Onyx - Shut 'Em Down ft. DMX

Music video by Onyx performing Shut 'Em Down. (C) 1998 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Onyx Def Jam\/RAL Hip Hop

Mister Sinatra
only 3M views!? people don't know shit bout Hardcore....
jay love
90's hip hop the best 🎤🎧🎵
ElPatron036 The GoAnimator
GTA Liberty City Stories
Leon Jones
Onyx and DMX on the same track lol no thanks I don't want to catch a charge lol
Alastor Creoman
Столько лет прошло, а до сих пор прет эта тема! Это не нынешнее модное говно!
Onyx were always angry for no damn reason lol
Passport Kings
Stick is the most underrated rapper of all time.
Pretty Ricky
When DMX was DMX
Franklin Bern
holy shit.....actual skill. What ever happened to it?
La'Juan Sanders
if Young Thug or Fetty Wap was walking the streets of New York in 1998.
Hardcore Hip hop at its finest.
лютейший трек
Lawrence Amol
And then DMX goes in... Still bumpin this in 2017!!!
This is fuckin awesome. Old skool hip hop for life
This has got to be the most scariest shit i have ever seen in my life. I watched this while i was high as fuck and actually felt like they was about to kill me holy shit.
Dealer Poster
This so called rap today .........SHUT THEM DOWN ....
old school at its best!
Wasn't just a video, in NY you really get your ass beat.
koolaid smooth
Onxy and DMX . they will cause damage on the stage
Lord Jamar and DJ Vlad's Son
@1:50 DMX look like the kid from the 21 vine
Haroon Ebrahim Collier
" Now that's what you call hardcore Hip Hop " ......
I remember this one I played this track all day every day. Fredro Starr to set the pace, Sticky to bring it home.
respect from czech republic ♫ 
Syborg Lord
still bang this album to this day 🔫 🔫 😲😲
sebastião dos santos silvestre
ONYX forever............
Darryan Taylor
when I saw ft. DMX I knew it was gonna hype!
Mashudu Libago
who else is listening in 2017?
PassWhitCare 7
i hate VEVO!! distroying songs!
If dmx was in onyx, the whole rap game would be destroyed
This song goes HARD!!! DMX was the man for real.
Steve Kifer
Sticky and Pun are the most underrated of all time. 
J St
1998 was the best year for rap.
Can we please stop posting clean versions like this is Much Music or some shit? I can say fuck in the comments, you're not protecting anyone. Plus pornhub's just an incognito tab away and your kids already got it open in the background.
Ептать, какая же крутая тема, если старого дядю (меня) прет через 17 лет после выхода клипа?))
Johnny Cypress
Is it me or does the beginning place look like gta 5 area around Los santos customs ? The one on the other side of town by the down the drain race kill
sticky fingaz had the best verse. dmx comes second. sonsee's verse was dope as fuck too. this song would've been sick if that first guy that was rapping was completely kept off. his verse was 100% trash, and he was wack as fuck on exactly every track he rapped on.
Реально олдскул
Loco Happonaama
Hell yeah Onyx n DMX Spittin on a same track, damn.. <3
Robert Miller
I just punched a hole in the wall and deficit ed on myself and got arested thanks 2 ONYX & DMX song and video.Shit man.
Старший брат привез три кассеты, первый альбом продиджи оникс и скутер, скутер хуитень конечно выкинул.....
Just DOPE beat!
Francesco Elia
This is Hardcore
Johnny Cash
Gangsta music > drill music
Steve Wonder
fucking clean version its totally crap
laurent tellier
hip hop at its best
Remember childhood. Probably in the USA they will be surprised, but in Russia in the 90s all the walls were written ONYX
C Betts
Killa Queens and Yonkers aka The Y.O.
