A Lonely Cat Looked With Hope Into The Eyes of Passers-by. Animal Rescue

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A Lonely Cat Looked With Hope Into The Eyes of Passers-by. Animal Rescue In the middle of February, several people told local volunteers about a cat that ran after passers-by and asked for help. The animal looked well-groomed, most likely it was lost or simply thrown.

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Gary Smith
Thanks for excepting an saving this cst
A Lonely Cat Looked With Hope Into The Eyes of Passers-by
Mr. Genius
very beautiful cat)
thank you for saving this animal)
Cherryl Gallo-Trapolsi
Kttens R gorgeous, but NOT ENOUGH HOMES! People... PLEASE, PLEASE HELP in ur 'hood 2 TRAP - SPAY - NEUTER!!!! Thnx!😘😘😘
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An amazing story) ...
That person did not have this cats welfare at heart,I'm so glad you took charge of it,this lovely cat needed love and a good home and I just know that will come soon. Thankyou for saving all these animals.
jim S
what a beauty
Jan Fuger
I know the meaning of overexposure but I don't know the meaning in the context used here.
Where is this cat now? Reminds me of the beautiful ginger girl I took in, who was walking around with mange from the squirrel population. She loved chasing squirrels! People ignored her. She walked up apt stairs hoping someone would help. I took her in and got her treated. She was a sweet and gorgeous cat!
aishwarya thakur
I want to adopt him
Elizabeth Sisney
Awe! HOW cruel that he took it back! So happy he is safe.... praying this cat gets his forever home... or at least fostered.
Lisa Lightrider
Why no contact information for people who might want to adopt the cat?
E Kramer2
I am SO going to be microchipping all my future kitties.
Kawy Thowy
Beautiful little kitty. Did she find a home.
rita rabaa
Beautiful cat so happy she is doing well now
E. Sherry Miller
With that face, how could this poor guy be ignored by anyone, who passed by. Even if an individual can't take the cat, the least that person could do is to call a shelter or rescue group. ONE CANNOT JUST WALK BY AND DO NOTHING AT ALL. No, it isn't easy, but how can one not act. JUST TRY. The sweetness of this cat lies openly in its face.
E. Sherry Miller
Please furnish updates on this cat.
Why are ppl so hatful and violent when dealing with animals? I just don't get it?
I Am Chosen
gorgeous cat
Darlene Greywolf
Beautiful cat! Love the colors! Person who did this needs to beaten to a bloody pulp! Some people are a waste of air and space!
Beautiful cat. Nasty people.
Red Poppy
So sad of this lonely cat to be treated badly n hope it gets rehomed soon.
Panda Bear
Praying this beautiful cat gets a loving, forever home, please post an update.🙏🏻🐱🏠👍💕
Georgiana Punea
I really hope she finds the right people. These poor souls who live together with on this planet deserve our attention, care and love💝🐱🐈😺
Many of our kitties were "thrown"... the jackasses who had them didn't get them fixed, and dropped them off in our neighborhood once they got pregnant. Having seen the shock, terror, and betrayal in their eyes, we could never do the same (all of ours are fixed) and I think they realized it. Their so-called "owners" were the ones missing out, on some of the sweetest, most loving cats (and kittens - their offspring) you could ever wish to meet. Many of them are still with us today, and I miss and grieve over the ones who passed on. Kittens are cute, kittens are fun, but the relationship REALLY starts when they grow up. Don't miss out on the best part just because they aren't as cute or playful as when they were young! (Plus, get them fixed and their shots! Kitties live longer and are happier if they're fixed!)
Marina Udovcic
Are you calling the ignorant, uncaring lying cat-abandoning SOB "a rascal"?!?! Is rascal an animal? If yes, rascals could feel highly offended .....Watch your language...:)