Justin Bieber "Let It Be" Live From Times Square - New Year's Eve 2011 (HD) .mp4

Justin Bieber sings Let It Be by the Beatles with Carlos Santana Live From New York's Time Square on New Year's Eve 2011

He was amazing in this performance i will never understand the hate
Bits of Laurie
It's immensely sad that The Beatles made music to spread love and all you people do is spread hate.
Bhargav Sarma
I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber because it's not my type of music. This was a good performance though. It was a very good performance. For people who're needlessly hating on him (some because they think it's cool to hate on him) and saying that he ruined the song, how well would YOU have done? Better than him, you say? Try playing in front of so many thousands and you may think otherwise. When was the last time YOU played with Carlos Santana in front of thousands and made as much money as he did? If you don't like his music, just move on to the next video. The Beatles spread so much love through their music, but all you're doing is spreading hatred. Shame on you all!
ben/kent lutz/kleinschmidt
Not a Bieber fan but I tip my cap to him for this, this was an amazing cover
It scares me that half of these people probably think Jb wrote this song.
Look 2:40 , He can play the piano without hands!! o.O!!
forget about who sing it. listen to the song guys. the song is not ruined at all.
Michelle Blos
Sure nobody can sing it better than Paul McCartney. but isn't it great than nowadays people come togehter to sing beatles songs. No matter who the singer is, it is great that this band will never be forgotten By the way it is a quite good cover
Mother Mary would be crazy if she was seeing this
Ghostrike T
People dislike because it's Justin Bieber, not because they don't like the song or his performance.... that's sad
Demi Krueger
Come on guys I'm not a fan of Justin's but this cover is decent. You don't have to hate on anything he does...
quite sad how much hatred is in the comments when the beatles only spread love through their songs, the fsct a 17 year old kid chose to sing it at times square in front of thousands and millions on tv decades after the song shows how legendary the Beatles are, good on bieber for sharing a positive vibe
i hate the guy but his rendition is beautiful. I cannot dislike this
Erik Nilsson
all the kids listening to him have probably never heard this song
If Justin were to do acoustic rock i would probably appreciate him more.
Nathan Nguyen
I remember a couple years ago when I was an ignorant little shit who strictly listened to music before 2000, I commented something along the lines of, "man Justin Beaver and all those other pop artists are all pieces of shit. He has no right of tarnishing the Beatles good name and singing this masterpiece"... thank god I changed. Tip of the hat to Justin Bieber
95% of his fans never heard the original.
Ore B
why does this have so many dislikes? I thought this was pretty good.
Ed Garbarino
I hate Justin Bieber as much as the next guy. And I hate hearing him speak. But, I take this performance for what it is. It's New Year's Eve 2011. About to be 2012. Obama just won the re-election. People are happy. It's a cold night in New York. It's Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve. And I say Justin just about did his job with this. At least he didn't perform one of his songs, and at least he picked a song everyone can enjoy. And not to mention, Carlos Santana nailed it. The vocal performance was a little shaky. But the band was good and he did his job. I'll admit, I'm also not the biggest Beatles fan, so I might be biased. But I enjoyed this performance.
nok manthika
This was Good. I'm not your Fan but I don't hate you. fighting
Pilar Faundez
Nicole R
When I find meself in times of trouble, Paul McCartney comes to me, speaking words of wisdom... "We ain't written no poetry!" And in my hour of darkness, George is standing right in front of me, speaking words of wisdom... STAHP THROWIN JELLY BEANS AT MEH! Sandwich points awarded to anyone who understands. THE CLASSIC ROCK FANDOM SHALL TRIUMPH!
z v
"Justin ruined the Beatles" No he didn't, because if you like The Beatles you wouldn't stop just because Justin Bieber sang their song. Yes it wasn't better than the original but you have to admit he sang it well. Stop judging everything he does just because he's Justin Bieber. Plus if you thought it was so "horrible" why don't you try and sing it. Let's see who's the one who ruins the song.
Ericka Sshi
who's still watching this? (2017) ❤❤❤❤
Jessica Kwon
He is so talented. The way he plays the piano, his gorgeous voice.. But my favorite is how kind he is to everyone. He makes me so happy! #belieberforever
Wesley Miller
Who else threw this out and needed to hear Paul sing it right away.
Goddamn that hurt my ears..
Lucy in Disguise
NO. You are NOT allowed to sing Beatles songs.
John and George are rolling over in their graves...
May H
Finally a good song coming out of his mouth.
How could people have watched this that night and not given him the respect he deserves? The performance was not bad, and it was not in any way disrespectful to the original performer(s). Just because you deem it so, that you do not think he's "worthy" enough to perform a Beatles song... They were considered a boy band in the early stages. Let it go, and might I say, let it be.
Allison C
Tbh idk why ppl hate this so much :/ I mean, personally I hate his attitudes and stuff, but I still gotta say he's talented. The original was a lot better, but this one isn't that bad lol
Valentina Fangirling
i will never love a performance more than this one
Better than Mariah
Why people don't understand that when someone makes a cover it doesn´t mean she/he is ruinning the song, please! you only say that because it's Justin Bieber, if it was another artist you'd be saying is a perfect cover and bla bla. Stop.
All the 7 year olds in the in the audience are like what Is this
I'm not his fan but I think his version is just right.
this is really nice... one of my favourite songs covered really nicely.
In the year 2111, a contemporary pop star of time will sing this song, the same thing will happen in 2211 and in 2311, and forever more! THE BEATLES FOREVER!!
This is a really good performance... why on earth people are disliking this and flaming him is beyond me.. i personally think he did well.
