Teens Waving and Shooting Guns around downtown Miami

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Miami Beach, Florida (WSVN) — Cellphone video captured the moment a driver fired several gunshots from an open-top convertible, earlier this week, sending nearby pedestrians running in Miami Beach. The video from the back seat of a red Ford Mustang shows the driver firing two shots up into the air, before another two shots can be heard as they turn down busy Indian Creek Drive. Minutes earlier, the video shows the passengers flashing their guns near Collins Avenue. Read more here:

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Read more here: http://wsvn.com/news/local/video-shows-gunfire-from-car-on-miami-beach/ #Miami #Gun #Florida #Shooting #Crime #Police #Demographics #Beach
And this is what sterilization is for.
Lip 69
Why did the fake news media say teens if they were all over 21
democrats with guns
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1:35 XD
I never heard a gun go "BAM BAM" 💀
Andrew Tanczyk
They can't blame the Republicans & the NRA for this one!
ghost magnet
Those two pinheads ARE NOT TEENS! Both are 21 which makes them ADULTS, NOT TEENAGERS!
I bet their are from Hialeah or some Miami suburbs where there's nothing better to do then they wonder why Miami gets a bad reputation but maybe that was their goal. 👎🏼
Oh Pulse
a bullet is a bullet you don't know where it's gonna end up? um it usually ends up the direction you point it
Adam Petrillo
Thank god those asswholes were placed under arrest here. Now they can rot in jail and hell
Looked like white conservatives doing the shooting
the coast guard doesn;t watch for illegals from cuba or wherever they came from? Random americans dead is of only moderate concern to the florida state judicial system that let these spicks out on bond.
damn girl at 1:38 though😗😗😗
Waste of ammo. with all the cops out
x xx
The US has wonderful gun-control😒
Haha self snitching idiots
FP Wiegmann
jews are the reason behind it all.
Fucken losers
june towel
so dangers to the public can bond out of jail?? oh wait that's the stand your ground state .. figures ..
Fired Spic Latino
Florida Bums take this L for trying to act like a Super disney character
Paul Westby
John Pierre Rondon ... lol .. have you been watching Boys in the hood ? You want to be gangsta? Here's your chance homie !
Hans Schtuk
Seems Non White people have NO common sense. I always thought that but these days the proof is everywhere.
The King of Diamond
looks like people be eating in the sky.
Tre Israel
Bang Bang
#kanepoe !
victimless crime. take their guns tell em don't do it again and move on.
Jay Smack
"...both have since bonded out of jail" -
badboy 69
Julian Lorenzana
So much racist people in the comments smh.
qwerty 13420
Its a STUNT gun Could be Blank?
Master Dovahkiin
is it weird that I don't see anything wrong with this
benz d'immortal
They shoulda shot a few racists while they were at it...
Dumb spoiled rich kids trying to be wanna-be thugs
Carlos Castaneda
Deport the 2 ASSHOLES
brian mcintyre
An IDIOT AND HIS GUN anther chapter for my book idiots with guns.