Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise

An elephant girl
*12 years later and I still don't understand why Dumbledore was naked*
Friend: what kind of music do you like Me: it’s complicated...
Every couple years my mind drifts back to this video
Brooklyn :D
Everyone is in sync. Then there is Harry Potter.
foul monk
Teacher - what are you laughing at? Me - nothing My brain - * naked Dumbledore puppet shouting his name*
I steal Rainbows
Am I the only one who is trying to sing all the parts at once?
Allysplater Kid
How to tell if it's a true YouTube legend: 2007 and comments from a week ago
Amy Strikes again
*in class* Kid: starts tapping his pencil Me: snape snape Severus snape Best friend: DUMMBLDOA!
lovemeluv me
i wonder what the people in my house are thinking right now as they just hear *HARRY SNAPE HARRY SNAPE HARRY SNAPE HERRRRRMIONE*
Leah the crappy fangirl
This is real, unfiltered footage of what really goes on in Hogwarts.
Nadia jest spoko v2
*u have 127 seconds of ur life* Me:
Jerry Yang
What is Harry Potter’s most favorite way to go down a hill? Walking. J.K. Rolling.
Natalia Kajewskii
Me: *trying to sleep* My brain : *HARRY SNAPE HARRY SNAPE HARRY SNAPE*
Team Parkhill
Me at 8 pm: ok one more video Me at 3 am: SINGING OUR SONG ALL DAY LONG AT _inhale_ *HOOOOOOOOGGGGWAAARRRRTTTTSSSSS*
Kawaii Gamer
Legend has it Harry and Snape are still shouting their names at each other... Edit:omg!thank you so much for 200 likes!
Jensen Fleming
Video exists : very interesting TIK TOK : THE SOUND IS OURS NOW TO USE
...and I'm still watching this in June 2019
Cam Stoiss
The teachers at school performed this at an assembly a few years ago.. IT WAS GOLD!!🤣
I like Memes
Is it weird I have this on a music playlist You know what forget that this is awesome
My teacher: this test is worth 90% of your grade My brain: **Dumbledore naked**
Director: "So, what kind of music should there be in this song?" Puppet Pals: *"Yes."*
TinyToy Lover
Lol, you guys have to turn captions on! The madness will begin!!!😆
moonsun is real and that ́s the tea
My last brain cells during a test
I Don’t Know What To Call This
12 years later and I will still never understand why Dumbledore was naked 💀😂
Rachelle Meehan
My friend just showed me this video two days ago. I had never heard of it in my life. I have been blessed, omg😂❤️
Just Another Lazy Trash Panda
My dog looked up me with the most confused and disappointed expression while I sang along
hippity-hoppity_ samwhich
*_Absolute madness w/ Harry acting as Sirius Black_* this is why i love captions
James Horace
What the schnitzel was youtube back then? Though it is catchy...
Void Monkey
I was four when this was uploaded 😂
Me: please just this once can i go to sleep at a reasonable hour My brain at 2am:
They should have put Minerva Mcgonagall’s “BOOOOOM!” Deathly hallows part 2 In 1:41
The Animator
1:11 my last 2 braincells fighting while I have a test due in 3 hours
corner of shame kidz cosplays
We watched this in school. Like as part of the topic. We all laughed our heads off when the teacher said " I will play you one of the most famous ostinatos ever " and then put this on.
Blazey Haleigh
i remember watching this hella young and being like “idk what this means but i like it”
Lauren Hepker
Me bored in class then my brain just starts going: Snape, Snape, Severus Snape. Me starting to giggle in class. Teacher: What? Something, funny? Me: Oh, no, sorry... Brain: Image of Dumbledore naked, hands up, screaming, DUMBLEDORE!
// Toasty //
When you realize your favorite video on the internet is almost as old as you...
