Vision's Birth | Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie Clip

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A person Yes
So Thor basically gave birth to Vision.
1:45 I just love that Thor's vision saw the Mind Stone as the center of destruction of life, we all thought it was about Ultron, but in the end, it was all about Thanos. The Mind Stone decided it all.
yoongilagid umaapaw!
i love how Vision looked at Thor's cape and created his own. He definitely is a child here.
don't mind me
I like how vision copying thor's cape as soon as he saw it
"Ooooh it's definitely the end times." Ooooh you have no idea Bruce...
Vision:comes out of box Scarlet witch: ohh lala sexy
Night Striker21
"There may be no way to make you trust me" **Proceeds to prove worthy of Mjolnir**
Vision is badass here but weak af in infinity war
Eyecone - ROBLOX
"But we need to go" All stares :O
The Last Ervinder
“The Mind stone as the center of all destruction” Foreshadowing of the Mind stone being at the center of the Infinity Gauntlet. Hehehe 😅 right?
Vaibhav Nemani
Vision is worthy
Nicholas Nathaniel Yuka
Wow vision has been alive for 4 minutes and he is already worthy of mjulnir
1:34 "wow dat cape is dope im gunnu copy it :)))))))" pretty adorable in my opinion XD
JRA Tu Amigo
I was born yesterday.
Tarush Singh
Well in words of Tony, Vision flew before he could walk.
A_ s
all that foreshadowing about the infinity stone
Wallis KYF
Hope they will fully showcase what Vision is truly capable of in WandaVision. #DoVisionJustice #BuffTheVision
Gurl Byee
The moment of silence 😂 I always like this kind of scenes
Fencing Man
"I'm not Ultron... I'm not Jarvis, I am... I am." let's just ignore how close Vision came to naming himself after the robot from I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
Layers of political jokes
So wait... thor said when everyone else tried to lift the hammer "whoever lifts the hammer rules asgard" does that mean vision ruled asgard?
Lara M.
When Vision borns, he sees first Wanda. Very romantic 😂💞
Vision is born to real life **HOLY SHIET THIS IS GOOD FAM** Ultron is born to Internet **THROW THE WHOLE EARTH AWAY**
So why is Vision not king of Asgard? 🤣
FBI Federal Burea of Investigation
"When I was dead, My vision or dream was to be Iron Man... but, Thor, my second fav hero, made me alive... Then I tackled him... Looked myself all over my body that i could fly but...I wasn't iron man... I was this.. Naked red guy... Wait... Thor says i have 1 of the greatest power on the universe?.... Maybe I do like this body."
What you have to realize here is that immediately after vision's birth he can feel every mind in the surrounding area because of the powers afforded to him by the mind stone, so it's a tonne of noise. After he sees what's causing all the noise he quickly realizes where he is, what the noise is and then what he is. I imagine he experienced something similar to the overview effect, as hinted at my the tonal shift in the score. Such detail and I love it.
Raylee Blanch
I’m glad vision was born. He’s important to be in the avengers.
Thor to Stark: "Well done"
Vision REALLY didn’t get enough airtime. Pisses me off. Love him.
Love Thor's Lightning!
Just in this scene there are 5 dead/retired avengers
tts world
4:04 we have a new leader of asguard
Luis Hernandez
Vision comes a long way after seeing Avengers: Infinity War
Calla Nightshade
"I am on the side of Life. Ultron isn't" I love that line
What if the hammer didn’t lift up and they all stare as he try’s to lift it up
Vision: I’m not Ultron... I’m not Jarvis.... I am. Me: This nigga’s God?
Darah Mandon
There may be no way for you to trust me, *picks up Mjolnir*
Can't wait for the next avengers movie 😀
Harshit Abraham
Avengers Age of Ultron: Vision is the most powerful avenger Avengers Infinity War: Hold my beer
Rodrigo Salomo
But we need to go *lifting thor's hammer
The first person Vision looked in the eyes was Wanda. Foreshadowing!
1:38 Edna Mode won't be happy.
Hamzah Alief
vision in age of ultron: level 100 BOSS vision in infinity war: level 1 crook
Hiro Ciko
i will miss jarvis
Duy Nguyen
I'm here after Endgame
I *totally* agree with you because
“There may be no way to make you trust me” *Proceeds to lift Mjölnir*
Alex Spiddleston
Welcome, Vision! 💜 (I miss you...)
PaPa Johnson
0:09 what it feels when you have wifi that runs 500.000.000 mbps
Mike Black
4:12 Thor face... I’m dying 😂😂
EzAb Cat
1:35 *Vision looks at Thor’s cape* Vision: ‘I wayunt thaat’
infinite galaxy
The future thanos birth thanos steals mind stone visions death When will vision resurrect
Spoilers!!!! When thor called mjlonir it was the same theme used when Cap calls it in endgame.
Jacob Drain
2:00 Not yet, my friend
Yu Ka
"But we need to go" -> proceeds with the exact action that proves him trustworthy
Jacky Jai
4:35 Thor to Tony: well done
Alvaro Camara
If Wanda stopped tony and Bruce she will never find love
Bernard Winney
2015: Scarlet Witch is scared of Vision 2018: Scarlet Witch dates Vision 2018: Scarlet Witch mourns Vision's death 2023: Scarlet Witch fights Thanos for killing Vision If that's not character development, what the hell is?
hemicy lim try get 100 sub woth no views
thor: NANI VISION: ....
