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Binaural dummy head is back and he's had a glittery make-over! :) Hello! Tonight I have a fun video with lots of scratching, tapping, konjac sponges, face cleansing, massaging and sparkly (messy) holographic glitter ;) The sounds in this are close up and quite intense, so I hope they will trigger your tingles and I hope this video will be good for visual ASMR too :) Please feel free to let me know what you think of the dummy head mic. Thank you very much for watching, lots of love ~ ASMR Magic xoxo Basic time stamps; Start- 02:09 - Plain dummy head tapping and scratching 02:10 - 03:34 - Glitter packets crinkling around your head 03:35 - 06:35 - Applying glue and glitter all over the dummy head and making a mess :) 06:36 - 08:41 - Fishnet glove scratching around head 08:42 - 16:36 - Tapping and scratching textured glitter head 16:37 - 22:59 - Cleaning deep in your ears with fluffy ear pick and some ear picking/scraping 23:00 - 28:31 - Scratching & tapping dry konjac sponges 28:32 - 30:50 - Wet konjac sponges in water, wet sponge squishing 30:51 - 35:30 - Cleaning your ears with sponges, close up intense sounds 35:31 - 43:42 - More (wet) glove scratching and tapping/scratching on glitter head before peeling off 43:43 - 46:56 - Peeling glitter mask off of face and making sounds with the peelings :) 46:57 - 48:02 - Wiping face with sponges 48:03 - 1:00:54 - Foam soap! Some tapping & lid capping and then covering entire face with soap, lots of massaging and foamy sounds 1:00:55 - 1:03:56 - Cleansing face with sponges and drying off face and ears with soft cloth 1:03:57 - 1:05:19 - Giving Mr dummy head some googly eyes, as many of you requested it to make him look less creepy. I think they make him look MORE creepy :P 1:05:20 - End - Tapping, scratching and squishing a large vinyl sheet over your head. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /> /> Nail polish - 'Just Lanai-ing Around' and 'You Glitter be Good to Me' both by OPI -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Gentle Whispering ASMR
This is Magic ♥.♥ I got a little too excited about peeling time and it was perfection! :D You are the best and your nails are magnificent!
Dreamy ASMR
You are so talented, thank you for helping me sleep❤️and I love your nails they are fantastic💅
Thank you For your service
I listen to this every night to relax because my dad is off at war right now and I pray every night that he will come home, he has not came home yet but I’m certain he will. :) thank you for this!
Paige Nelson
3:04 😍
Nails are sooo pretty❤
When only one earbud works :(
Victoria Leticia
Alguém Brasil? 😊❤...5M,De visualização,E 400kDe inscritos😡....Poxa gente,Ajuda elass
k-trouxa ;-;
Brasil aqui po
Noodle Katz
I wonder if simplynaillogical would approve of this use of holo or not? Another question of life.
søap TM
Oh... Bad idea to hear this when you're doing homework in bed ;-; I fell asleep super fast ;;-;;
ASMR Angel
The peeling was *SO* satisfying!!
Nugget_ Banana
Adrianne Galvan
She should give that peelie to Christine so she can add it to her peelie bag
Emily Greenmoon
I wish i was Bob😍😍
S t a r d u s t
This is the strangest thing I've ever watched but I don't hate it
i can't get over how creative your video are. Even the thumbnail had me like "oh she done did it this time"lol.
Holly McConnell
Bobs highlight be poppin
Ren A
Orgasm for the brain.
Chris Brown
5,975,504 Views? Girl you struck gold with this one. Wow. I like Bob Videos but I'm jealous of Bob. Love and a Big Thumbs Up.
2018, Friday the 13th ?
2:10 - 3:34 Oh freak, that was so tingly! You should do a whole video of that tho :v
Greta McDole
45:00 how I feel when I take my makeup off:)
Gaming With Isla
scratching and tapping at the beginning is my fave!!!
