Best Doritos Commercials Compilation

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PewDie Pie2
1 like and I eat 1 Dorito
andy k
5:43 to 5:47 like if you get it
Random Stuff
Who else wants to buy some Doritos after watching these videos???
Sketchy Ore0
I love the time machine one 😂😂😂
Liora Schacter
5:46 I can't believe they put it in a doritos commercial
Madie’s Corner
This makes me whant Doritos
Love Nordvall Sv4B
I’m eating doritos while watching this butt its the green bag 4 bags of dem 🌶🌶🌶🌶 chilli
khalid farah
hussen alaa
6:09 i was see this man in my dream
Doritos Nachos *preparados*
mayor-mayo mayonnaise
Mmmm cheese
Cicillia Tannos
I love doritos
madina karapetian
Who else was watching while eating for it is I was!!
Cheetah Gamez
I watching this while eating Doritos lol
Trishy Angel
6:23 lol 😂😂😂
Trishy Angel
7:51 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kitten Miku
Messed up on the first one! They killed the mermaid...xD
Shanzay Zahid
I love doritos
Yasmine_ Laugh
Why the mermaid 🧜‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️ 🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏽‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏿‍♀️
XXX ayham
Nice video
On 0:54 he said pigS not a pig
Ori C.
5:46 Daddy why is that naked woman dancing on a fire pole
Lil Matthew
I watched this whole video please send help lmao...😂
ellie,muffasa and others
Single moms are worst species on planet ,all smart men should stay away from single mom .
Shark Deox
8:13 LOL
Leon The Gamer
I’m eating Doritos while watching this
5:54. What do we call this commercial? I can find all of them individually except this one. 😪
NuovieJamez Tan
Love dorito
You find everything k sirrr... Whaa
Narwhal Navy
2:40 look at the cute little doggo
Luky Hacker CZ
Nathalye Campos
I love that
Anime 4 life
วรวัฒน์ พรหมสุรินทร์
shahnaz ibrahim
Sumran Khalid
I have never eaten doritoes
Animal_ Lover
I hate Doritos :(
Crazyman852 111
I got a Doritos ad before this lol
2:23 obviously it was the Ostrich 😂
Siu Lei Kwong
“Keep your hands off my mama,keep your hands off my doritos”
Mariam amiri
"Put it back" "Keep your hands off my mama, keep your hands off my doritos 😂 8:13
Ryan Ford
so _thats_ why pugs faces look like that
mohammad alamin
fid anyone know doritos are illumenati
up down
Get your mother lololol
Misty Wheeler-Navarrete
Would you have red Dorito or blue dortito???
stefanidesz timea
I ate a dorito and people was looking at me
stefanidesz timea
I ate a dorito and people was looking at me
4:26 lmfao
Amari princess
2:24 lol
To the people that read this comment, it would make my day if just one person liked this comment, I wanna become a successful YouTuber and I can't do it without you!!!
Skinny Legend
8:54 *bounce bounce bounce*
Jared Villa
3:21 I knew that was going to happen
Адина Мадина
Why did you read this pointless sentence
5:24 is by far the best one
TheWolfeNation & TheHieuNation
He said fires man pole
I'm getting Doritos on Friday I think
Alisher Yokubjonov
7:36 my excuse to why I don't have a dad
lil bxtch
I never had a dorito ):
Amari princess
2: 24 lol
tommy fortnite
Doritos thot
Power Guitar9097
Who else had a takis commercial before this video # funny
nicci clark
Only like the Aussie one
i'm hungry now
Maneplix YT
3:58 that kid on his phone looks like that one horror movie called COOTIES
MikuGameplays - My Gameplays Are Kinda Funny
I got a takes commercial right before watching this XD
Seahawks Fan
Yea if pigs can fly lol
januda games
thas so over dramatic lol
Alejandro Rios
4:56 you will thank me later
Mees M
savage company
Antonio phil
5:50 I guess the dad is now the mom
RS Gila with Dokter_Gila
MLG Approved
Jana Abro
I got so hungry When I was watching I asked my Mom for derritos.
Alex Goldberg
Mm cheese!
I am Chatty
Do not attempt
Jpevz Vlogs
The first commercial.... IVY YOUNG!!!!
TheYouTuber Megh
I'm eating salsa doritos while watching this
Jason Ro
Dedi Azwari
i like girl
Aesthetic x
I want doritos soo bad
Owen Frayne
Who else wants Doritos after watching these
Tam Nguyen
Luvo dỏitos
Adult Trench coat
Omg the Aussie one
Fred Yeezy
I want some Doritos now
Burrito Playz
I want Doritos now
مرحبا شلونك معاك ملاك مرحبا شلونك معاك ملاك
catmuffin69 lol
0:36 lmao I think he went cross eyed
TM Lean
Illuminaty confirmed
Dori hillman
Who just came here because the title page
Iyannah Angelica Abanto
Im eating all the doritos in the store many of doritos and I eat it hahaha lol😂😂😂😂😂😂
Juliet Magallanes
The second one:The boy is so smart
Chris Adams
Mmmm Doritos I love me some Doritos
princess sara
I love doritoes a lot☺
Ìf only Adam had a bag of Doritos!
The Frienemy
*_5:16_**_ Looks kinda like Ariana Grande_*
Faizan Khan
I like the part where the girl was in a bed full of dorritos
Sir Random The Fancy
1st one: *seems legit*
Hoang Hiep
I like dorios
Shayla Bloomfield
So so coll
Why do they make wired ads dude