Eve - Let Me Blow Ya Mind ft. Gwen Stefani

Music video by Eve performing Let Me Blow Ya Mind. (C) 2001 Ruff Ryders/Interscope Records

Javel James
back in the days when having small boobs was normal lol
Krass Krasniqi
Eve 😍🤘🤩🤩real Rap Not Cardi B 😂 and Nicki Minaj 😂 or Iggy ,😂😂
Misty44 P
January 2019 anyone?😊
goran pruess
Eve shows what it was like to have an attitude without having to be vulgar or rude, something that artists like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B or the Kardashians will definitely never understand.
Diego Castro
Eve is way better than Nikki Minaj and Cardi B Ruff Ryder's all days Classic song's blown ya mind ft Gwen Stefan Dr Dre beat's
Man the early 2000s was a blast, whether you were a toddler, child, teen, or adult. Some good ass music then, some good ass memories now.
Markeesha Jenkins
Anybody else starting March off right 😍
adam kara
anyone 2019????
Echoside Fiend
Gwen Stefani and Eve are two of the most beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on. Good grief...
Johnny Ace
What makes the song is that these women are really kickass in reallife. Not pretenders like today's "musicians"
Dr. Honey Trap - The Astrology Trap House
The beat is what made this song even more fire
Frank Miranda
Friends brought me (Monica strips for Chandler)
Che Che
One of the best female pairing to ever be
Early 2000s music is always good
Hi All
Gwen was about the coolest person on the planet at this time. She bought the alternative out to the front. There’s not been anyone like her since. Hayley Williams a little bit. But she could never come close to Gwens level of badassery
anyone else on a throwback song streak?
Roxy Girl
EVE Killed THIS Song💯😎
I miss the early 2000s!😢
Rapestes Predictos Jeyven Oficial
Like this if you’re listening in 2019!
Irina-Stefana Andrei
I can.t wait to be 40 years old in 2039 and poppin this in my future Mustang
look at those freesh natural bodies
Katherine Blanco
February 2019 anyone?
Gwen used to be the cool white girl now shes so suburban like lol
Late 90s/early 2000s music videos were just different. Hip hop or rock didn’t matter, they were just so good.
Diana Alejandre
2019 ? 😋♥️
something about every song in the early 2000s was like an anthem. what happen smh
j-shrop 1989
Gwen earned her street credit after this song
Gwen Stephanie 🤤 She still fine.
Pinche Psycho Locote 229
November and December 2018 🎤🎶📢???😍💪🏻
Beverly Waits
Break the ice
Gwen's body is rocking
iam aGhost
If I had to give you more It's only been a year Now I got my foot through the door And I ain't goin' nowhere It took awhile to get me here And I'm gonna take my time Don't fight that good shit in your ear Now let me blow ya mind 🎵🎵🎵
DJ Rex
Gwen always amazing!!
Esfuerzos 13
gwen is sooooo hot🔥
Les Français vous êtes la ????? 🇫🇷
Not one silicone ass was used in this video
Katyra Mabinuori
I always considered Eve to be one of the baddest rappers out at the time and she still is now...rep in 2019
Negre Andrei
Anyone else her because of stripping Monica? No?...Just me? aight
Michael Karastamatis
Mad Greek 62 years young and love this classic.dance music and love the words.raised my 2 daughter's.thanks for bringing me into your world of music.
Melvina Wesley
I still love u and ur music my girl 2019
Edith Lima
Man oh man old young wild days!! I still bump this!!
Chris CFC Evans
Gwen Stefani is the most GEORGOUS women I have ever seen💛
At that time Gwen Stefani would have been rhe perfect Harley Quinn. 😀
ben wa
I feel like an empowered black woman after listening to this song and I'm not even a woman
Sara N
"Friends" anyone else
Po Li
got to know this song in the tv series 'Friends', now it is my mobile's ringtone
Acquaroni Metaterminal
Saludos...casi es semana santa, 2019 y este tema suena chingon yeaaaaaaa
Jacob Jones
Love those classic Dre Beats
eve harder than most dudes rapping today.