Prime Commander Cypher Raige
Potter Puppet Pals in 2019: Dead dead I am now dead dead dead I am now dead I AM GAY! dead dead I am now dead I AM GAY! dead dead I am now dead I AM GAY! dead ED dead ED I am now dead ED SHEERAN I AM GAY! dead ED dead ED I am now dead ED SHEERAN I AM GAY! dead ED I'm black! dead ED I am now dead ED SHEERAN I'm black! I AM GAY! dead ED I'm black! dead ED I'm black! I am now dead ED SHEERAN I'm black! I AM GAY! dead I'm a dropout I'm a dropout, ooh, ED I'm black! dead ED I'm black! I am now dead I'm a dropout I'm a dropout, yeah ED SHEERAN I'm black! I AM GAY! dead I'm a dropout I'm a dropout, ooh, ED I'm black! dead ED I'm black! I am now dead I'm a dropout I'm a dropout, that's me ED SHEERAN I'm black! I AM GAY! Dead dropout dead dropout dead dropout dead dropout DEAD DROPOUT DEAD DROPOUT-- -I AM GAY! I'm blaaaccck!
Brocha A
my class broke out in song today this was the song we started to sing 😂
xPan_theSun OwU
Teacher: Suvuie answer why the question on the board. Me: SNAPE HARRY SNAPE HARRY Class: Dumbledore (Edit) My sister: IM HARRY POTTER The planet: SINGING OUR SONG ALL DAY LONG!!! AT HOGGGGGWHOATTTTS (hOg wHaTs)
Camila Delgado
Me seeing this when I have no idea what Harry Potter is: WHO THE HECK IS VOLDEMORT Me a year later: NO FRICKIN WAY
Shibe Fren
Jacob Harris
Everytime I rewatch Harry Potter, my mind goes back to this song
Harmony _Crossbreed
Teacher:You all have 1 hour to finish your tests Me:Voldemort Voldemort Oooo Voldey Voldemort
CosmicRobo [] []
I remember trying to sing all the parts 5 years a go... and now think of how weird and complicated this is
Micah Y.
Most you fortnite kids weren't even born when I first watched this.
Dusty Moth
Doctor: you have 2:07 minutes to live Me: that’s a strange time amount
Incredible, i laught so much, please continue ;) Voldivoldivoldimore DUMBEDORE
Ezra van den Boogert
The first time in saw this video was 6 years ago but it is still funny. (Sorry for my English i'm from the Netherlands.)
its a pipe bomb! YAyAyYayayAYyayYayay Voldemort voldemort vold vold ve voldemort
I usually listen to BTS... and only BTS... but something tells me there is going to be a big turn around after watching this 😂 I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before 😨😂
Jeon Jungkook
Maths teacher: This test is worth 60% of your grade My brain: *HARRY SNAPE HARRY SNAPE HARRY SNAPE*
Ron: I found the source of the ticking, it’s a PIPE BOMB Harry and Hermonie: YeYeYeY Crackhead dumbledore and Snapd: -Looks at each other Bomb: Blows Voldemort: -sings- Credits:Roll I’m bored so I made this post
BuffelLife IQ
2007:No 2008:No 2009:No 2010:No 2011:No 2012:Np 2013:No 2014:No 2015:No 2016:No 2017:No 2018:Not Yet 2019:LETS RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE
*12 years later* Me: *-still doesn’t know why dumbledore was naked-*
Snape: “kinda catchy” Me: I’ll say, I can’t get it out of my head
Youtube reccommended 2007 “no” 2008 “no” 2009 “no” 2010 “no” 2011 “no” 2012 “no” 2013 “no” 2014 “no” 2015 “no” 2016 “no” 2017 “no” 2018 “no” 2019 “yeah that’s the one” Edit: omg, thx for all the likes, may aswell take this opportunity to say subscribe lol
Just a quick question.... WHY ARE YOU NAKED DUMBLEDORE ;-;
lizard gaming
*this should be the world's national anthem of all time!*
Marideth McVey
Me: *keeps repeating the video, trying to sing all the parts* Mom: *walks in my bedroom* Honey, it’s four in the morning, give up. Me: NEVER! Mom: Grounded. Me: ;-;
*It's been over 10 years since the last time I saw this video and now it's in my recommended*
Dj Sisters !