Parker Pshebnisky
I miss vision!
Rick Simmons
Had such high hopes for vision after this scene, too bad he ended up doing sfa 😕
Kaleb Doom
casually picks up the Hammer
Hype Playz
He’s 8 years old, 3 years ago, 5+ in the marvel universe
Ashley Pantoja
Vision:... but we need to go. Vision: *gives möjlnir to Thor* Everyone:...!?!?
Reinaldo Torres
When you come to salute your dog and he just keeps walking by and salutes the person next to you.
Beast Death
Vision came from mjonlir's lightning which is how he is worthy of mjonlir.
Naahulan Vijaykumar
Elizebeth olsen❤🤩😍#Wanda
Vibrantium_ 219
Was it love at first sight with Wanda at 0:32???
Timothy Ordonio
The first person Ultron saw was the love of his life Then Thanos took everything from her though :,(
*OoooOooOohh it's definitely the end times*
Elizabeth Olsen mmmmmmmm Elizabeth Olsen
Daniel Alonzo Cital
I forgot scarlett witch had an accent. Where did that go?
I love Vision so much. I’m sad he didn’t do much in Infinity War except be getstabbedlike10timesman but... 1. Hes Paul freaking Bettany 2. “Well I was born yesterday” 3. Copying Thor’s cape the second he saw it because he is an actual child 4. ‘Alive’ for approximately 4 minutes and just picks of Mjolnir like it’s a piece of plastic 5. Did I mention PAUL BETTANY?!
Thiago Matias
I miss Vison
Jin Cream
1:35 [How your kid learns from you] 2:31 [The first encounter of the two] 4:03 [Confirmed]
This scene made Bruce Banner look like a Badass
Royalty Prince
can i just point out that this entire scenario is very very similar to infinity war? after 1:45 the entire convo is technically verbatim to that of infinity war. Starks plan is correct, Ultron being unique and being in pain like Thanos, the "end times" referring to "end game".Right after that Thor said "the Avengers cannot defeat Ultron" and Vision responds with "not alone" reminding of the additional characters that were added to infinity war and/but primarily speaking of the role captain marvel will fulfill. Also when Vision said "You think I am a child of Ultron...I am not Ultron" gives me a Gamora and Thanos vibe. Gamora not being Thanos. Hawkeye's response and manner "your self-approval means jack to me" shows that his priority is not the annihilation, that there is something greater at stake for him (his family), again, referring to endgame. and when Vision says "i am on the side of life, Ultron isn't" again, is technically verbatim to that of infinity war where Thanos is for killing and destroying, and Gamora is for sawing and is for life itself, and right after vision says "he will end it all" who? Thanos, duh. but what is he waiting for? Vision says Ultron is waiting for "you" as in for Tony Stark which might explain the "relationship" between Thanos and Stark, or hinting at endgame where Thanos is waiting for Stark or the Avengers or a special somebody. "But that pain will roll over the earth, so he must be destroyed" again....THANOS VIBE.
mel the good miner
Thats why vision can lift thor's hammer because of that lightning from the mjolnir
Ernest Yee
i see you've copied my cape
lee Lewis
can i ask? What happened to scarlet Witch’s accent? my accent has changed but that took a while.
Reinaldo Torres
When your girlfriend knows how to use a rotary phone.
Paarth Singh
Visions picking up of Thor hammer proofed that he is right.
Cocky bastard... The look on their faces is priceless.
Vision : Saitama AsliCuk !?
mind stone = powers of the prince of the air = lucifer/ 3 eye
Lex Ram
Jarvis becomes Vision
So many great actors doing poor dialogue and ridiculous stories. It is sad.
0:54 did anyone notice that thor was already holding mjolnir in his right hand when he stuck the other out?
Nick Da science guy
I love how he says that he can’t prove that he can be trusted but then literally picks up Mjlonir therefore proving he can be trusted. Probably the best part in my opinion!!
Ethnicity __
I can’t stop looking at Tony’s shirt
Billy Katt
So vision can rule Asgard?
Xpóvoc Chronos Keeper Time
2:08 Why is The Matrix of Edwin Jarvis/Jarvis in here ?
“I’m not Alltron” -Vision
Mac Mooney
1:51 it’s the mind stone
Whitney Pyant
Vision is worthy!!!
Jaydan C0
Vision is more worthy than an elevator
morehh best
Bring vision back in endgame!!! **saw endgame they didnt** only the ones who died cuz of the snap came back😪. Excited for the wandavision show😊
Raghu Seetharaman
The sequence was even extended with some of the special effects not completed and had they released that version with the special effects completed it would have been even better.
Naman swaroop The Film Lover
Tony was always right about the world's end, about ENDGAME. He always knew that he along with other avengers will fall short of strength in order to defeat the creatures of other world. If Ultron would have been made right as per planned, Civil War wouldn't have happened & The Avengers would have been prepared with the leadership of both their leaders standing united. So, ultimately Thanos could have been defeated in Infinity War itself. But unfortunately MCU & fate of the Avengers had other plans. 😢😢😢
Der Pferdeflüsterer
2:47 Bruce Lee was a nice Dj
Joselito Cooper
The only best part is when vision able to lift Thors hammer haha