Yoga Pratama
So amazing
Tim New
This is awesome !!
fellas, he sang this song 4 years ago. hello! hello hello....
the worst let it be cover ever
Ian Mccown
beiber used to be a good dude. remember when he was on true jackson vp?
David Ness
He does it well. I’m a Beatles fan, so that’s saying much.
pinq surada
i wanna be the microphone he uses.
haters are jealous, you can't deny it. justin has everything you can ever want. he makes more money in a day than you'll ever make in your whole life! :D keep hating, you truly give him importance :)
My Dude Link
got to admit this is ok but there is no question the Beatles are a lot better
Phil Klein
Yes, Biebs is my son. Yeah, he's the son of God. Deal with it. Including you, Biebs. Deal with it. But this is an awesome rendition of Let It Be, and shame on all of you who gave it thumbs down purely because it was Biebs doing it. God ain't impressed.
Jobe Porter
I cringed so hard when New York didn't start singing
Road to 2019
janela tabora
I miss this ;(
why does everyone dislike Justin Bieber? He is so popular in Japan
Gearlison Andrade
Meu ídolo 29/01/2018 swag 😎
Very serious super smart ANALysis man
I think he got this very vell good job.(still love BEATLES)
Am I the only one who's watching this 2017? I get goosebumps everytime!
D Macca
I am sorry Justin. Paul is Paul.
casey george
Funny thing, no matter how much disliked some current musicians are, I still find a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart when such a beautiful song as this is performed. I am by NO MEANS a fan of Bieber, but at least he knows a timeless song when he hears it. God Bless The Beatles for all those they still touch till this day
holy shit this is much better than beatles!
Yona Mellul
It's so ironic that some people wish him dead like it was a normal thing to wish. Let me ask you sthg.. When it comes to terrorists who did horrible things to people, don't you all agree that it's awful and that no one should deserve such things even if they drove drunk or that "they don't have a good voice" in your opinion? Maybe because you know that wishing sthg won't make it happen you think it's alright to do it but it's not. Wishing someone's death won't kill them but you can' definitely not call yourself a good person anymore.
Justin Bieber
one of the best singers
I love this
i bet half his fans don't know who is this song's writer
Dayana Gomez
No soy para nada fan de Justin Bieber, no me agrada su música para nada. Pero debo admitir que este es un gran cover, es mil veces mejor que el cover de All You Need Is Love de 1D, que para mi gusto fue una completa basura. Vale la pena escuchar este cover.
Ale Ferron
MA PER FAVORE! andate a scuola ....
Adarsh Dhakal
I just hate mainstream but this one has provide Justice to composition of Beatles.....
Liliana Jamal
Who's still watching this in 2016? Me always 😍❤️❤️❤️
I love this song and he just brought it to a whole new level for me. Love you Justin!
The EfX
Hit some likes. Don't dislike him like that. Just not because some of his stupid silly actions, scandals become to hate him. I knew that some of the dislikes are not true, they are not really your opinions. Someone just heard of him dislikes him. I think this boy is very talented, he is gifted. Not so many people can do like he does. He knows how to play many instrumentals, he knows how to sing and its quite a bit well actually. So if u don't like him just leave him there don't copy others opinion, opinion its yours, you desire to make it. Yeah, anyway this is a very good performance. Loved it!!
Never realised he could play the piano like that, this performance has changed my opinion of him quite a bit.
Ricardo p.g.
Copia barata de the beatles
No One
Hmm...as a Beatlemaniac, not sure if I should hate or like...
Richard Februardo Sihaloho
This is amazing.
This is an absolutely splendid presentation, fantastic occasion, didn't know Justin played piano. Absolutely no reason whatever for folks to be comparing this with the original any more than any other interpretation of a song. Most enjoyable, 🎶 😎 🎆
Xena Herrera
I love Justin. Been supporting him since 2009 and I'm proud to be a belieber. I'll never leave him. He's my inspiration!:) Love u Justin!!:)
Alison Cain
This was really awesome; it changed my whole opinion of him.
Roy Jones
John and George are rolling over in their graves
Listen there's certain Beatles songs you can cover and certain you can't... this is one that is perfectly fine to cover, just a simple pop song. I just wish Miley would have got the memo about not fucking touching Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds...
not bad..
Is that the Let it Be from The Beatles
Hayley S
Oh, he's untalented? I'd like to see you get up on stage and do this! No I'm not a 'fan' and no, I'm not 12. But you can't deny that this kid is pure talent. This wasn't as good as the original but it was a great cover. Much respect for bieber
Deivid Maverick
Bianca Pilichi
He did good sharing this song, but he destroyed it.
Shanghai knight
No hate with this man!
He's so talented
Namitha Mohan
wow BEATLES this song is soo passionately sung by justin :)
At least he did something good....
Alicia Hocine
he likes the Beatles and you guys insult him ? Just because you don't like him doesn't mean he can't sing, even if you don't like his angelic voice, singing is a question of ability and he is able
Justin needs to learn how to stay in his lane.....
Md Hishaam Akhtar
Man I hate this guy but this cover is great
I don't understand why there are so many haters. You judge him because one day he smoke week. Where is the problem ? Who has never made a mistake ? Who know what is the celebrity at 20 ? So, I'm not a Belieber, but I appreciate Justin because he is an incredible singer. I think this performance is a very good performance, so stop hating...
diet tee N o S with the two capital Es
Compared to Paul this is complete and utter trash
Patricia Egan
Justin, how is it I didn't know you played the piano, Awesome! Nice! Fantastico!
Samuel Octavianus
MY EARS :'( DAMN !!!
Rederton 13
Je déteste cette reprise. C une insulte aux Beatles de laisser ce petit con chanter cette chanson.
joey caffarelli
I bet half those girls think he wrote that song