Michael Bublé - Behind The Scenes of the "I Believe in You" Music Video

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Get a behind the scenes look at the making of the video for Michael Bublé's new single, "I Believe in You”. Award winning choreographer, Derek Hough created, directed and stars in the video. If you’ve not seen the official music video, check it out here: /> Buy or Download the album here: Official Store: />iTunes: />Amazon: />Google Play: />Target: /> Connect with Michael: />

Noora Nazzal
You did a phenomenal job Derek👏👏🖒😊 Michael will be proud and so should you😉😍
"I get paid to make out" LOL
Derek did an amazing job! Thank you Michael for collaborating with him and for sharing this BTS video!
Loretta Houben
I just absolutely loved it! My husband and I have been married 35 years this year, and my parents have been married for 61 years.
Victoria O'Connor
To see Derek Hough working on a Michael Buble video is pure magic.  Love it.
Lynn Roberge
Just watched the video and it brought tears to my eyes. Couldn't help but think of my late husband and my parents. God rest their souls
Gg !!
😇😇😇 i pray to Lord, everyone experiences such moments in their life
Gabriela Garbini
OMG. I never clicked a notification so fast.
Love Derek Hough! Great dancer and choreographer!
Mona Sidaoui
Yeyeyyeyeyeyeyeeyyyyy🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 welcome backkk, so glad that everything is good again ❤️️❤️️❤️️ so much love for you and your family
Dee Hall
Derek you continue to amaze me. My bucket list was meet Keith Urban first. But you've since bumped him to 2nd place. I'm old enough to be your momma but I would give anything to do a meet/greet with you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️💖💖💗💗💓💓💝💝
Debb liles
This video is awesome! This is my love story! Today my hubs and I have been blessed to celebrate our 17 year wedding Anniversary! We have known each other since we were 5ish didn't like each other and in our teens fell in love. God has been so amazing in writing our story! Amazing song and video💛🦋💛
Cahidi Joyo Raharjo
Great music video! Great job! There's no harm in showing a little hope of a perfect love life every now and then. Considering how bleak the real world can be sometimes. I love this video!
Terri Kesler
Fabulous video! It is beautifully made, and I love it!!
Derek you did an incredible job!
Jacqueline Norman
Best directed video and so real, loved it, awesome work! Please do more like this, love the story telling and I've been with my High School sweetheart, known each other since we were 11yrs old but didn't date till we were 16yrs old for nearly 30 years now! We are rare but some of us are out there! It takes work and fighting through difficult times, you both have to be committed for the long run old school style! :D It's possible!
Cheryl Sibson
yeah Beautiful thank you !
Kim Davidson
Love the video!
asia walker
So so cute 😍❤
Michael OMG ....thank you so much in my heart ....very very beautiful ❤❤ Nice evening for You ❤ Weronika
Irun Mon
who's the girl he's dancing with?
you're the best musician Michael💜
Jenny Rice
Derek - as per usual, you have amazing choreography! Wonderful video!
So unbelievably cute!! Awesome job, Derek!
Darlene DeVegan
great video and Derek your hair looks gorgeous and you look gorgeous and I just love you! Lol :-)
Maximus Birchmore
:) i love you derek
Lucie Cermanová
Great job Derek!
Karly Gómez
Dereck I love you since dancing with the stars ❤
muy bueno el vídeo muchas felicidades linda cansion aunque no se lo que dice jaja ..
Lynn Craig
Fantastic! Derek you are amazing!! What a great song and what a great video you made to go with it. You are so talented it blows my mind!
Debbie Borthwick
One of the best videos in a long time! Beautiful work, Beautiful song!
Wonderful. Everything Derek touches is gold.
Dahlia White
Julie Delahooke
This was one of the sweetest and most beautiful music videos I've ever seen. Well done Derek Hough! <3 I cried like a baby
bepows bae
thank you Derek. i love you!
Diane Banks
looking forward to Jlo's world of dance!! ;)
Nancy Ibarra
I love you Michael Buble <3 good video
Andrea Nataly Rodas Romero
Jackie Johnsen
So beautiful! Great job!
Love this video so much!
Ardan Arif
that looks romantic
delicia Defelippe
💏👪👵👴👏👏👏 genial
Carol CF
Good job !!
great work
avantika j
This is beautiful😇
Kelly B
Sofia Nazarena
Panji Prayoko
:D :D
mery herrera
Viatea -Canal Antiguo-
LIKE the comment for michael to read it
Luciana Sardi
Why no one is talking about how hot is this dude?😍😍
Jaedie Smith
I love it, thanks...and yes I believe in you, and I also believe that true and amaizing love does exist....even if they gotten kill in a car accident like my childhood boyfriend....I miss him....now am single here in Honduras central America..... patience in my heart for another 😍😍😍😍..love you guys and thanks for sharing...
