"Hey Blocked, why have you stopped making videos?"

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Thank you all for everything, this whole thing meant everything for me, but I'm moving on. The channels that I have listed in the shoutouts, feel free to check them all out, it's worth your time, I promise. -CallMeCarson: />-Boio/Daniel: />-ChumperDumper: /> My Discord invite link, in case anyone wants to stick around:

One very important point I forgot to make is that CS:GO as a game in general is dying in terms of YouTube views, many CS:GO YouTubers are suffering from viewership drops, I believe the only exception is Fitz and a few others.
Good luck in the future!
Daniel Weber
Honestly sad about it everytime I hear or we talk about it. Loved all your videos.
It sad to see you go, but the choice you made it's yours and we can all agree that education is really important. It was a nice ride, all of your videos are funny as hell and I enjoyed them a lot. Good luck for everything!
Levelball :D
Thanks for everthing!
Tsm_ Todu
2500 subs I was the 2500th
ty for the laughs, best of luck in the future
I've tried convincing Blocked to not give up with his youtube shit and even firmly suggested branching out to other games at some point since we do play lots of other stuff where we do stupid shit, however Blocked basically lost all his motivation. Dude I respect you quitting your stuff, but maybe at some point in life when things settle down a little, I hope you'd reconsider, since me and many others think you've had great potential
Hey man. Loved your sense of humour. Thanks for the videos. You'll do great!
How am I supposed to ever laugh again? I loved your Videos man ;_; Best of luck in the future man and don't get bombed <3
Joel Gailer
thanks for the content and good luck with your life bro!
I am both sad and happy.Sad for obvious reasons, but also happy because I am now pretty much doing the same thing as you.For the past one year I have been focusing solely on preparing for my exams and it is really hard to keep up with that kind of plan when everyone around you just doesn't seem to care about anything other than the internet and having fun all day without even thinking about their future.It's always nice to see someone else having goals and wanting to do something in their life rather than wasting it, only having fun without caring.I really hope you do well in your exams and wish you lots of luck.Cheers!
I miss this channel
your videos were perfect ( only channel i had a notification ON ) its sad :( But i hope you will get grades which you want. Good luck
i needv ids
My man Blocked
Enjoyed it :) Good Job dude anyway, good luck, best wishes anyway :p
Marko Kordić
RiP Blocked and Russian simulator
blocked is bad at gmod loooooooooooooooooooooool
mat mariano
Thanks for the good laugh and I hope you'll have a bright future !
Bart D
Loved the videos dude, always a laugh. Good luck in the future!
Ilyes XoX
so fckn sad goodluck men with ur life im gonna watch every single video in ur channel everyday 💚😭😭
Hey man, I know I'm a little late to the video but I've been watching your videos for the past few weeks and was sad to see that you've ended this channel. I know that you feel as if you want to stop and that it's not as entertaining to you as it used to be but I've watched many you tubers and you have by far some of the most entertaining and funny videos I've ever watched. You have amazing talent and could take this really far. I don't know if you're going to see this message but if so just know that all of your watchers love and support you! Best of luck and we would love to see your great talent come back. I would love to play with you sometime or just get to know you because you seem really awesome my steam name is lilbrett12 feel free to add me and if not I completely understand but besides all of that I wish the best of luck to you and hope you do great things!
Rip Csgo russian simulator 3
Kir Gou
miss you too, buddy.
Blocked from zarp?
Thanks and good luck!
idk why u have 2.5k subs u have quality videos its so funny to watch ur videos
Ilyes XoX
Any good news :( ?
Still one of my favourite youtubers.