A.J. Towin
this is where I say, that the 90s can Fuck wit d 80s
Sergey Teplyakov
Какой это год?)) Слушается до сих пор актуально))
2:58 cocaïne killah! i sniff gun PoWdEr! ! !
love Onyx but DMX is the East king
Seele Schneider
2:38 way too good
cooly kisser
one of the hardest songs out their Onyx With X ... cudnt here this driving around the hood roll on a niggah quick who didn't belong =]
this shit is wild I wish Onyx did more tracks with X
Бесс Бессов
respect real hip hop in America from Moldova respect 2pac, Onyx,  Nas, Mobb Deep ,Mos Def ,M.O.P, Wu-Thang, O.C , KRS-One , The Pharcyde ,Coolio ,Ice Cube ,G-Unit, Method Man, Eminem ,DMX ,LiL Kim , Notarius, Shahmen , Jay Z , D-12 , X-Zibit Dr.Dre )))) motherfackaaaaaaa ! Its my real music from a child Респект и уважуху за их музыку 
poe tic
sometimes i forget how hardcore onyx is
Санек Лермонтовский
И в конце такие по-русски:"Пиздес"😂😂😂
Onyx - pure, pure, pure expression. This band is legendary.
Iskander Games
Yeaaah... :-)
Akinakk Murderer
я полностью впрягаюсь за этих ниггеров что бы они там не говорили если Они сказали это значит и мне не западло
ONYX... DMX!!!!!!!.... Shit gonna crazy.
Ron Geo Johns
One of the illest videos ever it about sums up exactly how the lyrics are HARD!
О мой Господин
LittleLamp Productions
HardCore Rap Right Here.
Игорь Афанасенко
колокол при читке DMX ваще огорчил! Сраный колокол!
Игорь Афанасенко
а ясно, это зацензуренное видео. но некоторые вставки заебись. Вот бы с ними и без заглушивания читки - ништяк. А так... Оригинал без ценз. больше прёт!
София Стреляева
Don Kichot
Dopa Trucka
Damn DMX bodied everyone else's verse
Germans Grabovskijs
2016 is go !!
alex Ramos
Walter Williams
It's been fun y'all, I'm bout to Shut it down. Goodnight G+ friends and followers as always be blessed stay positive and #NeverGiveUp
ThePoor Greek
Who is the producer ! AMAZING BEAT ! perfect for freestyle when $T0n3D
dj don bentley
yea, the hard bass lines, way it should be , no bubblegum crap ,yes
yardley moise
dmx save onyx career. they never made a hit afterwards
fap fapovich
Onyx - ван лав; Элджей, T-fest, feduk, скриптонит, Yanix и т.д. - сосите хуй
cherif soufiane
Too damn dope 🔥💯
miles Howard
Dam i miss the old DMX, he was sick!!!
Night Elektron
Masterpiece . Best gangsta song of all time
James Corsey
Sticky will rip ya heart out
la wea buena ctmreee
Vadim Andriichuk
не то што русское дерьмо!!!
Yannick Wylenmann
this is bad fu*k you vevo
Баур Джонс
 бля пиздец как качает этот gangsta nigguz RAP!!!!
Larry Tyler
OMG!!! This song just made me get up and do 50 push-ups...I feel like stompin out right now...lol
luka jack
GTA Liberty city stories brought me here XD ahhh those were the days { I miss listening to the radio those were the days } PS2
Laqua Tucker
Dmx will always hold it down.
manolis zoupa
great song
Arron Hendry
Before all the jewels money and other sissy shit onyx is real
айдар Макажанов
Трубы, Хоккейки.... ONYX, west side, движения на районе..... Эххххх детство.......
Bryan Lenesca
Miss all the old school MC's of the late 80's and 90's
silas adam
Best rap ever
Adam Block
Lol so much hate on Eminem..why? Because he has been the best for the past decade and a half? He didn't choose to be that way either. People made him that way Lol. People actually BUY his albums still for a reason. Not just bullshit downloading tracks. Yep he sucks everyone on here's right. He's not gangster rap if that's what you're looking for but great lyricisim just like these guys
134 dislikes 134 got shut down
Yoan Todorov
Published exactly on my bday. <3
Julieta Sepulveda
gabriel costa