I truly loved this video. I always wanted to be married forever. Sadly it wasn't to be with my now two marriages. Longest I got was 16 years. And then he left for someone else. But it doesn't stop my dream that marriages can last forever.
Márta Kapcsug
Dear Derek! That is my best favorit video from the everlasting love! This story very thouched me! Thanks, and for music too to Michael Bublé! 👍😉💕
L Gary Adams
I believe in you, Derek. Keep up the good work. The world needs more men like you. I think you have a good heart. Great video! Great message! Great song Michael!
Pacific Blue
Life has proven to me that there is no such thing as everlasting love. It's a complete fabrication. I love this song though.
Jose Israel Ordaz
Video Fantastico Derek, muchas felicidades !!! Gracias por que aun existen directores como tú, con esta visión . Mi esposa y yo cumplimos 20 años de casados y cuando le dediqué este vídeo logre robarle una gran sonrisa y lagrimas de felicidad a su corazón. Por favor NUNCA CAMBIES!!
Maria Lisboa
Deus abencoe vc e sua familia que Deus cure seu filho eu pesso sempre â bencao de Deus por ele
deepthy justin
Thanks a ton.. Michael buble and Derek Hough!!!!! Thanks for giving us this treat.. It an absolute cute, sweet, goodness, strength, love, forgiveness, smiles.... Seriously thank you!!!!!
Sadia Sanji
Awesome music video director, singer and other all of them are awesome
Min Mon
It's an amazing song and a wonderful video
Evangeline Nieves
One of the best FREAKING dancers in the world did the robot... I'll just go die now...
Matthew Donovan
Amazing song and amazing video. Love the choreography.
j s
Happy Valentine's Day.. My husband and I have been married 30 yrs next month. Gratitude for this beautiful song and video. 💚💜💙😘
Monica Gebeau Martin
Derek Hough! Michael Bublé! Day made.
Anna Miller
Hi Derek! My daughter Ashtenn and her best friend Nikki just had the pleasure on doing makeup, hair and wardrobe for this video. They say you were amazing to work with. A job well done! Michael Buble will love it!
Victoria Taylor
Amazing. I had the awesome privilege of dancing with Derek Hough.... a day I will never forget. Now, it just is very moving to see him dance in my favorite artists video. Rock on Derek, and Michael...
This video is excellent. It refreshing and encouraging to see a something that has a beautiful message. There is still hope for pop music.
Lourdes Quiroz
Bravo gracias es ago majical 🌟🌛 así amore mio 💏💙
Tiarni Fargher
The choreography is absolutely incredible and beautiful and amazing!! ❤❤❤
AC Robbins
Such a beautiful song and classy, beautifully shot video! Major props to EVERYONE involved!!!
Pae hunsa
Derek hough Cool i love u😍
I love it !! I'm. a Romantic woman with a Cheesy. heart ❤
Eliz C
I believe in you Derek Hough......so talented....
Life Happens in the Little Moments
Excellent job directing this video Derek. it's amazing.
Helene Tangca
This is a great video about love, love never ending. Love's it, though I have not found yet but I believe that everyone has a moment in God's due time. God bless everyone.
Ally Labinsky
I think for my favourite song, this music video did it justice.
Josephine Chhakchhuak
maria sofia cuevas
This music video will surely make all of us cry right?
Karen Arnold
Great work!! I believe in good things coming back to ME!! ( and you! ) :)
Great video!!
Ana Toscano
Bryan T
no homo.but this dude is handsome 🙄
Laura Swift
Where is Michael Bublé?
Debb liles
Celebrated 18years wedding anniversary and 33 years of knowing each other!! 🧡🦋🙏🧡
Samantha Richards
love this song
Isan Bloom
The robot dance didn't make the cut?! It should've been the main part! 😆
Kami Reed Walter
Michael doesnt sound look or behave at all like himself....CLONE?
1:48 probably one of the smoothest transitions to "the robot" I have ever seen
Anna Maria
I love so much this song...
bp za
he's so cute
paramjit kaur
oh my god! I love it ❤❤❤😭
Homeschool Granny
such a sweet message and the dance, flawless.
It says there's one comment... There is like 59! Can YouTube count! Btw the video was amazing! I loved it!
Lauren Doll
omg I can't WAIT for the song to come out!!!
Leslie Sim
AHH! collaboration between two of my all-time favorite artists! :)
Derek is such a true talent and all our hearts and prayers are with Michael, his son and the family.
This guy is sooo fine. That hair is just hypnotizing....
Rose de Oliveira
amazing vídeo! I love voice of Michael Bublé ❤