H.A.W.K. - I'd Rather Bang Screw

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Big hawk- i'd rather bang screw

Mr Phuccin Brizzle
I used to jam this when I was struggling and shit with family and school when I was a young man. Now that I'm coming of age I swear I'll never forget where I came from. This takes me back to getting high in a beaten down firebird flipping burgers hating my life. Never would have thought I would listen to this in better days.
Semi Cologne
im banging screw - from germany - chilling right now peace
Queen Chazzy
If you still jamming this in 2016 then you know what real music is! I rather bang screw #RipToTheLegend
Natalie M
It's kinda hard to explain why I'm so off the chain 💯💯
Bryan Mora
don't chase hoes.... real playas get chose 💯👌
baabyy jaay420
i stay jamming this shit 👌 but I'm from Houston tx so that's probably why 🤔🙃
if you still jammin to this in 2017 !! then you still bangin screw real way #RealMusic
elmridge texas
We bangin screw in the 512 #AustinTexas represent
Daniel Perez
"I rather bang screw " Real rap from back in the days ! Not that nonsense from today .
WindyCity Assassin
From chiraq still bang screw . Chitown killinois
seeing all these mexican women on here make me miss texas hahahahaha
T 1
"Don't approach ho'z ...real playaz get choze".... Pimp tight.
G Salas
From Southern California to Tex respect! Ide rather bang screw!
Screwed and chopped till the day I die 713 rip DJ screw n Big moe hope u sip purple foreva man.
rachel cicci
Banging screw Detroit Mi
such a classsin mane RIP screw
Mick Jarvis
just don't make Em like the old days anymore seriously
Liam White
rip big hawk
Jackie Crow
#361#corpus Christi Texas#rep south Texas from h-town to Austin to El Paso down to San Antonio to corpus and all the way down to the valley.
kid meech
hold it down for h town all day 💯 Sunnyside reppin
jimmy-N-juliet Rodriguez
Jerome Blount
Beaumont screw head for life
Sebastian Beltran
Bangin screw in Porterville, California 😎
i Have A Brain Tumor
Used to bump this in 8th grade. You gotta love the throwback times😢. My ass getting old
Karina Rivera
Mando Zamora
Jan 13, 2016 Still Banging Screw.. Still Pouring it up, Still acting bad in the South.
Gr Gr
Im happy i found this tune, really DOPE P'z from the Netherlands ladies and gents!
Derrick Webb
dead end R.I.P Big Hawk
Simon Henry
R.I.P big brother H.A.W.K. - you copped the gunshot on May 1 2006 - so much of the tender age of 36. Your legacy will live on forever
Jessica Silva
slo mo music is all i bang
Blow in good 2016
still pouring up for screw. every time me and homies sip Lean we pay homage to the great. rip screw rip big moe rip pimp c rip hawk
Robert Earl Davis dis iz for U baby !
still to this day im still a screw head even tho screw dead im still doing what he said YUHH
Queen D
R.I.P HAWK we miss you! Damn RIP to all the fallen soilders of Houston RIP DJ SCREW,FAT PAT,HAWK, PIMP C, BIG MOE AND SO MANY MORE! WE ALL MISS YALL. REST IN PEACE!
original song By " i rather be with you - bootsy collins" your welcome.
jaime aguirre
It gotta slowweed Down If Gonna Bang On My Ride. ATX R.I.P Screw.
Im a 504 native banging screw big up to all Houston rappers and r.i.p to the fallen rappers.... this that country rap tunes know what im talking bout!
lino loya
Like the way they used Bootsy Collins-id rather be with you nice sample
2017 still banging screw. #SCREWEDUP4LYFE #TONECITYTEXAS
Eldridge arroyo
r.i.p to the best dj of tx we can all remember him dj screw rest in peace 😇😱😱
alexis melchor
I love this song so much..
loonie Hernandez
i rather bang my screw
Dshamus Driskell
Who still banging screw in 2k18
Good dude good people good heart taken waay to soon
lbksavvage savage
gotta bang this in tha 806 #lubbocktexas
Juan C.
bangin pop trunk in sur cali. we gots luv fo dis. in da 213 to HTX
yo prefiero a explosar al screwed cuando estoy en la block manejando por el barriooo
Ladevious Blanton
born in 1992 love h town music slowed and chopped and screwed at a early age and till this day stop jamming h town music I love Houston music suc ugk swishahouse 903 showing love for h town
11:46 PM Showing Love From San Antonio Tx
Roman Gonzales
This song brings back memories!
