Airplanes - BoB & Hayley Williams of Paramore (Boyce Avenue feat. DeStorm cover) on Spotify & Apple

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Boyce Avenue
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Grant Massingham
Everyone complaining about DeStorm changing the rap, it's obvious he wanted to tell his own story in the verses, not the story of some other rapper, so I think it's great he wrote his own verses, made it his own
did anyone else expect his voice to be much deeper when he started rapping. lool
Allegro T
This rap is just so much better than the original, both in terms of voice and lyrics. Good stuff.
2018 anybody?
that rap freestyle was dope
Betül B
Is there any song that this Boy can't sing ? He is amazing ! *-*
Gregor F
What up with all those dislikes? And Hi random person scrolling through the comments have a amazing day!!
Beatriz Campbell Winchester
Pqp qualquer música fica linda na voz desse macho ❤💁
logan staats
I feel like half of the people that disliked this ment to hit the like button lol
Simon Hailey
Omg destorm and Boyce avenue. Epic as fuckery!!!
I listened to this before the original and this is better! The voices are perfect and for me this is the real one ♥
Ni que
Simplesmente PERFEITO *--------*
Scara Dikov
You know when Destorm raps about that childhood part his was way worse
Vale Herrera
1:38! ahhh!...
Thais Sousa
Janeiro de 2018, quem mais??? Boyce é muito amor!!! <3333
Perry Reeve
brace face ïndy
DeStorm killed that second verse!
Adriana Araujo
Sou apaixonada por esse cover maravilhoso 😍 Essa rouquidão na voz linda😍 Amo muito ❤ Manaus- Amazonas -Brazil(03/01/18)
Sofia Curi
Love your voice Both of you guy
Johnnie Bergenheim
Every cover turns out to be better then the original song! Fact!
Corrin Moranzoni
luiz filho
o cara canta muito!!!!!!!!!!!
miguel miranda
So good...a good should do more like this! But still do others!
still here 2016
Leevi Oksanen
I think every song what he had sang is better than thems original versions..! 😄
This and the original are amazing. This rapper love his voice.
Dman Show
this cover is so fckn awesome man, keep up the good work.
Anh Vu
So this is where DeStorm was before vine...
DeStorm! <3
2011 <3
god...i really love this song...:) i also adore Boyce Avenue they're great!!!.
Martin Masoud
is there something you cant play !!!!
A Ancho
love this song.. awesome!!! 
Jessica Che
so ein süßer typ ;)
Mikel Bengoa
DeStorm!!! This guy is hilarious in vine! hahahaha Awesome awesome. I love this cover.
Nicole Garrett
This song means sooo much to me, and you guys just sang it beautifully!! woow...i'm crying..the feels..
Maria Zeza
Linda música sou fã deles
Ruth Kathlynne Partible
U really nailed every song! All ur version! Amazingly done perfectly AL!😍😍😍
Rahul Macwan
2017 and still loving it ❤️
Miscellaneous Spidey
I love you're covers :3
Eden Santos
make a video of The Only Exception Paramore
Ufuk Satir
769 donßt know the Orginal it is the ORGINAL GUYS !!! Trust me !
I love how they took this amazing song and put an even greater spin on it - truly a work of art right here.
Eva Pšeničková
Amazing!! Keep
Gabriel Manzo
better then the origanal!!!!!
NOTHING IS IMPERFECT! I love the guitar, it makes me think about the firt Animal Crossing on Nintendo DS 😂😄💪👌
Luis Daniel Quiroz Peña
Fayth Eloise
I am in love with this version! :)
Red Riolu
It's 2015 almost 2016 and it amazes me how it took me this long to find this cover. It's amazing and literally gave me shivers. Screw the people saying his rap was bad, it was his own and he made it. It was perfect in its own way. I loved this whole thing.
Rachel Harr
DesStorm! From vine I never knew he collabed with Boyce D:
Tom Doeven
Lol thats the top comment of every single Boyce Avenue cover
Nick Brown
Could you please do any song by Paramore? You guys are great!
Joschka B
black guy killing it :D
That aint the rap mate...
Haben hunter
Make me sad and i need a wish 2 i need it make peace for every body no war every body nice to each others no matter of skin color same
selichoco seli.choco
i luv it !!
chantelle watson
Love u
Take my money! :D
Anshul Karia
De Storm is dope
That rapper sound great too
I like how the guitar zounded
Canada Muthafukka
Santiago Perez
The black dude saved the day. The guy singing Hayley almost wrecked this song for my permanently.
Jesper andrén
or they just know that no one can compare to the awesomeness of Bob Marley!
I found something that this dude cant sing.... wait for it... ready? Over 200 songs and not 1 Bob marley song.
Trent J Benson
Bouce Avenue spree.. these songs.. nostalgic
Hannan O
OMG, anyone else notice DeStorm from Vine?
Anoyone else going on a boyceavenue spree?
Barbara Villa
Wow. You guys are amazing
Yes, Yes it is
Krake 99
The Rapper is very good too.
Harry Fa'asisila
Why aren't you guys famous yet?
Robbin Heijstek
Sounds great, my favorite song !
xI 5TIV5 Ix
Let's pretend, Marshall Mathers never picked up a pen, let's pretend things would have been no different !
Christianna Mendoza
best cover ever
Buja Wobłokach
I can listen your voice all times ;3
This song. John Parkyoureal song vocal
Rikardokaka Albanian
^_^ U rock sweet guy!!
*clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*
Rap Thor
Hồng Gấu
6 millions views there must be me
...I could use a wish of a Genie or a Tinker Bell to find my Never Ever Land to save from this hel of being Alone & Lonely,,, AAAHHhHhHhH ;(
Christine Cassie
oh oh.Boyce Avenue
PJ's Channel
Kelly T
i can´t stop listening this
Sarah Nery
Amei, o piano ficou top.
i like how his ears move when he sings ;)
Oh god! Boyce avenue and that guy rapping is just so amazing!! *-*
trent bell
the piano<3
Nick Bö
amazing <3 *.*
Priscila Lopes
sing more
Elias Ghaleb
Jody Cascaddan
get ride of obama and start makin music!make music not war!!!!!!!!!
that's a cajon :)
Miusa chan
soooooo amazing <3
Kancelaria Adwokacka
zapraszamy do Polski:)