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TRACKLIST 01- A Teenager In Love 00:11 02- I can't go (Rosalie) 02:51 03- I Wonder Why 05:05 04- Don't Pity Me 07:23 05- The Wanderer 09:58 06- We Went Away 12:42 07- Where Or When 14:50 08- No One Knows 17:26 09- In The Still Of The Night 20:01 10- Lonely Teenager 22:48 11- Love Came To Me 25:01 12- Lovers Who Wander 27:39 13- Runaround Sue 30:03 14- A Lover's Prayer 32:54 15- Little Diane 35:13 16- When You Wish Upon A Star 38:00 17- Tag Along 40:25 18- Every Little Thing I Do 42:43 19- Teenage Clementine 44:42 20- Ruby Baby 46:53 Dion DiMucci - ALL THE BEST (FULL ALBUM) Download on Google Play: Dion Francis DiMucci (born July 18, 1939), better known mononymously as Dion, is an American singer-songwriter whose work has incorporated elements of doo-wop, rock and R&B styles—and, most recently, straight blues. He was one of the most popular American rock and roll performers of the pre-British Invasion era. He had 39 Top 40 hits in the late 1950s and early 1960s with him solo, with the Belmonts or with the Del Satins. He is best remembered for the singles "Runaround Sue," "The Wanderer," "Ruby Baby," and "Lovers Who Wander" among his other hits. Dion's popularity waned in the mid-1960s. Toward the end of the decade, he shifted his style and produced songs with a more mature, contemplative feeling, such as "Abraham, Martin and John." He became popular again in the late 1960s and into the mid-1970s, and he has continued making music ever since. Critics who had dismissed his early work, pegging him as merely a teen idol, praised his later work, and noted the influence he has had on other musicians. Dion was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1989.

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I love his Christian songs as well. He's beautiful.
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