GTA Online Ultimate Solo Money Guide Make $4,000,000 A Day Easy!

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My ultimate solo money guide. You can make over $4,000,000 a day from this guide. Sorry for the longer video but there were many steps for me to cover. You will need a nightclub with at least meth, coke, counterfeit and cargo linked to it. While that is producing buy one batch of full supplies for the bunker and grind headhunter back to back with Diamond Shopping, Sightseer and Targetted Data. There is no cooldown in between VIP jobs and client jobs if you do one it won’t affect the other. Do business battles in between and steal a top range car every 20 min. Sell the cars and keep repeating the steps it is over $500,000 per hour. Then after 2 hours 20 min sell the bunker it will sell for $210,000 with one delivery vehicle. Then sell the nightclub it is always one delivery vehicle. If you sell in a populated lobby you can multiply your earnings. Xbox AFK Reddit Thread- />Support me on Patreon: />Follow me on Twitter: />Join my Discord :

Sorry for the longer video guys there was just alot of steps for me to cover. If you enjoyed the video and found it helpful please drop a like. The steps would be Sell A car, Headhunter, Diamond Shopping, Sightseer, Business Battle, Targetted Data, Headhunter, Import Top Range Car, Sightseer or Headhunter, Sell Car. Keep repeating these steps every hour and you will get $500,000 per hour. Make sure you do buy one batch of full supplies for your bunker and have your nightclub producing Sporting Goods, South American Imports, Cargo, Pharma Research and Cash Craeation. Nightclub always sells 1 vehicle and a full batch of supplies in the bunker produces $140,000 which sells for $210,000 after 2 hours 20 min also one delivery vehicle. Any questions? Hope you guys enjoyed sorry for the longer video I just wanted to show it step by step to make it easy and how much you can make in an hour. Also xbox players who get kicked please look at the reddit thread down below you have to turn your idle settings off when you go AFK on the camera.
Matthew Stockings
Really kind and thoughtful that you didn't interfere with the level 21 in business battle, most high levels would ruin their day
Patrick, good vid but there are a few things off. 1st the business battles were being done in a lobby with a few of your friends. And they were letting you get them. The moment a random came in it messed up the system. Its not realistic and a little missleading. Second, it takes 66 hours to fill up your nightclub to the max so you cant really consider that part of a "per day" income if it takes more than two days to produce, even with the business battles. Another thing, encouraging people to leave there $400 console on all the time is not wise, i know the consoles are better and more advanced but allowing them to build up so much heat continuously shortens the lifespan. What if someones console breaksdown following your advice.... are you going o replace it? Seriously, no disrespect, these things need to be mentioned though, you do a good job but there is no reason to feel the need to make methods and guides that are unrealistic for he average player simply because they appear to make a few thousand more than any of your other methods. Once again, no disrespect, just something to consider. For all the incoming haters with your fingers on the comments, take it easy i like pro he is a good dude, we have collabed in the past and we have similar styles of gameplay and we both definitely help out as a money grinders in the community. You guys take it easy and have a good day.
Sub or Gulag
Easier method,requires only 1 friend,paleto bay facility and a seashark:Complete all of the setups,preps and act 1(if you and your friend are really hungry for money put the setups on hard,but it's usually not worth it). Complete the setups and preps for the act 2. Start up act 2:if you're the leader set your cut to 15% and your friend's to 85%. **friend** Once started act 2,call in your seashark from pegasus. Get in the avenger,put a waypoint on the mission objective and park it on the small beach around there. You'll see that because you called your seashark in,other boats will spawn too. Get in one of them and drive to the waypoint. Wait until your leader finishes the submarine part,then pick them up in your seashark. Get back to the avenger,and tell your friend to go shotgun(passenger seat,not in the back of the avenger). Now deactivate vtol and fly all the way to the hangar. Activate vtol. Now it's the most important part: stop the avenger in the hangar. **leader** Once a green flash appears on the screen,exit the game. **friend** if this was successful,the cutscene will play and your leader will show up in it,but in the part where it says the rankings(like gold platinum etc.) only you will appear. If you've done this exactly how I said,the avenger would have probably taken less than 5% dmg so you will get a payment of around 1.1million $. Once in free mode tell your leader to enter gta back,and this time you start the heist as the leader and you do this exactly the same. A few notes:DO NOT abuse this,if you're exiting too many jobs you will get bad sport points and will probably get placed in a bad sport lobby. Do this maximum 4 times a day. DO NOT use the money gotten to buy useless super cars/griefer tools. In the time you wait to lose your bad sport points you want to have something to do,so buy I/E warehouse,bunker,nightclub etc. If you're buying supers you're wasting your money and if you're buying griefer tools you're just an asshole Using this method you and your friend will be getting 4 million/2 hours,compared to any money making method that takes more than 6 hrs to get you the same amount of money. dO nOT gLiTCh: I don't like to consider this glitching,as it could randomly happen during a power cut compared to car duplication that in no way could be pulled off randomly. If you've taken your time to read all of this,thank you,this essay here took me like half an hour to write,also sorry for some grammar mistakes but it's close to midnight here in my country. If you've got any question please ask it.
