The Hours (2002) Official Trailer # 1 - Nicole Kidman HD

Subscribe to TRAILERS: />Subscribe to COMING SOON: />Subscribe to CLASSIC TRAILERS: />Like us on FACEBOOK: />Follow us on TWITTER: />The Hours (2002) Official Trailer # 1 - Nicole Kidman HD The story of how the novel "Mrs. Dalloway" affects three generations of women, all of whom, in one way or another, have had to deal with suicide in their lives. Cast: Meryl Streep: />Julianne Moore: />Nicole Kidman: />Ed Harris: />Toni Collette: />Claire Danes: />Jeff Daniels: />Allison Janney: />John C. Reilly: />Miranda Richardson: /> Director: Stephen Daldry: /> Producer: Michael Alden: />Marieke Spencer: />Ian MacNeil: />Mark Huffam: />Robert Fox: />Scott Rudin: /> Writer: Michael Cunningham: />David Hare: /> Editor: Peter Boyle: /> Cinematographer: Seamus McGarvey: /> Composer: Philip Glass:

A film about the real meaning of Life. Every time you watch it you find something new in a corner of the quotes, in the faces of the characters, in the melody of the music, in the colors of the places. Masterpice.
MyName IsRamen
The music in the trailer feels so wrong when you've heard the masterpiece that Phillip Glass created...
Not choosing The Hours as best picture was the Adacemy's biggest mistake. The Hours is astonishingly beautyful. It's about the choices in life and the desire to live and the desire for death .This film is very dear to me.
My favorite movie of 2002. This was an incredible movie with three of the best doing their thing in leading roles. Depressing but profound
Borracha Falante
this trailer is an offense to the movie. My god, even the egg sounds like Independence Day.
Erics email
very heavy movie
1:13 That egg should have won the Oscar for this movie instead of Nicole. Incredible performance.
So far, I've watched about 500 movies and "The Hours" next to "Heat" and "The Fountain" are definitely the best I've seen.
Randolph Val Palma
This film is really deep. I love every scene of this film. Truly a masterpiece!
A film about depression, suicide, women and their problems when it comes to being a wife and a mom. Kisses between women. I LOVED IT! <3
Samnang Eng
The movie which have left me thinking for long, as a quest to find the precise meaning in the plot and in my life.
Renan C. Maia
Nicole and Julianne are amazing!
Don't let this awful trailer put you off. WATCH DA MOVIE
this movie has just made my staurday night
rahal hail
فيلم دراما جميل قصته عن : ثلاث نساء في زمان ومكان مختلفين ، لكل واحدة منها قصة مختلفة ، لكن يجمع بينهن : الخوف ، والإحباط ، والإكتاب ، والروتين اليومي ، والتضحية ، والإنتحار . فالقصص :- ١- الأولى : سنة ١٩٧٥م في لوس أنجلوس : أمرأة تشعر بعدم السعادة لكثرة الحمل والإنجاب ، رغم أن صديقتها تحسدها لأنها لا تستطيع الإنجاب ، فتقرر هجر زوجها وولدها وإبنتها - وهذا شبه الإنتحار - . ٢- الثانية : سنة ١٩٢٣م في لندن : أمرأة تشعر بعدم السعادة بسبب مرضها ووحدتها وعزلتها وعدم الإنجاب ، رغم إن أختها تحسدها على ما تقوم بتأليفه من روايات عظيمة ، فتقرر الإنتحار حتى يتسنى لزوجها الراحة والسعادة مع غيرها ، بسبب معاناته مع مرضها . ٣- الثالثة : سنة ٢٠٠٢م في نيويورك : أمرأة تشعر بعدم السعادة من حبيبها الذي فقد أمه وهو صغير ، وأنعزل عن العالم ، وعاش لوحده مع رواياته ، وكلما حاولت تأخذ بيده يرجع ويسقط ، مع أن رواياته عظيمة ، والكل يحسدها على هذا الإرتباط والصداقة ، بينما هي في الداخل تتألم من هذا الروتين اليومي ، خلال كل السنين التي مضت ، وهي لم تعش حياتها كباقي النساء ، فيقرر حبيبها الإنتحار ، كي تمضي هي قدماً في حياتها مع غيره . مضمون الفيلم : أن السعادة أمرٌ يصعب إيجاده في الحياة في كل لحظة ، بل لا بد من شوائب مع الصفاء ، وشوك مع الورد ، ومغيب مع شروق الشمس . وأنا أتابع هذا الفيلم أتأمل جمال نعمة الإسلام الذي : بين لنا أن الحياة فيها العناء والشقاء مع السعادة والراحة ، وأن النعيم والسعادة الحقيقية هي في الجنة ، وتحريم وتجريم من ينتحر ويقتل نفسه ، لولا هذا التحريم لكانت جثث الناس في كل مكان لأتفه سبب وهو : الضيق والإكتاب ، الذي يزول من خلال الإيمان الروحي ، والعلاج الطبي .
