2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 4Matic brief review

Brief review of this beautiful 2016 Mercedes-Benz S550 4Matic. Filmed on Galaxy S7 edge at 1080p 60fps.

Absolutely beautiful car!
Robbie Effron
245/40 on the front and 275/40 on the front? Lol
very nice review. done very professionally. really enjoyed it. thank you !
Moeen Imtiaz
One day...
Deonta M
245/40's on the front and 275/40's on the front?
Ash Ibrahim
Did you forget it has keyless go entry system?
Knowledge is power tv
how's the audio
Derek Tan
Mi Band? seriously
Romit Patel
OMG I have those DNA exact shoes!!
thanks for this review!
Sameer Hussain
Merdeces is my favorite 2016
Y Kevin
Hey guys GUYS
there is a long version of the mercedes s ?
This guy made at least 5 mistakes in this video about the tires and some other couple things other then that it's a nice video
This Guy
That is what u call a original review unlike all the other copycats out there! Well done!
Robert Cleckley
I much prefer the look of the w221 550s
лучший из мерседесов самый самый лучший из мерседес но RR круче
Malcom Shakur Garvey
Soon my child, soon...
Rockwood Production
is there a drive difference with rear wheel
Johnny Irvine
Dream car. Too clean
Хусейн Ганиев
Veri soon i will have this car
very beautiful wheels 😂
مهمه hn
حسن موسى الجبيلي ا
MyTop10s And DIYS
Nice 😀
Ramone Cloyd
I love this car man nice video
Liam Johnson
Hey guys guys
David Hamilton
The front air dam is different on this,  as to another 2016 S550, 4matic model featured by SuperCarTube over on the side bar. Answers anyone?....
Kerry Flynn
Great video!
مهمه hn
هذا سيارات مرسيدس انت اسود
Victim Hood
Want one.
muhammad khan
All of these so-called "reviews" are presented in an identical format. Try coming up with something new.
Ronaldo De Oliveira Pereira um show de carro
sonho de consumo
This video is the best reviews i have ever seen, great job
Jordan L
I don't call it a review if the center console isn't even went over. What's the point of reviewing a car if you don't show the center console and go over it. That's the most important part. Go over the storage compartment, open the slide/cover, show the cup holder and the USB and the ash tray, go over the arm rest and show that it can flip both ways etc.