Thereal Kt
Still banging screw from Dayton Ohio 2017
gotti Curran
still banging 2016 still banging Houston Texas pink or purple 🍵🍵cups
rip Screw!
Troy Dunne
361 southside oso park
Ryan Hernandez
September 2,2016 still jammin S.U.C
Vladimir Raychov
That Bootsie Collins reference
Houston Texas
I love how they put the Lil Keke song "peepin in my window" beat on here.. shit was hard 3:54
Still banging this in 2018 country rap tunes TEXAS reppin
Jakob Bradford
H-town baby ...swisha house ...best thing to happen to rap....
Darko Markovic
screwhead in serbia
Connor Schake
sip surp swang and bang man nothin but that screw, always stay leaning and on top of it even when i'm not in the H, i represent my rooots
Matthew Lohr
DJ Screw yep got some of his CDs. don't have this one Now that's Classic The Old School N.W.A he Rapped in his own version
Shane Hall
who's still banging screw with me at the end of 2017? are you dripped up and juiced out know what I'm talking bout?
Andy Garcia
Still banging screw in 2018
Calin Kln
banging screw from Romania, i wonder if others from here have any ideea who dj screw was ! much love , real music never dies
Mob Squad Gaming
R.I.P To The OG’s Hawk & DJ Screw. H-Town finest!!
Killa 713 ABK
Rip big hawk mayne ☝🏻🙏🏻 s.u.c fo life mayne yah herd
Raymond Rivera
I'm a kid and this like a life lesson to me
Houstons Finest
baggin this in 2016
Its kinda hard to explain why the south off tha chain
2018. ;)
Karlos Robles
June 17th 2016 I'm a lost vessel now but this really opens up a past window in my life , I'm tired of being hated so much .. I just wanna live without this heavy heart it's turned into a burden We out here going crazy in the 817 . Banging this hoe for the one time for my homeboys that ain't with us nomore and for fort worth .
Shiny Grimer
Rip hawk, rip screw, rip moe, rip pimp c, rip mello, rip fat pat, rip all the screwd up legend that ain't never comin back!
Calletano Cordova
How many of u mf really from Texas
Shane Hall
who's still banging screw with me in 2018? and are you dripped up and juiced out you know what I'm talking about?
Joshua Campbell
Rip dj Screw
ScrewFiends X ChopFiends
RIP JOHN Hawkins!! We taking flight on the wings of HAWK .. project living thug with a college education..
Sebastian Juarez
I can listen to Lil Uzi, Lil pump and all this new rap, but ill rather bang screw.
obi zovra
sippin drank fo dem boyz feb 2018
make the beat stutter. RIP to H A W K brother. HATAPROOF
Grizzo 420
2017 bumping screwed up music. Grew up listening to it. I will always love screwed up. (Its gotta be slow down if its gonna bump in my ride, i was raised in the TEXAS AND I REP IT WITH PRIDE)
If You still Jamming in 2018, it means Youre still a Real....SCREWHEAD!!
Sittin in my barracks jammin this in 2017 baby!!!
Hunter Williams
Bang this now 9:13 6-27-17 on your Bday KING SCREW texas put them bright lights on for tha KING
Jacob Mares
still jamming 2017 always a screw head all day everyday
Casey Charbonneau
RIP DJ Screw! Bumping all the HOUSTON CLASSICS today!
comanche raider
It's 2018 and I would still rather bang my screw, #3rdcoast #SCREWCREW#SCREWZOO#hawkthegoat
Hardcore OG Weed -2018
Rip Robert earl davis and john hawkins
Brother Edward Tbz
For life #Legand 2018 An 19 !
Alejandro Melendez
Josue Gonzalez
Showing Rhode Island how it's done in 2018
Jasmine Yharbrough
Said I rather bang my screwed
Ryan Black
Still bumping this in 2018
used to jamm this walkin to school in 7th grade with a walkman., hoe be jammin
Terry Jay
Still banging screw 2k18
Omar Lopez
Holding it down in Vegas baby!!
It'll be 2030 and I'll still be banging screw.
ROBERT Nelson Jr