Mercedes-Benz V-Class (2019) | Trailer

The new Mercedes-Benz V-Class (2019) – the successful model just got even more attractive. The V-Class designers have used a series of targeted measures to give the MPV a new look which follows the design idiom of current Mercedes-Benz passenger cars: /> In 2014, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class premiere saw a completely new approach to design, value appeal, comfort and safety being introduced into the MPV segment. The concept went on to be a true success: proof of this can be found in the 209,000 or so V-Class units that have been sold since its market launch in 2014, a sales record in 2018 with some 64,000 units, one of the youngest buyer groups at Mercedes-Benz and successful launches in other markets, especially in Asia. And the facelift will now make for a refreshing feel to the already successful model. Focal points include among other highlights a re-styled and striking front-end design, the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission which is available for the first time, while safety and assistance systems, among them Active Brake Assist, have been brought up to the latest technological level. The new V-Class has a broader appearance and an even stronger visual presence thanks to its new front end. This comes courtesy of a new bumper design with striking cooling air inlets and a new diamond structure in the radiator grille. The Mercedes star is positioned centrally in the radiator grille and framed by two slats in silver. The personalisation concept with the attractive AVANTGARDE and EXCLUSIVE lines continues to exist, while the AMG Line will become visually more powerful: it features a new diamond radiator grille with chrome pins and thus delivers a sporty note. ► Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube: /> ► More videos featuring the V-Class: /> ► Experience the world of Mercedes-Benz: /> ► More interesting playlists: Marco Polo: />GLE: />Vans: /> ► Mercedes-Benz on Social Media: /> />

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random viewer
We want to see the car not a family's holidays footages 😂
mhh 🤔 Is this an Apple or Mercedes Ad?
Thomas S.A
Make a AMG V Class :D
Hi Mercedes Benz team, I’m sending your engineers and your entire team a well deserved thank you.
Aditya Kad
Excited big beast is coming soon.😘😘
Mercedes Benz best Cars 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Jamie Pickles
The Best Large Family MPV
Always better, always more expensive.
Richard Kang
Mercedes, make an R-Class AMG with sliding doors, and I'm in.
Why with the NtG 4.5... Not with Mbux or ntg 5.5??
Arnold W
İsmail Karaer
Keşke Türkiye'ye de gelse...
Elena Skyline
Interesting if they've fixed wobbly and noisy front panel (dashboard)?
Carl Johnson
Hope they Adress those problems in Doug Video about this😂
александр аймурзин
Мерседес, подарите мне такой V-класс.Огромное спасибо
Aryan sharma
10/10 Mercedes ❤️ better than it's rivals
احمد الساعدي
The best or no thing 😭😍
David Ross
Hi Mercedes-Benz I operate a small executive chauffeur company based in Glasgow Scotland. I was about to place an order for the current model, how long will I need to wait for the new variant. Regards David
Can Eğridere
Nice iPhone 5S ad.
Awesome video!
Interesting marketing 'positioning' :-) ' of the youngest buyer groups at Mercedes-Benz...' and you sell radio with CD built into dash in 2019 :-) Apologies to people reading my comments on Autogefuel video, repeating here... Seems that 'young buyers' get radio with CD and other MB buyers including Sprint truck drivers get MBUX. Amazing. In addition - if anyone from MB 'ergonomics' team is reading these posts... Somehow accepting (!) that in this day of age you only have classical instruments on offer - don't know if you've noticed absolutely terrible light glare caused by transparent bent plastic over speedo / rev counter. I had the van out for test drive and it is really distracting. Don't know if you plan to fix that before offering completely new model (hopefully built on MBUX platform...), or it's there to stay. Thanks
If that vehicle would only be avaialble with some gasoline engines, MBUX and S-class like interior, I would be already placing an order for it. However - after waiting for a while for the facelifted version - I am highly disappointed. A new bumper and a new radiator grille? This is amusing...
shaikh shahid
karim Mohamed
Małgorzata Janicka
Thanks video mercedes we mot work be buy car But my boyfriend dreams of car good
Very nice!
Andrej Novoslavskij
0:51 cool looking deflectors from a class
Valentin 0505
And now only for 19475717375 $!!! 😂😂
Nasty McJackass
Family. Serenity. Nature. Clean. Fresh. Joy. Experience. In the background, a gas-guzzling, combustion engine....