I remember watching this in 3rd grade at singing it at school with my friends!😅😅😅😂😂😂🤣
2007: Nope 2008: Try again 2009: I said no 2010: Still no! 2011: Heck no 2012: Nah 2013: Go watch vine 2014: Close but no 2015: You wish 2016: Nu-uh 2017: No, no', no. 2018: Next year 2019: *WeLp TiMe To PuT tHiS 12 yEaR oLd ViDeO iN pEoPlE's ReCoMmEnDeD*
find anonymous
*stressfully tries to sing all parts a once*
I can't believe it's been 12 years and I'm just now seeing this masterpiece
YouTube: After all this time? This video: Always
Teacher: what is your favorite book or song? Me:* has a vivid image of naked Dumbledore* Also me: NAKED DUMBLEDOREEEEEEE
Ella Moran
I can’t imagine being behind that thing trying not to laugh
Chester Koch
In just 2 minutes and 6 seconds, this became my childhood
Willow Hegarty
When u realize that ur favorite vid is older than u🧐😅 That proves that time sometimes doesn’t change Voldemort Voldemort oh Voldi Voldi Voldi Voldemort
Katie Rogers
*Legand says Harry and Snape are still shouting their names to each other*
Bailey Harrell
Kid:In brief words, summarize Harry Potter. Me: 1:27.
Connie Hamaru
it's been 12 years!! hahaha I'm stuck with "Snape, Snape, SEVERUS SNAPE"
Gacha Sky
My friend: What’s your favorite song? Me: It’s... Conplicated
Kingsin toon
What he says: I’m Harry Potter What I hear: I’m HaIrY pOtTeR
Crazy Family
I Think FBE Reacted To This In A Video
Saynab Muse
Favourite song ever. Who else has Hogwarts mystery and Read more
wait tf this was posted on my 1st birthday lol
Faith Sparvier
Friend:what are you listening to? Me:starts tapping pencil Friend:give me an earbud!
Sami Rowland
2018, and im still singing it everyday
Anna banana
Someone in class: ticking there pen Me and my friend Natalie:*makes eye contact start singing this* Everyone else: "what the flip is going on?"
This is what I think of when I’m bored in class
beast rider44333
Look at snape when Dumbledore comes on naked Edit:it's on 1:15
Sara Frost
My class: I hate harry potter Me: oke? Have you ever seen the movie or read the books My class: no, ofcourse not Me: what tha actually f*ck is wrong with you
Grace Connolly
apparently the real cast wanted to recreate this what a missed opportunity damn
The one time Voldemort's plan worked.
Sofia Antonelli
This is so old but I love it so much. My favorite part that always makes me rotfl is the first Dumbledore. “DUMBLEDORE!”
Julie Gilliam
This is probably older than some people watching this.
Alessandra Berdecia
Idk why but I always start singing this song in the most random moment possible 😂
loke blade
Am I the only one who tried to do everything by myself
Lee DeDomenico / Jackson
Snape snape severus snape Dumbledore Ron ron ron weasley Hermione Harry potter ooh Voldemort voldemort ooh volde volde volde
Ambar Rodriguez
Captions: "absolute madness with Harry acting as Sirius Black" so accurate😂
fatima Sajid
I was doing my homework yesterday and just randomly started singing it, here i am now
Ava M
i just asked a 9 year old if he knows this song and he was like what’s that? and i was like wait a sec ! after he saw it he was so shocked cuz he never saw it i felt so old hahaha i watched it every day after school hahahaha
Mackie Hansen
about 100,000,000 of the views are mine
Nicholas Judd
Been over 11 years but feels like yesterday me and the boys huddled around the old pc and watched this on repeat
archit amey
Recommended in 2007 : Recommended in 2019 : Me : * I DID MY WAITING TWELVE YEARS OF IT, IN AZKABAN.
milchen fox
I kinda love the subtitles of this Video equally to the sound😂
Ava _Vengie
Producer: how may people do you want to be singing at the same time? Person: Yes
2019 and this is still my fav song Thanks for all the likes
Darth Revan
How can this be the most watched harry potter video.