Dandelion Flowers: Three Ways to Deep Fry Dandelion Flowers

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In this video, I show you three ways that I have enjoyed dandelion flowers - deep-fried! I know that I shouldn't be eating deep-fried food all that often. But there's no getting around it -- deep-fried dandelion flowers are good. So I try to limit eating them this way, to the peak dandelion flower season. The rest of the time, I eat dandelion flowers in healthier ways, like in salads, omelettes, and more salads. To pick the dandelion flowers, I look for big flowers that are fully open, in their prime. I could just pull their heads off by hand, but I find it goes a lot faster to just touch their stems with a sharp knife. I can tell, for sure, that there are real dandelions and not one of the look-alikes that I'll show in future videos. Real dandelions can have a bunch of flowers, but each flower is on their own stem, that comes out of the center of the base of the plant. Real dandelions only have one flower on each stem, and that stem is hollow. It's easiest to cut the flower heads off and then clean them up back in the kitchen. I let the flowers sit awhile to let any insects of spiders wander off on their own. I take off the sepals, or the little green fringe under the flowers, because it's bitter. If a flower falls apart while I'm messing with it, I just set it aside to use the petals separately. This seems like it might be tedious work, but it goes pretty quickly, and I shouldn't be eating that many deep-fried dandelion flowers, anyway. Here some the deep fry! I just mix an egg, buttermilk, and some flour until it's thin enough to dip the dandelion flowers. I put the dipped flowers in a cast iron skillet with an inch or two of hot cooking oil, like sunflowers or vegetable oil.The oil is hot, but not smoking hot. I let the fried flowers sit on a towel or paper towel to let them drain a bit. For the second way, I go back to the thick batter I abandoned earlier and mix in the loose flower petals I had abandoned, too. I mix them both to make a dandelion flower fritter. I cook them in the cast iron skillet and hot oil, just the same way as before, although it takes longer than those little flowers - they cooked fast! The third way gives the dandelion flowers a completely different flavor! They aren't donuts - they have a great mushroom flavor, it's amazing! The batter is a thin flour and water mixture, like a tempura batter. I use a real deep fryer. In the deep fryer, the dandelions cook more evenly and with the thin batter, the flavor of the dandelions comes through a lot more. The deep fryers are nice because you an set the oil to a constant temperature - I think I used 300 to 350 degrees for these flowers. I put the cooked flowers on a towel or paper towel, the same way as before. Dandelions flowers cooked this way are really good! And they go perfectly well with soup or chili, and a good beer. But don't forget that dandelion flowers are healthier as part of a good salad made from weeds or as part of a wild weed omelette. I hope you get to enjoy dandelion flowers one way or another sometime soon. Here's another video on eating dandelions: /> My playlist on foraging for wild foods: /> My channel: Haphazard Homestead: /> #wildfood #eatyouryard #eatwild #foraging #dandelionflowers #deepfriedfood #VEDA #SSSVEDA #HaphazardHomestead Music: "Corncob" by, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

John Vermilyea
I just tried this tonight as the dandelions have just come into bloom this week.Pulled a few of the green "fringe"off seemed tedious so barely cleaned the rest. Had a dozen blooms to try out. Heated up the big cast iron pan with a little olive oil and dipped them in a thin cornstarch-flour batter.sprinkled a little Adobe seasoning when done. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...this was THE best ! a big hit with the family( especially a discerning 14yr old who about devoured them all!). I'm sure for now on we'll be picking every dandelion we see! Great channel Chris, can't wait to see more! Thanks would have never thought of this idea or seen it anywhere else,
Jeanette Waverly
Those look yummy! I'll fry anything that can't get away -- I plan to live till I die and enjoy every gastronomical minute of it. Have you tried fried squash blossoms? They're great for breakfast! TFS.
Patty Castle
try coconut oil, it's actually good for you, or a light olive oil. Coconut oil has a high smoke temp and is good for frying.
Far North Bushcraft And Survival
Great instructional video. Our dandelions are still deep under snow here in Alaska but Spring is coming and I believe that I will be trying dandelion fritters again. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration my friend.
Tango Joe
Found our video just in time, as our yard is sporting a bumper crop of dandelion flowers this week. Nicely done!
groovy guru
I've done all these methods,all good. this year I made egg foo young out of them,they were GREAT!
Ewka W
Oh the crunch on those from a frier :D I never had dandelions.... yet!
The ChromosomeKid
I was filming a video for the whole school and ate a whole dandelion. I started coughing and gagging on camera. The whole school saw that
June Turpin
Haha! 2:05 Love it when the insects make a Cameo appearance! Run little bug run! Haha
Amy Hawkins
Oh man..That's what I'm talking about! Thank you for a Great Video!!
Anthony Burdine
I like to fry the Dandelion flowers in the same oil I fry Morels in, they seem to take on the same flavor as the Morel mushrooms.
Amornrart Niyomrart
I love you video so much. I hope you make more and more
Glad you are back!
Wayne Warmack
Don't be afraid of the bugs on your flowers. They are harmless and you'll never notice them.
Jaclynne T
I love your instructionals!  I don't need any deep-fried anything, but those deep-fried dandelion blossoms sure look tempting!
Люда Михайловская
great .. great recipes. today tried. Hello from Russia))
Kimberly Duncan
I will definitely be trying this. It's a little past the prime season but I'll find some young ones to try. Thanks for sharing!!
Steve Fox
Round-up commercial for this video is rather ironic.
We always fried ours the way you did at the last. Excellent!
Tina. cali
I tried to use the leaves make soup and salad, and the flowers use for the tea is very good.The dandelion good for liver.
In middle school we dared one of our friends to eat a dandelion. He did it and we thought he was going to die. lol C:
Lets get out there
I’m definitely subbing. I found your channel thru Dee Nimmin’s channel and these. Vids are great!