Isabella Grau
Me:Clicks on videoMe:Wow this looks zzzzzzzzzzzzz!
Akami Itachi Pain Naruto Zelda
Omg this tapping so wonderfull
las locuras de Alejandra pez l
My favorit sound this is a Head pealing and gliter
Freya 101
Omg your nails are gorgeous! 😍💕💜💝 Queen 👑
Ruiz Animations
She has fabulous nails, just sayin.
Esther Tank
I can't stop watching your vidéos 😍😍
Ꭲhe Ᏼeauty Ꮺn Ꮃarriors
*skips ahead and suddenly sees eyes on the head*
Helllooo! Thank you for all of your lovely comments on this video, I'm really glad that so many of you are enjoying this one and yes, I am still finding glitter EVERYWHERE!!!! :P I am going to be away until Thursday (there will still be a new video Sunday though ;) so I may not be able to chat much 'til I'm back but I am going to try to update my Instagram more if any of you want to follow me on there :) Thank you for watching and for supporting my channel, I love ya lots <3 xoxo
Leah Hopkins
Your nails are on point! And that glitter was to satisfying and putting the glue on. The peeling was amazing, I could actually never stand in one spot for hours making noises and other triggers. I don't know how you do it, but this was amazing 😉 44:04 is when the peeling starts. ❤️
ava lane
She sat down and done this for an hour I give her respect
Selma LightMountain
Time stamps: 0:00-1:12:13. - tingles
Unicatglitz 926
The dummy head was kinda creepy but she put glitter on it. Much better!
Queen x
The dry konjac sponge sounds were AMAZING
Julia Piekarska
Do u know the wey
Eprocuber Prochowski
You are so beautiful and amazing 😉
duken juken
I remember once I snuck my phone to school I snuck my phone to the school bathroom and watched this and fell asleep my teacher came and was saying my name and asking if I was in there I didn't hear her and then a commercial came on and I jumped and was so confused I was like WTH I walked out and saw my teacher she was pissed, *anyway thanks for the best asmr vid I love you and your vids❤*
Lucas Winston
11:41 I DIED
Beep Boop
I'm about to fall asleep I can barley keep my eyes open lol
Leah’s Vlogs
“I wish I was the model”❤️❤️😩😍😕
Therese Hammer
spot the odd emoji. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😗😘 like if u saw it Edit: there is two odd emojis
Scarlet Grace Victoria
Peeling starts at 43:45
OwO What’s this?
Omg I fell asleep at 8pm with this yesterday I usually sleep at 3am XD thanks for that
Helloooo my dears! I hope you are doing well and had a nice weekend :) Many of you have been asking for longer sessions with the fabulous konjac sponges and also for more peeling and some kind of facial or tapping video with the dummy head, so I put all of these requests together and came up with this :P The world has been kinda gloomy over here lately, so I wanted to do something light hearted and fun, but also tingly (hopefully!). Please let me know what you think of the sound quality of this mic and if you’d like to see videos with it from time to time. Also, thank you for the name ideas for this mic, popular suggestions were Bob and Oscar, so which do you think it should be?! lol. Thank you for watching and I’m sending you lots of love :) <3 xoxo
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Alysa PlayzMSP
The scratching makes me think what it would be like on my back 😂🤤
ava mercer
this video is actually just amazing!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Leanax Films
I watched this over and over I couldn’t get anymore tingles cuz I love it! ☺️
ASMR Eva Black
6:36 It`s sooo nice! And perfect sounds! Thanks 🌹🌹🌹
Berryz Rblx
You are not going to believe who is the prettiest human in the world! Read the first 2 words <3
Anastasia Horton
I'm doing some jounraling for my mindfulness activity tonight, and this is the first video I've watched of yours, and oh my lawwdyyy! No better way to calm myself
Alondra Cambray
Whoa whoa whoa who called the asmr qween oh wait i did
I love that this video is at 5.5 mil views and I’m like responsible for over half of that from the AMOUNT IF TIMES IVE WATCH IT SINCE IT WAS OUT!!!😹😸💜
Remus Lupin
*Youtube beauty gurus be like* "Okay, let's add just the tiniest amount of glitter on the inner corner" then their face be lookin like 7:30
Wellbeing ASMR and relaxation
What wonderful sounds. ASMR is amazing but your nails & all the glitz makes it even more enjoyable.