Professional, I danced in your nightclub while you were afk if you don't mind. It was hella lit and best $100 GTA bucks I ever spent.
Castor Allumé
Sell Car (every 48 Min) Business Battle (every 15 min) HeadHunter (Vip Work) Diamond Shopping (Client Job Terrobyte) Sightseer (Vip Work) HeadHunter (Vip Work) Targeted Data (Client Job Terrobyte) HeadHunter (Vip Work) Vehicule Cargo (Terrobyte) HeadHunter (Vip Work) Sell Top Range Car Diamond Shopping (Client Job Terrobyte) HeadHunter (Vip Work) Targeted Data (Client Job Terrobyte) Vehicule Cargo (Terrobyte) Sightseer (Vip work) ------------------------------ Sell Weapons (Bunker) Nightclub Money Sell Nightclub product
Who else plays solo only😢
The_ Joker
No need for a small session Change your MTU to 805 Bada bing solo.
Havok 1
Never clicked on a video so fast
Steve Padilla
I love your guides but I have a horrible work ethic when it comes to grinding lmao I make like 300k to 400k a day but beyond that I just get burnt out and stop playing
Is it just me or did the oppressor mk 2 just make griefers 10 times worse and it makes there killing very easy Edit:And I was selling a full medium warehouse and as soon as I left my warehouse 2 oppressor mk 2’s destroyed my cargo
The unofficial god of GTA
donovin miller
You never cease to amaze me. You make every video with care and make such great content that helps the community. Keep up the great work
I would also like to mention that you should mention in these videos: all businesses you are buying stock for need to be fully upgraded in order for buying supplies to be as effective in this video
Nah, too complicated. > Source 3 Crates > Headhunter > Source Top Range Car > Sell 550-575k per hour. You can repeat the above method 3x per hour. Let all businesses run besides Doc Forge.
Wijk Wijk
You don't need the terrorbyte's drone when you do the diamond mission. You can just go there without the terrorbyte if you know where it is (if you don't know where you'll learn when you are doing the mission over and over again) and you'll complete the mission faster. And remember that time is money.
Læzy Cüñt
I left my Xbox on for 9 days once. My cat likes to hit the power button at night, so I decided to leave it instead of turning it off.
Fred Zom
Lol poor PlayStation. It was probably as hot as lava.
Ghostkiller 93
Lol look at all those idiots saying first
Sultan Enterprises
Finally you actually make a SOLO guide. All the other ones you tittles solo but you had people help you.
Pro, If you don't know.. between the time period of 22:00 - 4:00 in game, Customized Sentinel XSs' will spawn down the street from Eclipse Penthouse in front of the liquor store. These cars sell anywhere from 15-17k depending on which one spawns.. there are blue ones and yellow ones. You can try to adjust your rotation to when the 48 minutes is up you can grab a sentinel and sell it.
Going AFK: retire as CEO, go to apartment, activate Titan contact mission (make sure you’re alone), sit down, watch TV (close up) and go to sleep or go to work.
Fox Gamer
I don't see how this is supposed to be helpful if the majority of your audience ( correct me if i'm wrong ) only has a CEO office, and nothing else but a few free cars from the guest list to show for progress. And the VIP missions barely pay out enough to buy a hanger or a business to make passive or active income. Either they remove the timer for VIP missions, or they double the payout entirely, but either way, it'll definitely help the poor grinders like myself out there. I am not about to waste *HOURS* of my time waiting on a timer to end on sightseer or headhunter only for a 21.000 $ payout. Edit: I know the timer isn't that long, but I still hate how it has to be necessary in Rock Star's eyes.
Max Frags
Thank you pro for this new guide I will be trying this
Tip between 23:00 and 4:00 if you go the the street where tequi la la is customized sentinels spawn and you can sell it for 17k each
Georgi1879 Pmsa HVLL CASH
Pro I was an act 2 glitcher know I deleted my character and started legit
How is this possible 😳 I though import export was the best and that’s like 350k an hour
THX 1138
I got a tip for selling cars at the Pay 'n' Spray. I notice sometimes good car just won't spawn and nothing's worse than wasting time looking for a car then being force sell a worthless one. To solve this I fill up one of the floors at the Vinewood Nightclub nightclub with cars that I'll later sell. Currently I have 10 Ballers in stock which sell for 9k each. I grabbed all of them in under 5 minutes from in front of my club. As soon as I drive one in I exit the garage and they'll usually be another right near where I grabbed the first. Then when the 48 minute cool down is up if I can't quickly find a car to sell I have my mechanic deliver a car from the club to sell. The really great thing about this method aside from never getting skunked on finding a good car, is that I can sell good car at any Pay 'n' Spray in the game. So when the 48 minutes are up if I'm in desert or something I don't have to wait or travel back to the city to sell a car I can just spawn one in and sell it at the nearest Pay 'n' Spray.
