TRY NOT TO CRY: Soldiers Coming Home Surprise || Heart Touching!!

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Ryan Britt
4:00 min mark in video the most annoying stupid laugh ive ever heard. Hahah hahaha haha haha haha hahah hahaha hahaha
Brooklyn BTM
4:05 her laugh is annoying as hell
Dave Bentley
Damn, the girl holding the camera (kitchen shot) has such a phony laugh. It takes away from the festivities.
Linda Beckering
I also have another one where we surprised his grandpa and grandma and they hadn’t seen him since he graduated Basic. I’m uploading it now
Linda Beckering
Awwww our son.. I miss him! We are the 3rd video on this one! Thanks for sharing our special time
Dave Bentley
I enjoyed the reunion between the soldier and her grandpa. Very real and touching!
Frank Otterpohl
6:51 i can not holding back. The voice oft her grandpa is broken. So nice .
OMG the 4th scene, shes a cameraman and her laugh is so annoying.
Burt Mackinac
failed on the first one i wish that my brothers in the marines i knew though boot camp died in afganistain i wish they were here
Tequila MokkingByrd
3:50 is by far 1 of thee best Father Reactions I ever seen love it to all apart of the videos thank you for your service Hats Off To You All
Dave Bentley
I absolutely hate these one-third screen videos.
Jerry Nunya
Damn it I said stop cutting them onions! 😭
Felicia Clayton
The grandpa tho 😭😭 I'm not crying your crying
Marcel M.
3:54 this laugh :D @all soldiers: Thanks for your Service!
Louise Cahir
Aw sweet hearts militray couple hearts 💕
Bobby O
The second video is he like 10feet tall ???
4:10 is my favorite. A lot of dads are not surprised I’ve noticed watching thousands of these on YouTube so it’s so very sweet when you see dads reactions.
That Mancunian
ffs grandpa you got me <3
Been watching these for awhile now, Im immune now!
ShadowStorm Productions
The 9:00 mark of vanoss's GTA video. OMG I can't believe I just happened to stumble upon this!!!
Diego Calderon
I lost, I lost, I admit it I lost.
Mike Danner
Thank you for your service.
Do Bo
well tearducts are working. and doc says i no longer have dry eyes
Scotty 490
RESPECT! Thank you all!
Julia Aguilera
I love this caine of vídeos My respet too all Military God bles you allways
Youtubefan Sweden
this was good. many new I never saw before. and I seen alot. a l o t.
Calvin Martin
when she surprised her grandpa omg i lost it lol
Bradley Edwards
God bless them all
Eric's Variety Channel
Disconcerting that the little boy answers the door with no one around!!
ohmy..the grandpa video, i just cant.....
Sneakster TV
I reeeeeally want to punch the camera holder in the first clip... Let the damn girl cry happy tears outside.
Carina Becker
in that 9 minute on the pc or what ever i hear a video of vannos OR the POV from one of his squad members. yeah thats cool i am binge watching those gta funny moments recently so thats how i knew right away. vids like these btw bring a smil on my face that is not so easy to get off.
Michelle Henderson
thanks for serving
Hans Hansen
3:36 was freakin awesome !
Justin Bryson
415 mark. They should of edited her laugh out
Emme Moran
it's so beatifull
Akshay S
that laugh at 4:01 is in chorus
Maryu Daiku
Is Good Thing Return to our Home my friends. The Family is Important. The Home is Important. Is a Pity that the War Continue. Is really a Pity. The Sons (and the Fathers) are away from Home (and sometimes not Return). Thanks and Happy Holidays for All.
Plasmic God
My dude watching vanossgaming
William Johnson
Make it stop😬
Bad language kinda ruin's the beauty of the event.
Song in outro?
mar doniego jr
thanks 4 the soldiers and camera man too...
The opening the fridge to surprise his dad.. That really got to me..😢 And sounds like his dad was watching an emotional movie. The timing felt right..😢😢
jerzeyDevil jerzeyDevil
3:53 hand gun please
car lover 1203
I lost I cried
hooooo that s so cooll love from france ;)
Trevor Morgan
too much! lol
ОРИ Ведерчи
3:40 это было смешно и оригинально)))
Prabin kumar Thapa
Grandpaaas are always sweet
Bhupendra oli
I respect soldier
Itz Classified
3:36 he is freaken out
Lawma Lawma
I'm cry
Who put onions here!
Cassie Biggs
my dad was in the army his name was chris did you know him
Freedom Fighter
3:18 his beret is all messed up
Sele Ali
Teenuh Leigh
My kids are the last ones on here :)
david wagner
My mother would wait patiently at baggage claim when I came home on leave.
chasing money
Over the years I've become less and less moved by these videos, the more shit we go through the more emotionless we become
Todu Comentario Que Voce Le Eu Estarei La
A جف حق حل حل حلم حي خس ي
Bek Whiteaker
Raegan gray
4:10 her laugh gets so annoying
بخاری باشا
love and respect from pakistan..... but i want to share one thing..... pakistan when soldiers come back to home they dont wear uniforms.... they dont show off to everyone that they soldiers.....they come as simple and common person..... i noticed that in many countries soldiers are wearing uniform when they get to go home....why....??? is that get attention or respect from common people???? or show that we are soldiers we are your heros....???? no doubt they are heros who fight for thier nation ...... but show off....??? why????
Heribert Schieg
Scheiß viel Werbung
_xXSnip3Xx_YT 88
Die lache bei min 4:49. Bitte geh dich vergraben alter ist dss schrecklich
Vaping Trucker
Some foul mouthed people in this video. Wow... such a degradation of our culture.