic.
Now this is amazing! Great job, you two!
Mr BlackGuns
3:43 Someone mysterious captured on video and he doesn't care about them
I can understand people saying that they're jerks but they're drummers and they have to play somewhere. If I were a drummer I'd want to play in my backyard. It only makes sense. Telling a two drummers to "keep it down" is like knocking on that ladies door and asking her to stop her babies from crying. They're playing drums not a radio. You can't adjust the volume. You DONT adjust the volume. If they feel like playing the drums let them. If you need or your kid needs to sleep that's your business. Just let them play their music.
Davesikozu u
Almost 6 years and I still come for this cover. Excellent.
HKV Serious Lee
I'm jealous of your skills damn. I can only play this good in my head with air drums hahaha. The setups are awesome!
Millicent Schächter
Tbh you would still be able to tell that its Toxicity without the music; The rhythm for that song is very unique
chaz 3021
sick! you can be my neighbors any day!
Okay.. now I need way more of that! Awesome job.
matthew reynolds
you blokes are legends and all the haters just prove it, i wish you guys lived in my street i would be encouraging you to drum outside everyday and the fact that you chose toxicity with all its groovyness just makes it so much more awesome, keep up the good work you good cunts.
El Nino
1:18 that left guy misses. you guys are awesome \m/
well done guys 👌👍👏👏👏💪
Alan Lopez
Am I the only waiting for the 'noise complaint lady' just to randomly show up and go ballistic?
Holy shit! It's amazing!)
hazlan m shabli
rock on bros..used to jammed to this back in those days
Armen Kesablyan
Great choice of music ! Love SOAD ! Keep it up.
Jamie Deakin
Wish I lived on this street. keep it up guys
Darin Warren
Complete jerks. But darn good playing. 
wish u were my Neighbours... would be Drunk everyday and listen to finest Music - Greetings from Germany
that camera angle would be amazing with one left-handed. Mirror image!
Demetrius newton
why won't you be my neighbors😂😂,so I can here you play more systom of down, avenged sevenfold ,Metallica, and etc.
Sameer Kooliyat
You guys really are awesome💯 Would love to see a psychosocial duel👍
Mark Adams
I know this is old but its awesome! Good work and love that its outside... Im sure the neighbors appreciate your drum skills.
i was goin to make a NOICE complaint, but then ive decided to leave a like :3
Griffin Ell
guy low key doing deck work in the backround haha
Gilgamesh Of Sumer
should've gotten an electric drum kit and blasted it.
neighbours must be pretty happy:D
prince teddi
Oh my gawd. You two are amazing!!!! I love percussion, man!!!!
Bravo les gars! ;)
Lord Nome
They're sticking it to the man, man.
Laby 70
No respect for children sleeping :/. Great job on the cover
djhasmin iris Dacuma
Ryan Nys
Sick. Keep it up fellas
could your neighbors hear the track too, or just the drums?
Haze Wilson
is it just me or does the one dude look like mcloven from super bad when he play the drums lmmfao
Miguel De Freitas
National who can hit the most cymbals unnecessarily contest. It is still a good cover.
Kurt Spotts
great job both of you. keep the metal going and kudos.
Brown Trout
fist bump at end....priceless ;-D
Anonymous Poster
Nothing says bad-ass, rebel, hardcore, rock star like a Scotch Plaid drum kit!!!
Mark Thompson
Idk why but i knew there would be a fist bump at the end. Great cover tho
NoTalk 89
this allsome man
Brad Booker
using 2 drummers killed it
Brunna Lopes
manja em 👏👏👏
Dave Morin
watch out nieghbours?///,,, double trouble.who missed the beat?//
Izzy Randoms