UNLOCKING EVERYTHING!! (Friday the 13th Game)

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The blue tailed Skink
200 likes and I buy Friday the 13
element guy
Jason is 6'5"
Brandon Coronado
I love Friday the 13😁
gamer life Aydin
You’re very good at being Jason
J Best23
Just found ur channel but like the gameplay
TheMasterChief d
Wonders Of Chill
Also can u do a GTA 5 Zomblke Apocalypse plz!!!
Brandon Coronado
Can you play the evil within 2
Caleb Chris
Ermm I mean the 13th
Bailey Jordan
Pls don't let this boy drown in the scary darkness of the comments help him swim 1 like equals 1 floaty
Typical Dabs
Jovaughn Rumph
Jason was a little kid when he died, and the years of living their, about 30 or 40 years he grew to be thet big
How did you get savini Jason?
Victor Ighade
Play Gta online races it's been 2 long! TEAM TG!!!! ❤❤❤
Christopher Plays
# Team jason killaz Typical gamers team
Selena Simmons
Samara redway you look cute in the game
Brandon Coronado
You rock typical gamer😎
See if you can keep track of how many times Samara says "No!", "You're mean!", and "Stop!" Someone needs a thesaurus.
42:13 Jason Gameplay All Of You Can Thank Me Later By Replying Or Liking This Comment
Tanasia Humphrey
Hey typical gamer I am a famous YouTuber ever and Samara Redway
Tony Trejo
It's Saturday and no zombie mod? 🤦‍♂️ smh Rockstar probably told him not to do mods any more 😂 😂
David Hitchings
I hope your Jason TG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PledgedLeader91 !
TG,you should play Cities Skylines
Pay day2 Boss
You are awesome 😎 love your videos keep up the good work
Tanasia Humphrey
Love your videos and I love Friday the 13th
Riley Stark
🤣😂🤣😂😂u r the best
Fastest Man Alive RF
TG as soon as you find Samara when you're Jason kill as fast as possible.
Rick Crespo
I am way behind. Have watched all of these. TG is awesome!
Indi Hitt
If you have a favorite user name reply. My favorite of my usernames is Skogcat
Fadi Kantar
Live stream battlegrounds with Roman Atwood
I have how TG has the opportunity to kill Samara but dosent it makes me so mad
Dylan XD lallbeeharry
PLZ play more
Kale Huerta
Hope you get Jason
Jay The gamer
Tg my first vid I watched was the gta 5 mods
Big Baby
TG when are you doing zombie apocalypse
1 l1k3 turtl3s 4nd Sh4rkz
I think there should be a Kool-aid Man DLC for Jason. (Because he's always bursting through doors and walls)
Juan Lainez
Jason age right now is 90 years old 3:00 PM
Kamani Jackson
Jason's mom. kill everyone for mother typical gamer. OK mother (in British voice )
Kiwi Fruit
"YESSS I AM JASON!! Oh wait no I might not be wait YESSSSSS I AM JASONNNNN!!!""
Richendrick Jacobus
Zombie Apocalypse where is it
The Pro
Please play more Jason Tp and you're my favorite YouTuber you're awsome
Christy Taylor
You are one of the best YouTubers out there I love your videos ❤️😘
drippy tay23
When Jason died he was a kid and they killed him🤐
TG you are my favorite gamer second favorite youtuber please do real life mod and more ark
Deon Garner
U are the best youtuber u make my world
Jimmy Lee
Do a challenge that you need to kill everyone for ten minutes Friday the 13th
Erik Torres
32 Jason is awesome and you are my favorite YouTuber TG
i got a desk top around 2007 do you think it will run Friday the 13th the game good. :]
Halfempty Entertainment
TG try to get a legendary restful I have on and it's really good. My stam is back up in a sec.
Gamer H01
TG is the best when he is playing like Jason 👍☠️
I am your number 1 fan You are my idol
James Thomas
how do you get that jason games i love you gta 5 vidoes to
TG I really love your videos they are so cool✌🏻
David Patterson
I been watching your videos for 4 years
Dylan J. Brandenburg
i'v bin waching you for 5 years
I've been watching for 6 years A long time
Bailey Jordan
Oh Hello comment scroller nice to meet you would you like something to eat some 🍕 Or 🍟 Maybe you are thirsty☕️🍹🍷🥃 oh it must be tiring scrolling through comments come into my home 🏠 Oh crap Jason is in here run
Niiye Kashuupulwa
Champs kil to jason voorhees the kli cops kil Jason Vorhees
Dear Kami
Will gameshare this game and more for 2k16 legend acc and/or gta 5 modded acc for Xbox one
Earnest Squrie
i love when you play Jason and Friday the 13th.
Joshua Root
TG your Tully good at Friday the 13th the game
Adrian Parada
do you play Jason still and my on line name is BLIMEBOII my wrill name is Azael your the best I'm ten years old I bin wachting you for 2 years
Khalid Ali
do you now who is the best person look at the second word your welcome
Kirk Ashmore
I love your vids so much ceep YouTubeing longtimefan
Nathan Haman
By mum won,t let me play but I'm a land but I love your vidsssssssssssssssssss And love your slender hungering boiiii
Dr.Edward Richtofen
Dawg 1957 Flanigan
Do a lot more Friday the 13th videos they are my favorite
CNL Siffia Tomb
Do 10 hour stream biggest fan
Bailey Jordan
TypicalGamer you and samara are he best youtubers keep up the great work like if you agree
Elizabeth Nave
Play more friday the 13th
DDV Dani's Daily Vids
I love your Jason game plays keep up the good work
Love it . I really want more Friday the 13th the game
Chris Cruz
You have to watch ark
Blake Hill
more Friday the 13tg 13tg by by ha
Juanita Blackstone
when do you stream
b d
18:10 aco taco is a legit place with amazing tacos.
Mason Herrington
I'm ready for some more ark
Its original Lukas here
PLEASE ARK ARK ARK ARK!!!!!! I love you your vids ans samara soooooooo much.😁😁😀☺😊😆
Moises Aviles
Ive seen you played with roman and he won in battlegrounds
Nathan Benett
kick jason in the balls then u should be free
Moffing Offing
what time are you streaming ark
kevin datrindade
like if typical and samara are the best tubers to u :P
Rylan Everhart
Broke your back once time to do it again
Eric Mackinney II
When you play this you should be called tipcal Jason
Lydia Wanyera
thanks for making videos
Don't Subscribe
your videos are so good I got the game my self.
Te'kaylah Wilkinson
Adam Michael
I love you tg, I have been watching for 4 years !!!!
Deekon Hickey
I love watching you and samara use are my idols
Mr Neddy Bear
Tg you are the first YouTuber I have watched and I honestly don't think I will find a better one
randy klyne
Man your one-off the best YouTuber ever tg
gumbo the imaginary
I just spent all day and pulled an all nighter watching your old ark vids
Harvey Napier
Jason is 6"8ft bears estimate 7ft to 9ft
plz stream battlegrounds again
Mike Shears
wow your guys were so lucky finding those things at the start to escape. but he left <_>