Heroes 3 - Horn of the Abyss (Pictures)

Horn of the abyss is another Heroes 3 mod. You will need to have Heroes of might and magic the heroes shadow of death installed to be able to play . Currently the progress look rather slow, but they are still working on it! so fear not :D

And when will the english version be released?
Lý Tuyết Nhi
download link : heroes3hota . com/HotA_setup.exe
Lý Tuyết Nhi
download link : heroes3hota . com/HoTa_setup.exe
Fuat Can Ozturk
@fcozturk heroes3hota . com is the correct link
Fuat Can Ozturk
homm3hota . com they just released the russian version of it. cave town has just been released
The best game ever!
never see this game because heroes 6 :((
Gold Arrow
Now you do not have such games :(:(
(below comments) From the ocmments you must realise that people who come to YouTubeo nly do so to whine and know nothing about game/mod development, its like the fucking immature/child minded people for BLack Mesa(HL2 Mod), and other game mods, youtube only serve as a place to whine, go ask the developers about development if you really is so pathetic to listen like anyone here knew anything the slightlyst.
From the comments before me I guess we're not going to play it anytime soon right? Such a pity, it looks great and similar to the aestethic from the original Heroes III
heroes 3 and horn on the abby is a myth... i cant find it to download or buougth. if someone could give me a download link or link to store please send it to me
"Currently the progress look rather slow, but they are still working on it! so fear not" 2 years later still NO NEWS, not even like "we're still working on it" update or somthin :(... guess we'll only have WOG then, oh well :(...
louis vali
please i whant too play hota i buy this game i suereplz plz plz man finish the game
@razvanbatusay damn, seriously? Everything looked so promising too...what a waste. I was looking furiously for it too lol, but i came up with nothing just the last WoG update.
@AtribecalledQ I think that they still do, i found some intresting things there but the sad part was that wog 3.59 won't apear anymore its abandoned, t the new wog was suposed to includ hota and many more things but its gone:((
@razvanbatusay I am also wondering this, are they still working on this project?
i don't see any link in the description how can i get this ?
lol wtf is this?
Savage Source
Hello, write me a message if you have a webpage and tell me where is that place where you going to download!
where can i download the game please tell
Oh my god the music is so great... so many memories.. This is one of the greatest games made! I used to play it all the time when I was like 9-10 :D
Murder One
i have played heroes for ages, still the best
The BEST game ever!!!! Cant wait for this mod!!!!!!! Heroes RULEZZZZZZ!
No you don't need WOG to play HOTA. Although I'm hoping they're making it WOG-compatible.
in order to play horn of the abyss do you have to WoG first? please message me with answer thanks
In order to play Horn of the abyss do you have to have Wrath of the gods?
Anton Palmborg
I didn't buy memberiship... duuuh... But if ou are a nice and caring person you could send me a link to a side where i ca ndowlaod it for free :)
Anton Palmborg
but it costs to be a member of the site where you download it from right? I tried to download WoG but the site costs...
where can i download wog? and when commes this "horn of the abyss" ? Its fantastic, its like gagulajson said: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa
It wiil be free xD
HoMM 3 is the god of Heroes games!
i just love heroes 3, best game EVER!!!
This mod will be released between april and may D:
Most of the new monsters are the same as the regular ones but with a different model and fighting style. Nothing wrong with that much with a much more creativity, this mod would of been perfect. Btw where can I find this mod? I found few but they're all from Russian website and finding the download is a pain.
Heroes 3 forever!!!!!!!! That game is just EPIC!
Bobby The Assflame Nell
look at 1:10 the portal and cavalier dwelling are built,but the barracks and griphon dwelling aren't built.I wouldn't like the old building rules to be modified,it would unbalance the game
Daniel Stensen
I think this is the best game ever made:)<3 looking forward to these exp. Norway:P
Is this an expansion for heroes 3? and I'm trying to download the game does any one know where can I get it?
I`ve heard something about december`08 for the first patch, Easter`09 for the second and autumn`09... Sounds reasonable =)
Awesome ...
Hey, it`s just a few months till then ^_^ ...
looks smexy
my friend is an expansion for wog.a mode of heroes 3 that was made by some rusian guys.and they did great job.i am a big fun of heroes 3.does anyone know when they going to complete this version?