Method Man, 2Pac, Ice Cube, Eazy E - Built For This feat Freddie Gibbs (NEW 2019) [HD]

Remix and Video Created by DJ Skandalous aka Kevin Rivera />► />► />► />► /> Original by J.Clyde ✪ DJ SKANDALOUS MUSIC FAM ✪ DJ Skandalous™ ► /> 2Pac Music™ ► /> Eminem Music™ ► /> Hip-Hop Music™ ► /> Ms. Makaveli Music™ ► /> T-Bizzy Music™ ► /> Check Out for tons of great news and info on 2Pac!. It is a great open 2Pac Legacy Board to learn about his music and legacy. There is a Forum tab for our community! I will be there engaging with fans, as well as providing all of my mixtapes for the fans! The 2Pac Legacy Board Facebook is ► /> If you wish to help support my YouTube channel or my 2Pac website, any donation would be appreciated! /> #2Pac #BuiltForThis #DJSkandalous #MethodMan #Wutang #Wutangclan #wutangklan #IceCube #EazyE #NWA #2PacRemix #Remix #Oldschool #OldschoolHipHop #OldschoolRap

DJ Skandalous
🍾 100 MILLION! BOTTLES ON ME 🍾 For appreciation, I just uploaded a all new Ice Cube, Snoop and 2Pac Westcoast banger that samples Grand Theft Auto San Andreas!
Brian Clark
The new kids today trying to rap can't, and never will, reach the heights of these legends!
One Dinero
If Easy only stop raw dogging hoes... If Pac only didn't take that ride with Suge... If Biggie only stayed out of Cali... If Pun only went on Jenny Craig... If Big L only stayed in his mama's house...
If a remix can get 100m views imagine what happened if they actually did a collab
The God Star
Chama nessa porra! 🔥
Leader of Turk's
1:18 2Pac 👊
Ümit Nail Aytek
2019 ?
humaizah safri
Just a few second can kill mumble era.
Tristan Epic
Who still listening in 2019 and still will in 2049
Chogiam Veles
Спасибо за перевод!!! Бро🇷🇺
Mohit Raj Singh
Nice beat bro make another one please and let the world know about oldschool
Rhymes in Truth
Can't stop playing this firesome remix 👏👏🔥🔥🔥
Rifat Yilmaz
Echale Mojo Remix
Very proud of this success, really good for the creators of remixes, congratulations bro
Sr. Sin Filtro
La parte de 2pac es un maldito viaje, era una bestia!
Daddy G
The first guy goes hard af bruh
Rob Heideman
OldSkool. 🔫🔫🔫
Psycho Killah
without doubt the best hip hop remix of all time right here!
Bartholomew C
Kurwa coś pięknego.
ei bro gang
Lil Pump
Где можно скачать ???
The NewGeneration
This is best remix i have heared in years!!
Wow... this is a masterpiece..
You gotta love these remixes because they give a second life to dead rap legends!
Melker Linder Gustafsson
here be4 100 mil damn this song is golden
I've probably watched this a good 500,000 times 😂 fucking great Remix
jadon joseph
If 2pac and eazy e were still alive 90% of new school rappers would work in McDonald's lol
kefa četka
Deserved 100 millions 😜
Владимир Пантеленчук
При курить косяк в кресле включить эту песню и послать этот день нахуй !!
Michael Chele
I'm glad I was before the million views
Ten bit będzie bujał do końca życia!
Hapy new year everyone! Still bumpin this in January 2019, who's with me?
Leon J
The most deserved 100M on YouTube ever ❤🔥🔥🔥
silenzio sccc
Top siete i re ....
Tupac forever :) :(
Wendrson Lima
2pac o melhor 👌 Alguém Brasil ? 🇧🇷 Deixa o like !!!!👍
Vasso Haralambous
If you dont bump your head listening to this, you need a new neck.
Tomas Makos
Omg 😱 nice song
Taha Yazici
Slim Shady95
Man I hope these little kids now a days get into real rap because some of us that are old might not even make it that long even though I'm young to but not to young
Carlos Mercado
Legends never die 👌💯
hamudycartier beats
This beat made kids with my ears🔥
buen trabajo bendiciones,,
Metiche Papá
El mundo es muy grande, muy grande.
Ljiljana Carić
100 milions congrats, well deserved, this is win for all of us who loves real old school rap, good job man and thank you! 🎉🎉🎉🍻🍻🍻
Jose luis Vazquez
2pac ja ja el mejor
Intelligent Investor
December 2018 anybody ?
Was here before 100 milions. lol
ThorOdin Phylicks
Métricas del Method ❤️❤️❤️
Alex Gutierrez
Esta en spotify?
Devolt Music
*where is Notorious B.I.G?*
Uchiha Obito
if 2pac and eazy-e were still alive 90% of new school rappers would work in mcdonald's
Ice cube is the best ♡ .
Armando Argeñal
This is Real Gansters Rap!! 👌🏽👍
This is a hell of a mix nice one man 🔥🔥
Pedro Gomes
Go go go for 100.000.000 playyyy man
hardware e redes
Paweł Fokus
We're flying 200 million ✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈ I congratulate 100 million 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 You‘re the best
ThatNutt !
100 million soon🔥
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1 bill soon :D
Intelligent Investor
Anyone still watching in November 2018?
~ s8n ~
100 milly soon been here since 123k
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100 M!O incoming RIP 2pac
King Joe
I actually shit myself when I saw this remix get 100 million views... congrats to DJ skandalous on this legendary remix🔥🔥🔥
Swatanter Gupta
anyone listening in 2018 ?
Pedro Daniel
100 million is real porra
Bli Bo
📂 documents ¬ 📂 music ¬ 📂 tupac ¬ 📂 bad songs ¬ ⚠️ this folder is empty
name of eazy e original song??
