Eve - Let Me Blow Ya Mind ft. Gwen Stefani

Music video by Eve performing Let Me Blow Ya Mind. (C) 2001 Ruff Ryders/Interscope Records

look at those freesh natural bodies
Dr. Honey Trap - The Astrology Trap House
The beat is what made this song even more fire
Yhadira Paladines
This song came out when I was a teen. Still listening in 2018
Dylan Boccardo
1995-2003 had some of the best hip hop/rap songs ever made.
Katerina Liakou
Remember when these CD singles also had the video clip included and you could insert the CD in your computer and watch the video clip? My mind was blown away when I discovered it back in 2001, i felt like I lived in the future 😂😂
Newbicus Games
Better than Nicki and Cardi
The Guru
Beautiful, natural-looking, viciously talented Women -- is what I see and hear in this video.
Angeli Estrada
2018 and this will always remain a cool classic👍🏾
ben wa
I feel like an empowered black woman after listening to this song and I'm not even a woman
SexyBrownCoCoA 2020
This video is so unique and so dope. Gwen Stefani was so fresh in this video and Eve always been so gangsta that's my girl. They both are beautiful ass hell thooe.😍😻
Arodgers12 Fan
Man Gwen and Eve are sooooo fine!!!! 😍😍😍😍😩😩😩😩
britanni x
dr dre with the bail money lol always love that part
kellyann noble
Drop your glasses ,shake your asses can’t stop singing this 😏🤣😍
Pinche Psycho Locote 229
November and December 2018 🎤🎶📢???😍💪🏻
Saranda Kalaveshi
everything about this video is gold - damn it i miss this era
Akshit Chugh
Anyone from F.R.I.E.N.D.S??
sam wallace
only the legend dre could produce such dope beat..👌👌
Javel James
back in the days when having small boobs was normal lol
Erick Alexandre Lua
2 beautiful women singing togheter
cernol gluestick
ok 1- friends brought me here 2- qwen was harley quinn before harley quinn was a thing
gabrijel lozo
Still bombing in 2018!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Esl Dmd
this makes me realize cardi is nothing........
I miss when Gwens body was the ideal. Not Kim or Kylie. At least Gwens looked healthy, natural and was attainable without surgery.
Early 2000s music is always good
Xavier 76th Man
Eve makes me proud to be from Philadelphia🔔
Josef Hopp
Blend two different styles of music and you get an absolute gem !!
Echoside Fiend
Gwen Stefani and Eve are two of the most beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on. Good grief...
Anupapaya Poopy
Monica dancing for Chandler, anyone? XD
I refuse to believe this joint is 17 years old... god damn time goes too fast for some of the best bangin' joints.
Eve > Cardi B
Brometheus 322
Still one of the best instrumentals to date in my opinion
Endzone Gaming
This beat dumb lit
something about every song in the early 2000s was like an anthem. what happen smh
Unutulmaz Eserler
Yesssssssss 100 Million 😊 👍
I remember when these two ladies we're the shit back then
Richard Hemery
Insanely happy posh guy at 3.49 always makes me smile.
Дима Смирнов
look fresh in 2018)more natural then Nicky and Cards
Gwen is the only chick who ever dared herself to show the world her training-bra A-cups!
kabirsito smile
2018? September.
Jacob Hanna
Still fresh as fuuck
crystal leon
hey this song reminds me of my younger days
Can we please get this style of music back...
SuperCaliFragiListicExpiali DopeShit
Gwen and Eve made a super dope combo. They should've done much more work together.
Mario Montoya
12/2019...??????❤❤❤ love baby..!!!
Karan Singh
*F.R.I.E.N.D.S ?*
V. Kelly
Dec11, 2018😉
Ms. Jackson
Baylie Minter
I can't stop looking at Gwen's body omg
Damn, I love Gwen, big fan of her music..I really wanna meet her one day just to tell her that and then some.
chris f aleman
I used to watch this on VH1, God i’m old, i was 19 at that time
Omunique Owens
This song still slaps in 2018.
Mr. Perseverance
Who's still jamming to this in 2K18 I love this song
anyone else on a throwback song streak?
Brian Hines
I am now gonna constantly have this Song on repeat. I love Eve and Gwen Stefani - two Legends in the making!
I know but some people 's unknown And Hyundai & LG & SK Together=is true
Aurelie Desplanque
Que de souvenirs j'adore 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
Theodis Ivy
Dre hooked they as up real nice wit that beat
Man the early 2000s was a blast, whether you were a toddler, child, teen, or adult. Some good ass music then, some good ass memories now.
Vinicius Gomes
Top esse som alguém 2018 ✌ , que loira 😍
Swivoltaire Soxeyaldero
Luigi Bosca el justamente gracias
Rory Bisson
is this sampling Chronic? it just dawned on me how similar it sounded to Dre's song.
Luxury Fox Gaming
*Yow.....2018 still Rockin*
elizabeth arteaga
Dic 11 2018
Ignaaa Martinez
Te lo tiro pa que bailess
Vale Frenchy
Came here from Friends 😉
Carm C
I like that lady(in black dress) on Arrested Development, she is so funny.
Jermaine Mitchell
Gwen Stefani still looks like this. She’s 47.
Jadson Lirio
This would actually make a pretty good sample.
Recbecca Moore
Everybody and they momma know this song
Carson Richards
Dre at the end killed me 😂
eve harder than most dudes rapping today.
Felipe SalazarCDM
Te la tiro pa que baile toa
Gmail Playstore
Eve and Gwen Stand up and take a bow!!!
Reno van Zanten
Still a great clip and song!
One of the few songs that I like tgat are younger than me
it's 2016 and gwen still looks the same
Lealaisalanoa Karackuchan
This song has tooken us to 2018! Still bumpin' to this jam! #ThrowbackJamStillTheBest 💯💖🔥
Ali Mohammed
Uk 🇬🇧 people need ya here one day
Sarah DixonHead
Ricardo James
Bad gal mad tune
Estera Kowalczyk
'Dżem sansed.* 'Ic my hom dont lay thuz music.*
Pat Kelly
Eve Is Great royalty
Vanessa Nauheimer
2018? Perfect💋👌
mohammed razak
Scott storch
Courtney Gibson Jr
Damn I love Gwen Stefani
Brandii Mae
Listen to every day ❤
Backwards Time
Original member of the ruff ryders
Andrea Brantley
'When this first came out, I had lost a few pounds, and was singing the lyrics like i wrote them, or they were wrote for me!...' 😎 lol > ; Dam she much thinner., Naw Now I'm Complete. Still Stillion, Brick House, Ride or die chick...🎵
jeremy lin
Break the ice
Gwen's body is rocking
Peshi S
Best Song 💯
Yareli Lopez
2018 still listening
Still listening 2027?
Not one silicone ass was used in this video
Charles Kaijage
Old is gold
Pao Ans
*2 0 1 8* 😍🔥🔥
Dat Umpa Lumpa
2018 anyone?