The Missing Cheetos Mystery! SuperHeroKids Comic In Real Life

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When Hope and Noah, dressed in their Batman and Superman costumes, go on summer vacation to a lake house all of their stuff, starting with the Cheetos, goes missing! Help the Superhero Kids solve the mystery and find out who is really taking all of their things! Buy SuperHeroKids t shirts here /> Subscribe: /> Follow SuperHeroKids: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: />Snapchat: /> Watch More SuperHeroKids: Skits: />Latest Uploads: />Popular Videos:

Please don’t tell me YouTube removed your video cause I watched this,WHY YOUTUBE KEEP DELETING YOUR VIDEOS 😭😭😭😭😭😭
I swear you uploaded this a long time ago. Anyway, i still love SHK!!
Fortnite Funny
Dang it must have took so long to make the name Marley Finn and Harley Quinn
mastro saibot
i love your videos you guys
Jean daeryll b. dayego
Something skipped on this vid than last ver of it
Alan Cordova-Sejas
Your flash video was funnyLMAO😂😂😂
Shay Evans
I loved it
Angel Guadarrama
the flash Rodríguez
l like it you cool 👍⚡👍⚡👍⚡👍⚡👍⚡👍⚡👍⚡👍⚡👍⚡
I'm eating cheetos now....They are Polish
Kayleigh Goddard
OMG! I love you guys so much! Im 12 in year 7 and i still love your vids i love everyone on of you Noah, Hope e.t.c I just LOVE YOU!
Pushwinder Kaur
didn't we see this video like last year but I still love u guys
Roblox Playz 2019
Marley Finn Harley quinn
Who elseKnows21
I want Doritos cheese puffs Cheetos
Matthew Buterbaugh
So does the first comet still get that thing in the mail
Superlolbros ROBLOX-Fortnite
Nice video
kristy maldonado
I love SHK.Hi
SonicBlitz 45
I really like the video
oo unkelbach
Hey guys. Do a Video with the Onyx kids and the Ninja kids. I meen do a Video together.
irene reyes
Love it so munch
Daniel Toussaint
U know there pretending right? And I love it But it was harley Qinn
ELizabeth Mata Valadez
CAN u guys make a black PANTHER vs WOLVERINE
Reginald Hendricks
I hit the bell
Jesus manjarrez
Perfect video
Sipho Moonga. Makala
Guy's love you😘 you never respond me 😢😢 I'm just 8 and a half years old 😔
Astrolaut Entertainment
I know this is late but you got 1mil subs!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you Noah ❤️
Dint you made this video before
Gogoo Gomez
Cristan Allen
What happened upon your arrival time is it a lot of people who are you doing today beautiful and I don't y I love u too baby boy you up your young man and yo
Nicole A
you made this video before  i like trains too
riku fortnite
I love this video
Astrolaut Entertainment
Why did post this again? But still when it first came out me and my sis were watching this while eating Cheetos!
Savage Maverick
Alex Reyes
The Normal Gamer E
Love the vid but why is Batman is a girl and not a boy she should be batgirl...
HorsePro Gamer11
How does a bouncy house go missing by looking away for a couple seconds? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ayesha Sheharyar
the shark is harley Quinn not Marley Quinn
Travisssjgod 1
What to dude with the Shrek paper said this was a old video old just old like I watch this when I was 7 years old or probably right now when I'm am
Belvin Chang
You remade it...
Cathy Stephanie
Matthew Gantt
Your videos are.coooooooooooooooooooooool
Cyril Peri
Hi I'm jojo siaw
Inderjeet Kaur
Noah and hope where do your live
William Mao
Its bad that Youtube deleted the video before
freddy zone
Batman look at your back
Greison toybonnie
i Like your video
Murray MacDonald
You guys should win an award for your excellent and well rehearsed videos. Well done
goosebumps kids tv
This is like stranger things
i love it
Tinky Winky
Wow you changed your syble
pawanjeet dhaliwal
I love your videos every Friday i check
ToysRfun !!!!
I like Cheetos puff, this was an awesome video!!!
Arj Limey Boy
I haven't watched your videos in ages and I am still addicted to your channel
Amichaigamespro il
Its' an old one
Caryn Martinez
Awesome video❤😘😘😘😘
Chong Peai Chen
Soo missss
Lizbeth Ponce
Wolve Official
nikki anders
the minediamond/ jacobcontreras/
Your Awesome
Celeste & Co.
Can y'all do a Q&A
coolkids vlogs
I love chottons
deadly defeater
best vid ever
Eh mu
G =. V.
Charlie Hannah-Johnson
Please do more
Thata Tlhankane
Creepy and scary but cool
Aggelos v
Where is the battle :(
Chris Handley
this bat girl
Liam O'Connor
Phuong Nguyen
The Mvn. C
Kutaree Parks
Sky_ Zenex
You’ve posted this a long time ago
coolkids vlogs
Like your videres
BBZ 100
This is is sick
Awesome Kid
One of the best vids ever
Sami Azghari
I love it all
It’s Charles fin
Sebastian Swyny
Wait, this a repost?
Miya Saechao
Do a part 2
Ashanti Tan
troller gaming
I love the video and I love shk I'll give 10000 star=first
Alessandra Martins Oficial
oluwatoni ODULEYE
Marly Finn is harly Quinn.
miles Pulliam
yo yo oye yo yo yo yo yo yo yo puppy yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo Up yo
before I watched this I was like OMG yay I love Cheetos so I rushed here to watch this and I cant stop watching this chanel
Dallas Watley
hy Hope and Noah when is your birthday party because i want to send me the address please because you guys are the best YouTube's.
Selenia Cantu
The Raven!
Amazing Video
N oh my gosh! you ok to come back
Gwen Brown
Why can't you guys do video's in 2017 or in 2018
The bunny man
The old lady lied it was badly quinne the hole time
Maria A.
👍👍👍👍👍👍☆☆☆ like like like
Aaron Dobbie
Hi i'am Tae-yeon^^ I'm Korean♥ Im watching your movie in Korea And i feel happy to be in that movie ★★★ Where do yoy live? I want to be friends with you guys. Your youngest brother is so cute.. : ) When i grow up, i really want to invite you to Korea. Im 9years old now ^^/
tanay bijlani
In the end it was the drawing that were flying up I saw the shadow
Ethan's Fun PlayLand
Awesome video!
Manjit Singh
Even tho the place is cool I would NEVER swim in that water😑😑😑😕😕😕😐😯😲😣😣😣😣😣
V Quang Tang
Àq Żg