Christina Milian - Like Me (feat. Snoop Dogg)[Official]

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christina milian turned up christina millian 4u for you 4 you r\u0026b dip it low say I when you look at me whatever you want whatever u want do it between me \u0026 you between me and you us against the world grandfathered new r\u0026b rnb female r\u0026B snoop dogg snoop

John Grays
Christina, is the true Sexiest Woman on The Planet
The most beautiful woman in the world.... amazing
I wish the camera wasn't moving so much during the choreography
This would've been a dope video but that shaky cam :c
this song is hot I remember dancing to her songs Am to Pm and Dip it Low back in the day
hot fire! her best song and video
Amanda Rodriguez
This is hot! Keep making great music baby
Adrienne Harrison
She's better than this! Waaaay better
Darren James
How in the bloody hell have I never heard this, arghh.. Its amazing!! Loveeee it
Rachaal B
I love the choreography!
Is this the same girl who sing the intro of Kim posible?
Been a fan of hers since 2001. Even saw her perform at a basketball game years ago. She's just gorgeous in this video. Pretty much had me until the shaky camera at the end. That should have been the money shot to bring it home. What happened? It looked like someone was smacking the camera repeatedly. I love the song and the video except for that. A lot of self-advertising throughout (CMTU, the Viva Diva wines, We Are Pop Culture clothing line--all referenced there). I like the fact that she's a singer, actress and entrepreneur. Here's hoping for a full album sometime soon. I know she's done a few singles over the years since So Amazin' but I miss her music. Especially her actual voice, not the autotune in some of her more recent work.
Five Star
Looks like fetty wap was recording the video lmao
Ashley Josaphat
she makes me want to dance. This song is so awesome lol. 😘😘😍😘
Joe Rubia
song is tyt i love it but the editing for me aint good . too much cuts in between the scenes i dont know wea to look. the video crew let her down
Jessely Morales
Nice song but the camera moves too much during the video!
Chase The Sound
Christina and Snoop what a combo!
Piggy Lola
I'm really feeling this song you better get it chirstina 👏😍🏆
Amanda D
welcome back ms milian you definitely have my attention #fiya #inspiration #goals #hotttttt
Cody McLemore Lobato
I love this song stumbled across it a couple of weeks ago
Michael Smith
WHY ARE ALL THESE COMEBACKS FLOPPING! Seriously, as great as Beyoncé is the world surely deserves more successful black women!
Lily Jiříková
Welcome back on the scene ! album ! ;)
clace genesis
Just heard this song on the radio. It's FIRE.
Johnny Cabrera
Tina can really dance. I wish the video showcased her dance skills
Geraldin Marta
Like it but its too much movement on the camera it literally made me dizzy but overall like the video and the song..
Daniel Ashford
Christina & Snoop Dogg, a killer combination! In the last dance sequence tho the camera moves too much!
Naomi King
Dam the twins from Step Up All In movie! She's a pretty girl I hate she got involve with Wayne he isn't a good choice for her... To dam pretty!
Tobias Fidelis
i'm working but mentally dancing on my chair
"Ordinary Girl" by Alus, "Property" by Jessica Lesaca feat. Liane V., "Like Me" by Christina Milian feat. Snoop Dogg. I like this sound.
snoop saved the song. cause otherwise it's so fucced up the beat the way she sings everything even the video.
Yasss finally! I really like this!
Kiara And Gemma
she's so awesome and beautiful I love this!
Sameer Love
She deserves much more recognition! :(
Jermaine Smit
really dislike the "Diva"look doesn't look good on her...
damn it, i missed that chick <3
Omgggg yaaaasssss 😍😍💕
Abby Imforever
She's my favorite.. Turned up!!
Michael Smith
Anyone else reminded of the Girlicious song Like Me? This is better...
Kansiime Hellen
i just love love you christian, i send you love frm Uganda am in love with this song.
drippy Myah
My song!!
Arturas Paulauskas
❤Labai grazu.Auksto lygio klipas.Daug reikia surinkti panasiu klipu kad pas mane atitiktu ligmuo.Aciu puikus klipas geras gabaliukas❤👍🌹🌹🌹👏👏👏🙌☺
Jr Ahumada
Beast!!!!!. 2017
*Aye she was Hot and this video was fire,* but that Camera shaking during the dance just shows how amateur the video director was.
matt m
The birds are stee...... but I wish I could bring that 90's sound back with a click of my fingers
Balázs Szilágyi
The new re-version is so good, i like the 4U EP's Like Me but new version it's better! :)
Temple Bray
She is beautiful. I love her outfit in the office. So sheek :)
Stephanie Tenorio
Esta mulher é o aço Além de linda Christina teadoro
Patrick Lindsay
I love this video!!!!!!!!!!!!
Juan Cace
Nice song
big dog snoop
i know she talking about wayne
Wowwww... I didn't knw she sings... Omg.. I thought she was only an actress.. Well she is hella fine and sings on point too... U go girl!!
Maria Shonova
nice "Like me" beautiful :D :D :D
Rancel Fuentes
Too late to comeback Millian..theres a lot of new artist right now and no Performances i must say a totally FLOP.