Eden Quest
*Yes.* Just... *yes.* Due to the awesomeness of yum-yums shown in this video, I'll be going out tomorrow to check to see if I can still find some around. This may just be the tail-end of Connecticut's dandelion season (CRIPES!! I better get a move on!).
Peggy R
I find several ants coming out of heads. Do you wash them at all? And do you ever dehydrate blossoms for winter use.
Lee Ralph
I am enjoying this series! I did not know you could fry them. The last way looked and sounded the best .when is the best time to pick the heads? Thanks again, I look forward to seeing and learning with each of your videos!! Thanks Chris
Francisca Sanchez Badilla
The music was hilarious!
Chris Jones
They have always been there!
chu Harry
Bract not seple
Miss O.P.
think i might try a ground or blender Dandelion pancake.
are those purple deadnettles next to the dandilons? if yes what do you use them for? =)
Daphne Rodriguez
Donna Golele
heck you have helped me to expand my view . great ideas and humble attitude with it. sometimes I imagine what it was like in simplier times. you take me back;)
Too late, I made some vinegar with mine and ate a lot while out in the garden 😊
I am happy to see you back, Chris. I just got done eating dandelion greens stir fried. Washed some greens up for a salad tomorrow. When using the flowers in salads do you always take off the back green sepal? Please keep showing us how to forge for wild edibles. Chickweed is starting to show its face here in southeastern Wisconsin.
we'll have to try this... we've made dandelion jelly and dandelion wine, but never fried them :)
jason thomas
I'm gonna try that, thanks for the idea
Vesselina Tenchova
I love the humor :) great vid!
Scott Gabelman
Wouldn't coconut oil be a better option for deep frying since it has such a high cooking temperature? Sunflower oil or vegetable oil is high in omega-6 and causes inflammation in the body. Also most vegetable oils and sunflower oil are GMO which has the chemical glyphosate in it and is far less healthy for you and causes illnesses. Coconut oil is high in saturated fat which has a high temperature ratio to cook in and also tastes great. Just remember to buy organic coconut oil has it to you can be highly processed. I'm going to try this with one egg and some coconut flour and deep fry in coconut oil. Thank you so much for the ideas. cheers
Budder Kupp
I have deep fried my dandelion flowers in egg & flour batter, breadcrumbs, & sometimes sprinkled them with parmesan cheese. I made Italian greens with cooked dandelion leaves mixed with cherry tomatoes, garlic, bacon and olive oil. I also made fresh green dandelion leaf salad. I have even made coffee from dandelion roots (it's actually quite good). And, of course..no meal is complete without a glass of homemade dandelion wine. The WHOLE dandelion flower is very special & useful to me. My neighbor's yards are all dandelion-free..apparently they hate dandelions. But my yard? Dandelions as far as the eye can see....except when removed for consumption! Such foolish neighbors I have. They don't know what they're missing..and I don't care to tell them. Lol.
Keith Tobey
Brilliant....thank you!
So good to hear your voice again! Thanks for reminding me it's spring - I've been so busy working, I haven't even noticed the dandelions popping up. I think my household will be eating weeds for dinner tomorrow night! Personally, I love using a beer batter on dandelion flowers. A bit of sweet, low-hop beer complements the slightly bitter dandelion flowers nicely.
peppermint princess
The first way of frying Dandelions is really different, mixing flowers in Wet batter, it looked more like Dandelion patties, very I trusting.
brandon garrett
I like to dip the flower heads in egg white and singer whipped together and eat chilled. It's like a healthy candy.
Sergio Solórzano
full of insects XD
I thought ALL the green had to be eliminated because of bitterness. I find it near impossible to get rid of all of the green
That looks good, I wanna try it!
Remnant Few ministries ministry
Love your videos. I can't wait to try this vegan style!
Justin C
Hi ! Anybody who know what's Good to eat Dandelion Flowers ? . Thanks
Tall Cedars
Never thought of using wild weeds in my omelettes and am definitely going to fry some dandelion flowers up, thanks once again!
Gobi Grey
I like your fork.
ogadl ogadl
Wow who knew! Learn me something new every day on this here YouTube 🧐😊
A. Snow
A beer batter would work well too. Mix beer with flour till you have you have a smooth batter. You can add seasonings, like Spike, to any batter too.
A. Snow
Does anyone else see that we try to kill these life-saving flowers, cancer fight properties, with weed killer that give us cancer?
Alien Pain
awesome, just awesome!! seriously i just subscribed. you didnt waste much time, although you have a pleasant voice, and i enjoyed your video i usually dont have much time to spare. anyways, tasted awesome!!
Susan McDermott
My husband thought we were nuts but my daughter and I love these!!
Zeenat Zeenat
Hello, what is the benefit to have it? Thanks.
the tiny ants were running for their lives
Fred Cannon
I like a little dandelion wine with some weed biscuits and eggs for a starter, then some more dandelion wine.
hh valdez2
Looks really good !
Ralph Ibrahim
It looks delicious we are in the middle of winter here in Canada I am hoping winter will go away so I can go get some dandelion
Which ones do your like the best. The ones that is done in deep fryer?
Rita Richardson
Siku Vitall
I drooled all over my iPad.
Gloria Bailey
I use a lot of danfilions from my yard as well my best use is drying them for teas thank you for your vid showed me a much easier way to harvesting and separate the real weeds from bunches a lot of times I’m in a huge hurry and just get to pull up plant roots and all yes I dry all of it to use
415 Mazer
Dont want to nit pick, - deep fry would mean complete immersion (like in a basket), you are just frying.....not deep frying. THANK YOU, great video
Chris Jones
Why would you fry something that has health benefits with something that is not? Stupid!