very touching story about home and travelling (award winner)

A short movie by Pierre Clenet, Alejandro Diaz, Romain Mazevet and Stéphane Paccolat, made in Supinfocom Arles during our last year in 2013. Original music by Valentin Lafort. // Synopsis // This is the story of a house which escapes from its suburban foundations and sets off on an epic journey. // Festival Awards and Selections // - Best Computer Animated Short Film Award at Siggraph 2014 - 3rd Place Award Panam Anim 2013 - Special Mention from the jury Cut Out Festival Mexico 2014 - Festvial ASIFA Golden Award - Cannes’s Cinéfondation 2014 - Siggraph 2014 - Siggraph Asia 2014 - 15th Animation Show of Shows - Shelley Page's Eye Candy Show 2013 - International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2014 - Bristol Encounters Festival 2013 - Panam-anim 2013 - Paris Courts-Devant 2013 - Villeurbanne 2013 - Rencontres Henri Langlois Poitiers 2013 - CutOut Festival 2013 - 5ème Festival Ciné-court animé de Roanne 2013 - Festival MONSTRA's 2014 - Festival Effets Stars - Festival HAFF - Festival FILMETS - Future Film Festival

I watched this in Class one day and alot of girls were like "Awwwww" While guys just sat there trying to act tough when they knew they had some of those feels
I did a exam on this today
Lil Bo
0:15 holy shit stings here
Ale ssandro
The Canadian Government literally used this video for an essay topic in its Ministry English Exam I took this morning LOL
I like that blue house.
Alexandra Hoyn
Where can I find the original film?
it sat for the old home
Purple Cookie
I lost it at 8:17.Damn it!😭😭
Jay Vee
This film is so beautiful. It touch my heart.
Nour Moghrabi
I like this movie and I did have to write about that movie on the class and did touch my heart
Marcus Gomez
Anyone know the song at the end when the house and dog house are walking away, or at least know the type of guitar being played
Connie Anobile
We had to write a story about this in year four!
Well done this is great at school were waching this for English!
Why did old home go to bed then not wake up, 2/10 I don’t understand
Maya Simmonds
what happends next!
Wolfie Games
I nearly cried while watching this
•Shadøw Editz•
Oml we are literally learning about this in class!! Lol da teacher said don’t look it up but I had to! She only let us watch 1:00 of it!
Xx_Grace_ xX
Watched this in primary school, loved it then! And I still love it now! (We names the house blue)
j v
What happened with the old house??
Nga ChuQuynh
can anyone tell me what is the meaning of this film??
Comer Jed Maullon
I think im doing to cry 😭😭!!