Henry Wieser
Thanks for this guide, you've been making very quality videos.
Frank Jepsen
Gonna wanna
Jordan 1834
Bro why are you beating a dead horse? I would say at least 85% of people who play gta do money glitches. No one has the time to grind 24 hours just to make 4million when you can sell 2 delxos almost for 5 million in less that 3 minutes
Bernard Daniel
I know you don't like those nightclub promotion missions but I do those in between VIP work and businesses.
D - Day
Sooooo unrealistic for the average player.
Dane Brass
TheProfessional Great video bro! I think you should have put the word "legitimately" in the title since you've got a load of backlash with people commenting with various glitches and exploits as easier faster methods. So cheating basically, which in my opinion ruins the fun of the game. Great content anyway man, keep it up
Haydn Mosley
Great vid but how much does this cost to setup ?
Sultan InterGalactique
You’re the REAL ONE Pro Keep it up
You are the best thanks Professional
Lil Grucci
The absolute best way of AFKing on Xbox for me (that I use) is I start the mission blow up from rockstar created jobs (in missions). Disband MC prz, CEO or VIP and then watch tv. Simple as that. An important thing to do is go to your settings and it’s somewhere in controller setting or preferences and de-select “show me thing when idle” as it kicks you out of the game. Search up a video if I did not explain in well enough detail and spread this to others so they see, have a nice day! 👍
jacob flowers
The only problem is that I have a life and can’t play this game for 8 hours
Porsche 918 Gaming
I just wanted to they’ll you Pro if you don’t have upgrades on your bunker you lose money I had bought $75k supplies and only got $40k stock
Do you need a largo cargo warehouse for your technician to do crates or will a small one work?
Jaxen Cole
I’ve left my Xbox on for a week straight a few times
Roy Jr. Wilson
Hey pro, thanks for the guide. What's your opinion on mtu/ solo public lobby grinding?
Get Moneyboyz
Man the guides are sweet but do u need all that to get money I mean what if you don't have all that and trying to get money to get the rest I got a nightclub, bunker, facility,mc warehouse with jus meth, CEO office, and a moc so will it still work
MR Foxer
I had 200k and now i have 1 mil thank you pro ;) im gonna purchase cocaine or should i purchase something else?
mine spot
I always destroy the buzzard when i go away i took my revolver and shoot the backrotor to have always a good buzzard
I was waiting for this
Could you use the Oppressor MK2 in place of the buzzard for this because my only attack helicopter is the Akula and you can’t spawn that through CEO
thumbs up
buy bunker supplies( 2.3 hrs to cook) (import, *, export, *) x9 * = ceo job, business battle, or client job sell bunker 1.1mil/2.3hrs or bogdan glitch and get about 5mil/2.3hrs
David G
I know you don’t like glitching but would you ever consider doing outfit glitches...they don’t benefit you or harm anyone, but just look cool
Dougie Croll
I don’t understand this can anyone explain this simpler for me please?
George Dye
U have helped me so much thank you
Ali Miri
Just do money glitches this game is so boring when you making money
Jordan 1834
Save your time and just make money glitches
Anthony George
Hey, prof. once again nice job on the video, we all really appreciate all the time and effort that you put in this video. Too bad you cant come over to xbox 1 lol. Have a good day
Shawn Connolly
Do I drive the terabyte after stealing the diamonds or should I use the golf cart or the BMX 🚲 bike ??? Seriously I’m confused 🤷‍♂️
Mason Scott
Rather dupe cars for 7 million a day
I don’t think he mentioned to do the Client Jobs he did, Targeted Data and the Diamond Store you need the drone station in your Terrorbyte which is a further 800k and is definitely not worth it. I’d just do the first two Client jobs as you get them with no extra purchases with your Terrorbyte.
