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Johnnie Guilbert
damn boy really cut his hair and made art
Tha Swami
New year new Aaron.
Erv Noel
why does everything thats good come to an end ? Me when the song’s over 😞
Trevor Brubaker
This man has owned one shirt since he blew up
jr lee
If Peep was Still Alive a Collab would of been Dope AF
You look pretty good with short hair actually
Ethan Bekmer
who hurt you aaron
Your Brand New Obsession
Excited to see what’s next
*О! новый клип Шрека, по прежнему в болоте*
Dilly Doo
bruh come on you gotta make these longer than 2 minutes. I wanted to hear a bass drop so bad.
W. Alston Crosby
this is kinda blowing up
luke puked
This is the best song you've made by LIGHTYEARS 100 out of 10. Congratulations
Heart Hz 心痛
if there was a goat that lived underground, it'd be aaron. 💔shattered
Samir Duaik
imma stop listening to ur music because u cut ur hair
Татуирон Салонский
читбаннед в край ебанулся и начала читать lyric rap
llegue por un anuncio, gran cancion broo
I am Latin and your music is absolutely perfect, please do not change you vibrate and do not surrender that soul, your soul contains more incredible melodies.
Cadê os Br?
eeleya phoon
чета крута
Zyklon Coven
6k likes? Under 1000 comments? almost 1 million views tho? I love you aaron but invest wiser mane
sladge tv
Ёбани влот круто 🔥🔥🔥
氷 - Ice
aaron out here cutting his hair and then getting 100k views a day on this work of perfection. hell yeah
i love all music on the inside
All he needs is to get rid of the beard
Jimmy Kyles
Damn yo did you buy 250k views? 287k views with 2.7k likes and 300 comments. Those numbers don’t make sense otherwise lmao.
Man,this so beatifull,this so relax,ахуенно в общем 💚
Shoppa 94
Idk why but lil aaron is currently my fav artist, you look better with short hair btw.will miss the green tho.
the lil peep blueprint is insane
Nikt Gorszy Każdy Lepszy
Where are your hair green man
Sonny Phiri
500k views in 3 days this is going to be huuuuge
Evgeniy Padukov
без волос ты на бомжа похож
Que zarpado wacho.
No End
My guy you should rock some bright green buzzcut would def be a good look (edit)-> i checked his insta he did it boys
Sam De Nicoló
i was waiting for the beat to explode but it was my heart that exploded
Brodie Bender
Been perfecting your craft since middle and high school! Keep your shit up homie!! Love bumping your shit on my way to work and especially home from! Much love man!
Kjetil ‘
One of my fav songs ever
bear little
marcos gomes
*Does anyone know where I find this instrumental song?*
*У Лизера новый трек?*
silent pegg
Ахахаха ток щас понял , у фейса идею спиздил лол , это сарказм если что
Alguém BR nessa bagaça?
edvo z3000
Bro... you have future, you will be a big star. Remember it
Megakiller Boom
This is fckn art🔥
Lil Ra1b0w Dark
Oh noooooo :( the perfect hair are gone..... now I just want to cry.... the song is really good
LilL Sebby
This video got 1 M in 1 day and then no views throughout the whole week lol
Taylee LaNae
WHO HURT AARON? We need to protect him at ALL costs..... or do we? Bc it seems as him getting hurt gives us good tunes
Lucho Ortiz
Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷 ,me encantó!
remix it with the whole of boyfriendz
Moose Niga
Lil Aaron blowing up!! 🥰
Weetzy Punk
LIZER go to the hairdresser
the bootleg boy
excited for this direction 💜
a 150 putos no le gusto este tema
Zapingo qqq
Omg 💚
Alex Harkness
I swear, everyone is sleeping on you. You're so good dude I love your music. 💕
Does anyone know if the guitar is a sample? If so, what's the original sample?
Ya boy nick
Hope cutting your hair was worth it bro
Tomy . Fc
puta golfa
Sammy Sounds
this is art
Jenifer Castilla
Ya me enamore 🥰
The Joe Sankovich
This REALLY is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 AWESOME Work!!!
Dead Boy Beats
New era of lil aaron, I fw this heavy ✨
Ty Fire
*make sum like this wit Tracy🙏*
MuckiOrb Mk
alguien sabe el nombre de la instrumental? thanks
Damn. Dudes gud af
Ulises Flores
woww is really great aaron
lilpeeplover 111
I LOVE YOU LIL AARON YOUR MUSIC IS EVERYTHING TO ME🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Wuss Poppin
i dunno why but this song reminds me of memories i don't have
Patrick Planet
A dark matter 2 would be real cool if it got harder and dropped beat 💚💚
Man Dero
If somebody cut their hair in the video they making trust me they got a message for us
*Dope song dont know you But now I do you look wat better shorter hair than with long.*
marcos gomes
*Alguém sabe onde eu acho essa música instrumental?*
ben manley
Look good with a fresh cut the music's getting better bro keep it up love the new style
Free daisuki
Very well written, streaming and radio play potential
Brad Wright
Huge step forward artistically for lil aaron
* dubdi3sel *
At first I was like oh dear another lil. This a banger tho
The guitar make me feel the real song.
Too many people sleeping on u this is pure fire 🔥🔥🔥
Eric Silva
Nem sei como achei esse cara, mas tô aqui representando o Brasil... :v
Just so....sad and beautiful, love it
how tf does this have 0.5mil views already, aaron blowing up?
Goyardkid TM
lil Aaron honestly looks good AF with short hair<3
my favorite homeless artist
I Troll 4 Fun
TimTheTatMan in his young days.
this is actually really good dude
Gabriel JHA
Sonny Phiri
This is beautiful man
Brooo your hair
It's beautiful .
Consensual Consensus *
Best one yet man
émó dàxué
you're still beautiful
jack medina
here before 1M.
* dubdi3sel *
Hitting a milli tonight
Wow, this is dope !
Lil Tracy ft.Lil Aaron. Entire album please so I can die happy.
hair is gone haha