I Almost Died of Heat Stroke

Man has it been hot these past few days. I seriously almost passed out from heat stroke and probably sweat at least 10 pounds. Hope you guys enjoy! SUBSCRIBE- /> Draper's channel- /> Mailing Address- 20 Dartmouth Rd, Storrs, Ct, 062628, Apt 20d. (address is only for mailing items) Follow me on social media- Twitter- Instagram- Facebook -

Jesse Ponce
I had heat stroke this summer due to the humidity and heat! I can't handle the heat any more. Stay hydrated my man!
Tim Davenport
I've had two heat strokes. They terrible man.
Cole Darman
I FROTH when it is hot outside 😄😄
4 ever
I jump in the pool really fast and drink from a water bottle that I took out of my freezer and throw into the pool. The ice water bottle helps the water to cool down for me too. I can NOT take too much heat anymore. I sweat in a matter of seconds and feel drained. I LOVE BASS...
Knock-out King_17
When it's a hot day I stay in the ac!!!
That TallDude-_-
5:53 - 6:00 Funniest part 😂
JTM 25w
50th try cory now?
Hey I love your vids
When it's hot out I cool it off with my soul.
Austin heft
you need new rockers man
Michael Lopez
That's nothing, try walking down the street in Phoenix during the summer and you'll get the same results.
Tyler reynolds
Flavored ice sticks?
Spencer McNolty
Good vid Cody. Keep up the good BMX videos♥♥
8:34 thank me later
Josh Smith
Hella dope
LaDonya McKay
first view
Victoria Scott
get I've cream
Sebastian Leon
FaZe Rain's Cat
Hahaha flavoured ice sticks
William Bannister
I didn''t really take you as a fisherman lol you caught the small bass on a spinnerbait ahah
Aaron Chauhan
whats the song at the end
Ride High BMX
gross lol its hot in miami too
Beanie God
damn cody! that's a lot of sweat! what was the temperature?
Cam_ Wad
hey Cody ive been watching your videos for awhile now and just wanted to say youre on your way to being a great youtuber. i do not ride bmx or have any desire to but you keep me interested because you are exactly like me and my friends. keep up the good work, love from Texas
JR norton
Owen Giles
First comment, hi cody
John Olsson
come to the south east Georgia it's killer
youre thinking of otter pops, the "ice sticks"
Anybody know the outro song?
Are you riding a z coaster?
Gaming Sniper
it is forty degrees
Santiago Ponce
Boi you wearing jeans!
A gallon jug with ice and water. I work in construction it does the trick. 90 minutes of riding is a long time without water. I could never do that.
Ella Caplin
I know how you feel I just had a heat stroke today and I passed out twice and the second time there was this lady that caught me before I fell and hit my head really hard
Rachel Scroggins
When is it gets hot you need to drink a lot of water so you won't have a heat stroke and stay in side where it cold
Tyti’s Adventure
Talk about Dallas, it’s so hot!
Stacey B
I go to my bed and watch youtube
Darrell Raines
Go inside
NyanDragonWolf SD
Flavored ice sticks..... r u talking about icecream dipped in chocolate?
Inda Secl
One eyed pirate
Eric Jones
all that sweat from your body pretty disgusted
Water is your friend
Brody W
2:03 is so cringy
JR norton
Fishing videos please
JR norton
More fishing please
do a bike check
JR norton
Make more fishing vids
JR norton
Make more fishing videos