Ubaldo Munoz
Tip for the diamond shop, don’t even go to the drone just go in and kill everyone it can be done in under 4 minutes, actually you can do most of them like that, just go in guns blazing
Tyvonte Chambers
can you please change your avatar it's kinda look weird
there are other missions to do that pay more. i bought the armored boxville for the mission pays 35k for 10 minutes. all you do is get in the van drive down the road get out and ion the opressor mk2 fly away. best to do in invite only. the blazer aqua is good also. headhunter and sightseer is only 42k compared to fortified and the blazer x2 is 70k for 20 mins. although the import export trumps those easily. your nightclub sell does not include your other busineses. you still have to sell them individually. thanks for the video. we make millions daily with the act2. 1million per 15 mins max time then switch your next friends turn for a 1 million payday.
Hey @TheProfessional. My question to you is, don't you use your MC businesses anymore? I get that it might not fit the perfect rotation. But just like re-supplying a bunker, you can throw those in the mix aswell as they share (rougly) the same re-supply rate. And if that's not suitable for the guide, how about when you are resupplying while sleeping, it's a great headstart to the day buy selling those don't you think? I do get how stuff like crates don't fit and hanger doesn't pay out great, but that was my question considering the easy re-supply. And are those including the crate warehouse useless to buy if you would start now and jn case of the mc businesses you need for the club, useless to upgrade
Do you need to upgrade your mc businesses?
how do you bring your car into your warehouse without much damage?
TIP: at the jewelry rob mission you dont need to use the drone at allif you just get the diamonds fast from the guard you will just get some stars and then call lester and you have it done just deliver edit: same with lifeinvader one
Liam Clark
I know this is for solo players, but any 1 wanna grind this with me? No mic
אדיר פרץ
My cash creation isn't working I think it is a glitch
Sukhman Singh
Love your videos I think your the best gtav YouTuber I have ever watched and I have watched a lot of YouTubers
devil man420
Last night I made 400k per hour solo public lobby
But to do this its a bit pricey pricey because we are pending lots of money on business and vehicles. But help the rich get richer.
Butt Munch
How do you do this so fast?! I even have bought the Opressor Mark 2 for this and I’m still lagging far behind! Please help!
Thank you for the solo guide professional😁
I heard your businesses dont produce if your offline, anyone kno for sure?
Slimepoop Productions
Can you please do a garage tour?
Mati N
Why doesn't anybody use the Hydra instead of the Buzzard? Although you have get to where the Hydra spawns (either from Pegasus or personal one), it is still faster to complete Headhunter, Sightseer and pretty much everything in this game. Using the Hydra, I always see that everything else is still on cooldown when i finish a job (depending on which one of course). For you to have an idea, I usually complete Headhunter in 50sec-90sec thanks to the Hydra.
Revision 1G
The best YouTuber
Joseph Motta
I made 110 million dollars in 6 hours LEGIT using some sort of elegy duplication glitch. No exploits. I just grinded.
Xoxoytr 1234
Why is money so hard to make in gta
Tommaso Calderone
You should do more long videos
Pro Noob MLG Gamer 360 NO SCOPE
Would replacing the VIP works with special cargo missions generate more money? Or Headhunter and Sightseer are just a better option? Love your videos! Keep up the good work! ;)
Sweat Shirt Man
How do you make it so you only span top range cars
Ben Klapatch
Little Wolf
I don’t have the luxury of watching the video out loud. Can someone who’ve watched the video please comment a “list” of what jobs or actions to do, followed by what next and so on and so forth? Thank you in advance
payday videos
Or do a glitch and make 100 mil a day
nigerian hl3
Im new to this game, and I don't know why when he calls for a CEO buzzard he gets it for free, while im a permanent CEO (since I bought an office) I have to pay 25k
Mr. PoT
My xbox melted the Gta case, what do I do now? It’s melted onto my Xbox!!!
Volcano Blue
NOBODY makes 4mill a day
• •
If you use the mk2 oppressor speed glitch you can speed this up alot
Adam Bissessar
why do you not do robery in progress? i complete that in under 3 min
danny comerford
Please could you put the steps in the comments
H3O Slayer
First!!! To like the video
Tony Parker Lloyd
Yet another video done only for views.
fortnite clipz
No i
Leo F
lil skirt
Craig From Fortnut
*Dimitry is say use modzzz itiz better it iz iizzii*
Raphael Holt
Tip for every terrorbyte mission. You can drive to the locations like the jewlery store directly . You dont need to take the terrorbyte there. Yust learn the locations and then its much faster. (Sorry for bad writing. I am from Germany)
iiTs_Beatable 1089
so basically you need to be rich to become rich
Ze insane Medic
For the Diamond Shopping mission: You do not need to fly the drone at all. You don't need to disable the alarm. Just drive the Terrorbyte there and immedeatly rush in with the Auto Shotgun. Easily saves another 2 minutes. That's also possible for the Life Invader Mission but you're too slow on foot and having everyone, including cops, alarmed isn't worth it.