Eunike Olivia Tanto
I watched the movie. All I can say is that it is confusing af
Anna Skog Lundsholt
such an awesome movie!!
ana maria agra
Nigel Chikukwa
All the info about the movie on INDIE-LECTUAL.BLOGSPOT
Andria Mac
Nicole Kidman is GORGOUS and sooo very talented
Loan House Production
1:31 is that King Joffreeyyy?
Brian Power
Watched this movie over Christmas and it is stunning
Tiny Guy
The hell?! This trailer is the worst trailer I've ever seen. Doesn't even close to accurately portraying the movie!
Ashlena R
This brings me back... my senior year high school yearbook quote was from this.
Angelina Vang
Lol Bot
This and The Reader are my two absolute faves. Hard to imagine how anything could top them.
Paolo Zirulia
Best movie ever.
Tammi Carson
The Man who does the Narration also did it for The Talented Mr. Ripley.
Although I loved 'The Hours,' but at the same time I wish we had a full Virginia Woolf movie with Kidman.
Andres Tenorio
creo que me identifica mucho... es posible morir ? que extraña es la muerte y la vida cuando se aborda desde esa perspectiva
1:18 - Stannis Baratheon!
F dL
Allison Janney and Claire Danes reunited in Homeland.
Pasando La Pagina
Does anyone know the song used in this trailer?
Leandro Faria
Love the movie, the soundtrack and the book!
Chloë de Winter
Anybody knows the title of the background song in this trailer? Btw, best movie ever!
Davide C
The Best Film Of All Times
Peter K.
WARNIG: This trailer is trying to convince you not to watch an exceptional movie. This kind of trailers is suitable for Home Alone 2, but not for this type of cinema. It just shows how untypical it is for the US cinematography, that they were even unable to make a decent trailer for it. IMHO it just does not fill in the rules of campbelian heroe's journey type of scenarios and is too "europeanish" for the US film industry.
Kitten Skullz
+MagnoliaPhibes BAHAHAHA yes it truly is! Nothing against the film, and I LOVE the soundtrack, but this trailer looks like a skit from the ol late night with Conan O'Brien
Elaine Wendt
I read this book and really really loved it, and feel so connected to the story and the characters... has anyone read the book and disliked the movie? I don't want to ruin the book if the movie doesn't do it justice. The trailer looks okay... but the book was just so phenomenal
Tobi Hassan
wow... Trailers were REEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAL dramatic back then. Jesus.
Centrifugal Muse
Never seen this but loved the book, and after these comments I see, I’m definitely watching it tonight! Thanks sisters!
amy clarke
i wasn't hot on this movie but Julianne Moore was ace in this film and Meryl too
It's a women's cinema, it's about and tailor made for women...
Has anyone else besides me not known how different Nicole Kidman looks without make-up on until they saw this movie trailer? 
Where is Nicole Kidman?
this is not 720p quality, why blow it up, that's even more ridiculous than to only offer 360p
None of the women put anyone's life before their own.. so what you talking bout trailer
meryl streep and julianne moore looks the same,, but nicole kidman look someone else hhmmm that's weird
Nicole Kidman looks like tom cruise
Mary Lou
Film grandioso, uno dei migliori che abbia mai visto.
C. Yuen
Julianne 💛💜💚
Luma Campos
The only movie I know whose the movie itself is still better than its trailer
Fotini Apostolou
I don't know why, but I've always thought that these 3 women have something in common that made me think them as 1 person when I was little 😂. Probably there's a certain vibe, I don't know. This movie will be interesting to watch.
saul c
Meryl Streep was robbed a nomination and AN OSCAR! Her portrayal in this movie, as always was magnificent, even better than Kidman's. Kidman did great, but she had the makeup and costuming, something the academy loves because then it's easier to select the winner. Meryl's acting was its own league, and she had no special makeup or costuming. Idk about conspiracies, but had they nominated Meryl for Best Actress as well, then she'd deserve another Oscar, AMONG MANY SHE STILL DESERVES.... THATS ALL!
C. Yuen
Well also quite apart from Julianne I think this movie (and the book on which it's based) is a masterpiece. One of my favourites.
Fa Korte
Studipest movie I have ever watched. Don't get a thing. Bunch of depressed people. What is the point of this movie no message to the world.
Performances were good, other than that this is a story about irresponsible women who want to justify their actions and they see the consequences of their bad decisions instead. Like seriously why bring innocent kids in the world if you are going to just leave them. Good acting I just hated the message.
A movie soooooo borinnggg it will have to be in my TOP 10 BORING FILMS along with Keira K's Pride & Prejudice, Anna Karenina, Deathly Hollows 1&2, Ghost Rider, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Percy Jackson 1, Hell Boy II, Invasion Los Angeles ...and a whole lot more. (4/10/14)