Minor Game Choices you may not have noticed - GTA IV

A few game choices in GTA IV (and one from TLaD) you might have missed... hope you enjoy! ►Twitter - />►patreon - /> Thanks for Watching!

The "shorts" will be back next week, and I am still working on "Derailed"...
Obi-Wan Kannabis
Someone just shot my tv, better stand on the window
The detail in this game is amazing
Mr. Jack
I feel happy that people still playing this game in 2018
I respect that you chose "you may not have noticed" instead of "U'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE". Good shit mate
This game turns 10 years old in just a few months. 10 years old.
Gta iv's atmosphere is so interwoven with the story. Gta v's world, whilst more impressive from a technical viewpoint, never felt as interesting for me personally.
*TV gets shot* "wow let's look out the window"
Austin J
V is a great game but IV is a true classic
And kids are saying that GTA IV is shit and graphics is/are crap (seriously who the f judges graphics from 2008 in current year? For 2008 GTA IV had best graphics). That's why you shouldn't say GTA 5 is better than other GTA because every game have it's own weakness. And not to mention that you cannot even crouch and hang on the ledge/ledges in 5...
The adventures of A slav and fat slav
Sill prefer this one over V. Maybe its just the nostalgia of being younger when it came out. The differences between this and the prior 3 titles were stunning. GTA V was great. Probably better in many ways, but still cant get over that amazing story and the super-dense map
To me this will always be the best GTA game. The dark atmosphere and the characters were just amazing. The story explores some deep philosophy about revenge and fullfilment in life... GTA V massively disappointed me. It had nothing of that. Heck in IV you can even pick up stones and cigarettes from the ground to throw them and Niko would even hold the cigarette between his fingers like a human would!
Lukas Joostberends
9:40 If Niko knew who excactly kidnapped him, Tlad would be waaaay shorter.
João Agnelo
Interesting coincidental detail: - *pays for clothes*: shiny car - *steals clothes*: car has blood marks in the hood 5:48
9:11 You spelled Roman wrong. It's *Roman* , not Romen. :D *Let's go bowling!*
11:04 Gets in to car and sits casually while screaming "Help me!", hilarious. Lack of expression on his face is a plus.
Jesus. I played gta 4 so many times and I never saw most of these choices. That's a real enlightenment. Thank you so much man. You're the best.
Nice one man always love the GTA 4 uploads
Sergio Bello Rincón
GTA IV is in my opinion the best GTA and one of the best videogames ever created. The realism, the detail, the deep story, the graphics and physics, the variety. Just an awesome game.
Nation of Masturbation
GTA went from this to GTA V. Man, what happened
Lambanogx xTanduayice
Hahaha whatever still not bored playing GTA 4 😂
Aleksey Aksenov
Man when I first played this I was in grade 8 now in the marines, time flies.
It still boggles my mind how you keep track of all these different possibilities, and how you end up I guess recording footage? Or going through old footage? To find the relevant clips. I just can't imagine all the effort you go through for a video like this. Thanks so much whatever!
You should have included the possibility to do a lucky dive out of your car to skip Roman's phone call for Bleed Out so you can do First Date without abandoning Roman
Winston The Gorilla2k2
This game is 10 years old and there’s things I still don’t know about it!
Filipe Pinheiro
This is something I felt that lacks in GTA V, apart form the heists and another minor exceptions.
So happy to see that this Game is being appreciated!! Nice work. Finished the game several time- but still didn’t know about all of these option. Respect!
Yess! I love the GTA IV videos!
Matt 1326
This is the reason why gta 4>gta 5
João Rezende
16:35 I know that smoking sign is really pretty, but just kill them already!
Turbid TG1
I hope Rockstar releases something cool for the 10th anniversary in April! My favorite GTA!
Fun fact: it’s not necessary to complete either of Dwayne’s missions or The Holland Play in order to finish the story.
15:25 michelle is talking like a cop , how niko did not notice?
Rockstar logic: *shots fired* hey, someone's shooting, I should put my head out the window...
F1 razer
You missed a possibility. I First Date, you can actually go date Michelle first and then save Roman, but that is only possible if you answer or call Michelle at her house.
Amazing how detailed this game are. Nice content mate!
Nacho Shinoda
Wait, you can call him in Lure? I always shot the tv to get his attention
Juanpi Jimenez
"My breath didnt smell like titty" i died with his accent and that quote
Andrick Morales
If you are ever going back to making fan facts for GTA 4 I have one: when you go to the Russian theater when Faustian hangs out, If you attack the girl working there she will tell Niko to stop hitting her.
I'm currently replaying GTA4 on my 360, and even with that low graphics, blurry textures and 12 frames an hour it's still so damn good!
Sam Yoo Elle
This is why I think gta 4 is better than gta 5
Furthermore, GTA IV improved it's quality over the itinarary
Peter Vonnson
Happy that people still recognize and appreciate this game one decade later.
Number One
Regarding Clarance,even if u speared him,you would tell Francis u killed him,so it is no mistake,and Francis would tell everybody that he got him killed,even though Clarence is hiding
Michael Li
After playing gta5 for 4 years, I found out that GTA4 is still my favorite gta
Anthony Sanchez
People who say GTA 4 is bad never watched the cutscenes
I wish gta 5 had small things like that
Could you do a video like this for red dead redemption?