Daryn Hamilton-Ware
Great song and great choreography
Ronald yourdream
Christina milian like me video was boss🔥
Jason Rankin
She sexy as hell but she tries to hard to be sexy, does that make sense?
love the choreography I always like seeing Christina dance
Bea Leah Nicole
She keeps this up, this won't ever reach the level of "dip it low" single
I wish the camera would of stood still when she was dancing 😫
Angel Omar Millan Sanchez
I love you 💘Christina Milian
Matthew Shunney
Nice musicccc. I'm feeling this songgg. work Christina #2017 still listening
natii v
love this song ❤
DougLovesBacon fuck nugget
Makes me moist
Buhle Stuart Qwabe
Disappointed that it didn't chart on the HOT 100
milian still hot 😍😍😍😍
Jayk Wonderful
This is the type of vibe she needs to stick with.
Shanone E
catchy song and snoop was the icing on the cake
krisjay baker
the ending of the video was the best part. her in the red dancing
Gabriel Piro
So happy to see it now 😘
Candice williams
Not saying it's a bad song, just kinda sounds generic to me. Heard similar shit a billion times before lol
Sergine Lefevre
give me your heart I'll keep it Room for all them secrets I'll go hard ...yassss Tina come through ###!🎵🎵🎵🎵💃💃💃💃
Damian Christopher
Great song. Trendy video. Nice promo for 'We Are Pop Culture'. The shaky video effects were a little much for my taste (as were with some of the other Youtubers who commented here) but overall just seeing Christina Milian in "anything" is a plus:-)Shout-out 2 the big homie Uncle Snoop Dogg too as well as the producer of this track (Westside)Peace
Aaaargh. ...when i saw her filming the video on her reality show i couldn't wait but now am disappointed with the damn camera... it's freaking moving too much. What the hell with the edit personnel? Did they all have Parkinson disease or what?
Shuga Shuga
the best part of the video can't enjoy cuz it's moving so much, I love watching people dance couldn't quite stay focused due to the constant rapid movement I guess the camera guy thought the song was so fire they had to dance too.
Roman Pierce
She's back! I love the song, the look & the new confidence. My theme song for 2016 IG/Vine: Roevanity
This lady is gorgeous. This song is the best. I love her so much. I like the red outfit that she was wearing at the end. Her singing voice has improved so much to me. GOOOOO GIRRRLLLL.
Same old dance moves, just with the camera shaking this time. She is super hot with a good voice. Poor song disappointed
I like that the video presents the women who work on their careers, enjoy it, and balancing the love life at the same time. LOL It gives more positive ideas than only showing women's bodies. :-D
The video reminds me so much of that movie where she plays a girl who doesn't like christmas and make the whole office work on christmas day. Love the video tho!
Мда... Кристина Милиан уже не та... Я помню еще по молодости на нее тютюрку свою теребенил, когда она еще пела что-то типа: "Tell me what you see, when you look at me..."
Joe McCoy
I love me some shorty Chris. I hope she don't cut off that long pretty hair like Cassie did! Don't do it Chris, please don't do it!!!
Michael Jackson
Don't like that Christina Milian has become vulgar, and everything is super. She just "got in touch" with Snoop dogg)))))
DJ shane shane
but the way i like about this music is snoop dog make a great rap and is awsome i like it so much
JusJosh Please
Zaaammmnnn!! 😳 did you have to murder that choreography like that Christina huh? Huh? Christina lol I love the vibe of the video😏😍😍😍
Kid West
I listened to it just cuz of snoop then I watched it and Christina damn I make have to look at some of her other songs cuz she sure knows how to og the shit
Jasnae Christopher
This is such a great song. U better slay Christina Milian..... YAS GIRL!!!
the mv is making me dizzy with all those camera angles but other than that pretty good song :)
darlene simmons
You Go Christina , love the song , Love you very Special Woman Much Sucess You Deserve it !!!! HOT SONG !!!!!!!!
Kiwi Kiwi
Looks like the Rihanna's style few years ago, really good sound
I love this. Wouldn't be a Christina Milian video without a sexy dance scene.
The Starboy
so pretty 😍 milian, i love your songs,mainly your song with Lil Wayne 😍
Samantha Morris
love the song but the camera moving way to much.
Katieboil Anegg
Christina, I watched all of your vids, you look great but the songs are shite.
adji faalo seyni sene
Christina milian is back yeahhhhhhh. !!!!!!! Love this song
Jane Smith
Damn stop moving the camera! I hate modern tv and videos how the camera moves so much it makes you sick and everything looks fake...
emerald eyez
from back then to this, is she slowly but surely slipin' drugs. her last 2 videos she seem different to me
Gerald Hudson
damnn 😹.... veryy uhh.. sexually professional 💄👜👠 👅👏💦
This is song is really good, especially for all the girls who felt betrayed and to the f*ckboys who continue to populate this earth and vice versa
omgg can she sing about something that matters like every time she comes out with these weird irrelevant songs that are not hits boooo