Anthony Sammut
One of kind remix @DJSkandalous - Deserved! Always wanted to do one like this :) - the part of 2pac is the definition of the title, so good! what a legend, nice! :)
Chris Lee
When a remix gets more views then most active rappers today.
bisha 97
I love so much this music❤❤❤
Rnata Valu
Brasil malandro
1871 anybody?
ThorOdin Phylicks
You're my idol DJ Skandalous. You gave me so much happiness and remembers with this ❤️❤️
Жека Херсон
oldscool bichezzzz, nice boby
Bradley Roberts
This goes tooo hard! Killed it.
Spotify please!
david weil
OLD BUT GOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patryk Wilusz
Here‘s the lyrics homies👌🏼 [Verse 1: Method Man] Sort of like Malcolm at the Audubon They coming for me, time is money no Audemar See bar-for-bar, I keep it pushing no R&R No foreign broads and no promotion for foreign cars The game is ours, let’s keep it funky who said he was Like Staten Island, Italians bleed spaghetti sauce If y'all ain't shaking or stacking than y'all already lost Already cross the light, Christ I'm ready for em Plus anybody that saying no, I’m taking numbers I’m taking names, I’ll take your chain take this hunger Pain, pain, pain Can you feel the thunder and rain I don’t talk it like the rainbow I get it done and the game y’all Do me a favor, don’t ever play with my ball Never been a player-hater I just ain't playing with y'all You watching lame but look I’m taking the charge Going hard will get you two shots now I’m facing the charge [Hook x2: Freddie Gibbs] Fire up the la let’s go take a ride They might catch you by surprise if you let em slide But if you’re built for this shit then you might survive Guess I’ll see you when you wake up on the other side [Verse 2: 2Pac] Now, ever since a nigga was a seed Only thing promised to me was the penitentiary Still ballin', ridin' on these niggas ‘cause they lame In a '61 Chevy, still heavy in this game Can you feel me? Blame it on my mama, I'm a thug nigga Up before the sun rise, quicker than the drug dealers Tell me if it's on, nigga, then we first to bomb, bust On these bitch-made niggas, hit 'em up Westside! Ain't nobody loved me as a broke nigga Finger on the trigger, Lord forgive me if I smoke niggas I love my females strapped, then fuck her from the back I get my currency in stacks, California is where I'm at Ridin', passed by while these niggas wondered why I got shot but didn't die, let 'em see who's next to try Did I cry? Hell nah, nigga, tears shed For all my homies in the pen, many peers dead; a nigga still ballin' [Hook x2: Freddie Gibbs] Fire up the la let’s go take a ride They might catch you by surprise if you let em slide But if you’re built for this shit then you might survive Guess I’ll see you when you wake up on the other side [Verse 3: Ice Cube] The world is mine nigga get back Don't mess with my stack the gauge is racked About to drop the bomb I'm the Westcoast don Big fish in a small pond Now the feds trying to throw they book at the crook But I shook they worm and they hook Guppies hold they breath. They want to miss me when I'm tipsy Running everything westside of the Mississippi Its the unseen, pulling strings with my pinky ring We got your woman, pucker up 'fore we fuck her up Bow down before I make a phone call Got 25 niggas running up on y'all For the cheese we want them keys Everybody freeze on your knees, butt naked please Before any of you guppies get heart Nigga rewind my part fool [Hook x2: Freddie Gibbs] Fire up the la let’s go take a ride They might catch you by surprise if you let em slide But if you’re built for this shit then you might survive Guess I’ll see you when you wake up on the other side [Verse 4: 2Pac] Now everybody wanna see us dead Two murdered on the front page Shot to death, bullets to the head Niggas holla out my name and it's similar to rape Motherfuckers know I'm comin', so they runnin' to they graves Watch! Swoop down with my nigga from the Pound ‘Cause Currupt don't give a fuck Where you coward niggas now? Blast, keep pumpin', ain't worried about nothin' Busters thought we was frontin' So reload and keep dumpin'; still ballin' [Verse 5: Eazy-E] Seven-thousand, four hundred, twenty three grains Of sand drop from the hourglass It's how much time I got left on this planet Some motherfucker's gotta die! I'm an evil motherfucker ready to tear shit up I'm gonna put these things on you, and never let up See, my momma...she was wrong when I was born That a nigga like E should'a never been born Too late, big mistake in '72 It's '92, now the year of code blue 15 hours..11 minutes..30 seconds I'm a motherfuckin' wreck Gonna pay back niggas who did me wrong in the past My days ain't long I'm comin' strong and fast Lock up 8 niggs..kill up 10 pigs Innocent and fuckers are also dyin, too Now what else can I do? Fuck, fuck, fuck and plant my seeds Leavin' kids in this world like me The lunatic psycho mutherfucka Eazy-E [Hook x2: Freddie Gibbs] Fire up the la let’s go take a ride They might catch you by surprise if you let em slide But if you’re built for this shit then you might survive Guess I’ll see you when you wake up on the other side
Gisele Orellana
the best❤️
Kreygasm best song ever made !!
TheGuyWhoComments Duckinator
100M We did it <3
Jj Sanchez
All the legends
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who here before 💯 mill?
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The beat killed it!!! Badass
Timurs YT
Κωσταντίνος Κατερίνη
No 2017-18-19.. just everyday!
Old School ...guys.
Jhonny Blaze
Beat y Lirica ,, Brutal!!!
Sergio Gonzalez
West Side
What song is in the verse of 2pac?
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I touched my blunt to a speaker and this song lit it for me.......
hoke atme
Biggie is Missing
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This song is avaliable on Spotify?
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Proidet 1.6 Ears budet 1 000 000 000 !!!!!!!!!!
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January 2019 Anybody?
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