Boop Kitten
Ahhhh! I’ve watched this video 1 billion times and I still love it! Thank you for the amazing sleep :)
M & M Singers
Is this why you buy so much glitter
las locuras de Alejandra pez l
Súper amazing video
I wish the feather ear pick was 360 owo
52:03, me when I figure out were the whip cream is
Eprocuber Prochowski
I love your content
Liz :D
honestly this is my second time watching, i just love it so much when i’m stressed, or studying for finals.
Jason Rawls
That head was just, well, Genius...
LPS Moonlight
The peeling got me choking,it was amazing!
Krystal Cray
I'm SOOO realized..I was haveing trouble sleeping,So I searched up ASMR and found this,This is actually the next day but it hepled me sleep until the next day! I Suggested this to a couple of my friends AND THE LOVED IT im TOTALLY subscrideong and leaving a like!!😚😚😚😚😃😃😃😃😚💚💚💚😊😊😊👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
miss mango
The most consistent ASMR channel who not only uploads 10/10 quality content every time but takes time to reply to comments. A star!!
Bailee Johnson
44:33 is where the peeling starts
Damon Warrell
You shold start a nail art channel
Ruby Tuffin
I just want her to do that to my head
25Dayna Stearns
i remember watching this like, almost when it came out!
C. Verónica
Amazing video
Zohura Anza
Dearest ASMRmagic, I'm an A levels student and right now I am under a lot of pressure. My exams are in a month. However your videos always help me to relax, sleep and study. So thank you so much. God bless you.
Your nails are gorgeous! ♡
Siena Beach
An hour of beginning to end of the life time of glittered Bob in one video, what did we do to deserve this video?
Börte Ragchaasuren
your nails are so beautyful
Her nails were sooooo pretty!
Anushka M
Whenever I play your videos in night ..I just fall asleep !! But during the daytime ..I simply stare at your nails !! ♥♥💮💮 Love from India ..💞
Adrianne Galvan
And the glitter is HOLO!!
Soph Plays
Btw I ❤️ ur nails, where did u get them done? Also I made a vid so can u check it out and tell me ur opinion on it thx x
Fried Ribs
43:59 is where peeling starts!
Honeybee Dragon
No mannequin heads got hurt in the making of this video
Random Bunny
this is the best vid I've seen so far! It made me sleep very well goodnight 😀
Jadie Evans
putting the mask back on him was some of the creppiest texas chainsaw massacre shit ive ever seen and i loved it
Queen Hannah
Your nails are gorgeous btw💘💘
Amazing Video 😍
I love Geckos
That glitter is sooo nice looking I wish you put it on sooner 😂
daphne nieuwenhuijs
this gave me so many tingles and helped me feel really sleep, thank you so much!!
his head peellie popped off
Drift Legacy
And they said i had a big for head
Insane Cat
My jaw drops when I first heard this. It's amazing!! Well done
tommy& stella
*NICE video* 😍😍😘😘😋😋😋!!!
Kenisha Balentine
It looks like Mr. Dummy Head I wearing a shit ton of highlight.
Jeon Jungkook
sarangheyo!! (I Love You!)
Alex sparks
I'm becoming addicted to this channel 😍
Emily Greenmoon
Can you make a new vid about this soon i loved it so much❤❤ sorry for my late reaction😊
asmr zeitgeist
This is a sparkling ASMR masterpiece! The sound is crystal clear, the pacing is on point, the lighting and the visuals are simply stunning and OMG.. that head peeling is truly the most satisfying thing I've seen in a while! Bravo, I love it. 💕