Karan Singh
*F.R.I.E.N.D.S ?*
Iam Amazement
Eve looks like Floyd mayweather sometimes
sammar As
Back when women were confident in thier natural beauty
Moses Amba
Legend! Always will be a classic song
Newbicus Games
Better than Nicki and Cardi
Rocky Roads
Saw them on tour a couple yes ago. Enjoy it very much. Love this song
Cordelia Sauvao
who listening to this in 2019 😉 this is throwbacks alryte 👌🏻🥂🍾
O l i v i a
gwen is so beautiful
Theodis Ivy
Gwen used to be fine af And Eve wit then lips
Baylie Minter
I can't stop looking at Gwen's body omg
Billy Idol Rockstar
Real hip hop 👌 real rap
Austin West
March 2019 and still dancing to it!!!!
꧁ㄚ丹KU乙丹 ꧂
Vim Pelo Greg Ferreira ❤️
Courtney Gibson Jr
Damn I love Gwen Stefani
I know but some people 's unknown And Hyundai & LG & SK Together=is true
Augusto Gabriel Rodrigues
Forget about Niki or every girl else. She is definetely the queen of bronx. Oh, lil Kim is the godess. By joy from Angola
The Hip Hop Channel
Thank you, Dre.
Arqadiush eM
Eve looks like Floyd Mayweather twin, lol xD
SuperCaliFragiListicExpiali DopeShit
Gwen and Eve made a super dope combo. They should've done much more work together.
The Lone Wolf
Can you not narrate?
Janice Marshall
very beautiful!! E~V~E Girl, you still got it, even after all these years, you're still a stunna!!! keep on shining💋⭐🌟⭐🌟💋
leroy gutierrez
One of the hottest collaborations if you ask me they both kill it !
Latiffany Marie
2019 and still 🔥
Thintiourita Tra
Gwen 2019
Donna Moore
Still 🔥 2019
Gee L
Back when it used to be 100people in your video lol
Casimir Joseph Jean Ricard
This time ohh the good music the good days
Gwen is the only chick who ever dared herself to show the world her training-bra A-cups!
Eve ill Anderson
why there isn't full album #EveAndStefan #WhoLissnin2020
Chris CFC Evans
ALEXA PLAY ME SOMETHING BY EVE!! bought me here!! Lol💛
حول العالم
i promise you for stripper and you gonna get one 😂😂😂
Rudy Laurencot
Du bon son à l'ancienne ! 🔥 Mars 2019 ? 🇫🇷
Golden age of MTV, BET & MTV2 dayz! (80s, 90s, early 2k)
Kay P
Gwen was HOTT STUFF💯 🤷🏾😍😏😂😁
James Simpson
These new age female "rappers" need to take notes Lol
Kwamboka Ongwenyi
These were and still are the unforgettable songs. I like the EVE attitude. 2019 and we still here
Brian Hines
I am now gonna constantly have this Song on repeat. I love Eve and Gwen Stefani - two Legends in the making!
Anupapaya Poopy
Monica dancing for Chandler, anyone? XD
Appanna Kalappa
Scott storch the man who made this "beat" somebody mention him.
Adrian Ramirez
2019 🤙🏾 This 2001 track still better than today’s trash
Fernando Margellan
Any 2019 ?
Stanifa Dotson
I ain't going nowhere I'm still here
Jermaine Mitchell
Gwen Stefani still looks like this. She’s 47.
okkaaay ok
2019 anyone? 🔥
Joel C
Why does Eve look like Future?! 🤔
Jason Bowser Heather Bowser
2019! Still here! 🙋🏼‍♀️🎶🎵🎧
Cole Ryan
so she's just gonna leave her car in the middle of the road? okay then
Miss Song.. lagend ❤ from 🇲🇾 ..
Grigol Sirbiladze
This is 18 years OLD song... I love IT!!! And... F... it, I've realized...I'm OLD ... too ;) NOSTALGY... Thank You !!!