שלום, whatever. (; Awesome work!!! Love you find and shows us more interesting stuff about GTA IV content. This game is simply amazing. :D GTA IV, TBoGT and TLaD will never be forgotten in this great channel. Thanks, whatever man. ;)
That guy The DUDE :
Love the gta 4 content good work!
Commander Shepard
This game is really underrated when considering all these little details most people miss out on, incredible
Why would he ever look out the window after hearing a gunshot break a window like 10 ft away
Saltine Savior8
6:25 one of my favorite features in GTA 4, loved those cinematic kills!
James Hutchinson
What I liked about GTA 4 is how you can pick up a brick from the floor and throw it at someone’s head or smash it over their head to knock them out cold. Good touches like that make the game more interesting.
you like to rape young girls don't cha
GTA 4 had the best storylines love it!
Veer Pal
In 3 months this phenomenal game turns 10 years old Damn I feel old
Sons Of Anarchy
8:24 "My leg, my leg!" Haha is that a spongebob reference?
Gta 4 had the best physics and detail in the series so far, especially with its incapacitated mode where npcs would writhe on the ground in pain and get back up injured, die or be revived, unlike in Gta 5 where npcs would have the same reaction regardless of weapon used and just die/knockout (which is death because they never get back up) straight away . Red dead was also good, implementing a crippled system if you shot npcs in the leg, as well as Max Payne's enhanced euphoria. I just wish gta 5 incorporated all of these elements from their other games, but thanks to mods like RAGEuphoria or writhe mod, this can be achieved, almost.
Live Free or Die Trying
Ive beat GTA IV and GTA V and I can say that the story for GTA IV was way better. (My opinion)
What mods do you use? Or do you only use the mini map mod? :)
Wait, if you called him, why did he think it was his girlfriend? Shouldn’t it have been “unknown” or that there’s no one on the other end?
MProductions GAMING
Idk if you've shown this in a previous video before but you can donate your money to homeless people in the game. Usually you can find them in alleyways. Either walk up to them, or stand near them and let them walk up to you, and a prompt will appear giving you the option to donate some of your money or not. This works in GTA IV and TLAD (I haven't tried TBoGT but I'm sure you can do it there too). Another thing you can find in alleyways are pick-up items (i.e. bricks, rocks, etc.) to throw at people, cars, etc. The mission where you trash the Chinese man's shop by throwing a brick through the shop's window isn't the only instance where you can get your hands on items like that :P
The Man of Constant Sorrow Elias
Kidnapping a man in his own car, that's low
Tourette TV
I used to play this online so much on the 360, and I still play it on my XboxOne! All the life/roleplay clans, XUGC/UGC anyone?
ayesure whynot
They need to put a remastered version of this up on ps store I'd happily pay 50-60 quid for it
Andy Chin
6:03 So, you're telling me that I *actually* could take the window cleaning platform to enter the hotel? It's been the 6th walkthrough and I didn't even get to know that easier way.
2:01 why would u check outside 2 seconds after a gunshot? nobody ever taught this guy to duck n cover?
67 likes no dislikes YES!
Mood Lamp
Someone is shooting at my apt. Better investigate...
hey niko it's your cousin roman let's go bowling
Mario Petrov
The vid is awesome but I have a few questions, what are the green and red things on the radar? (I don't think this is a part of the main game) And also I dont remember busses spawning as traffic. Did you use a mod to make them spawn?
Johnny McGree
10:10..so after you call roman..he suddenly appear out of nowhere....God damnit Niko stop install Teleport mod on everyone's car!
I think GTA IV will get old like a bottle of good wine, while V feels more like diet Coke. I really didn't like IV when it came out, but it feels like the peak of world building in the series (with San Andreas). I appreciate it much more now that I'm in my twenties.
DCP Music
8:25 Spongebob easter egg? lol. Awesome video!
no se que poner !
Whatever57010, my favourite GTA'youtuber
Princess_Coop x
Did niko just roundhouse kick tf outta that dude🤣😂i never seen that before
I miss the hand-to-hand combat in this game. People in GTA V fight like drunk, old men.
It only took me 10 years to find this out
William Tao
When people plays, Grand theft auto 4 by saying "I never noticed, that choices when I played that game"? :/
Sky 201
*5:10** That's the way mafia works.*
We need another game like GTA IV
Sad Parrot
Life: Give me opportunities to be better ME: 4:13
"In this case I will get what I want... To get in my car and drive away..."
I Hate Life
5:38 does niko have the stare of carl johnson? someone please know what im talking about
This game is going to be 10 this year. Wow time flies.
Hari Sriram
What's the map mod you are using
Shahkarif100 Gaming
This is one of the reasons why I love GTA IV. There's so many possibilities in the story.
callum 2822
10:35 are you the best limo driver i see you crashed
wagwan for battyman
If Niko knew what Johnny did to Roman it woulda been Niko that killed him not Trevor 😂
Joe Ritchie
There was certain women in GTA 4 that Nico cudnt date 1-Ilyana Faustin 2-That girl that worked at [email protected] Which was a shame
Johan Wi
For the last one , i just wander around and the dealer noticed and the door unlocked..
4-3 &7
8:31 - 8:33 "You don't even have to shoot me I'm just so old Smuck"
Matthew Flynn
The fighting mechanics were far better in this game than GTA V.
Amber133 Lee
I actually liked GTA 5 I don’t know why it gets so much hate
The best GTA
Grisile HNNW
I totally missed the first one which means i have to play this masterpiece again.