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Total 3:3. 7th set. End.... 10:7.......Good Triller for coaches!

table tennis ping pong Europen Cup in Russia

The crowd was insane
Yakir Dorani
The camera man had one job, but nooooooooooo, he had to zoom in.
Andrew Ian Chan
193 returns and the camera couldn't even get the winning shot LOL
Peace & 1ness
Best sleep ever. Will try this again.
nice warm up
Any chance of a slow-motion replay please? :-P zzzzzzzzzzz
the camera man got fired after the game.
Not impressed.
Josh CR
every Chinese could beat them,feel so sad for the refs
why people don't watch women's table tennis
Thats why popcorn and chips should be permitted at matches...
Panos Alx
great point, worst zooming ever.
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
This looks like a warm up session. BTW, person doing the camerawork sucks balls!!!
how i got to this video is beyond me 
Χρήστο ς
Is this a joke or they both cant top-spin?!? I would disqualify both of them.
That's what happen when woman are playing deffensive
tali koyu
the camera person was useless.. zoomed very awkward
Who else taught that was boring....
Sam Breitberg
Guess I'm the only one who thoroughly enjoyed this?
Andrew Ian Chan
193 returns and the camera couldn't even get the winning shot LOL
Ariel Peña
Un video ideal para un especial de 10 horas.
Not Spooky jim
Are they both choppers? Or are they just hesitant to loop?
Silvio Peters
Cameraman... u had one job!!!
Jason Bohnicsek
Are those girls pros ? I'm praticing Tennis Table for 7 years now ( I play 1 or 2 times a week, sometimes more when holidays ) and I think i'm better than those two girls....
What a tedious shot. So conservative. No one attack. Just go to see the Chinese women's table tennis that's definitely much better
This has got to be the most boring sports clip I've ever seen.
Now this is the definition of playing it safe, also not taking a chance, and having no "balls"... literally.
John Kasiolas
the camera man is the worst in the history of the whole universe.
When you can't backhand loop...
3:02 "listen you can't play so aggressively because you're spraying errors, try being a bit more defensive next time"
danny ramzan
Who the fish operates the camera
Gustav Mårdby
poor umpires.. Also i wonder if all the other points in the match were like this :P
Aron Wong
interesting thing is, in the background, it says TIME TO WIN!
Lol cameraman, what are you zooming at???
charlie xiong
I am not Chinese but I can beat them too
Mike Tramezayguez
so bored.
Henblo™ Videos
They both Dont know how to play, its sad seeing such crap like that
Legend has it they are still playing
why you play with the zoom in this point... 
Marc-Oliver Mideck
oh man, damen tischtennis.. denkt euch nichts dabei..
no more pushing...Please
I can´t believe you missed tha last ball...
Why wasn't the expedite rule in place?
JungJung wONG
That;s why ppl like men tennis better?
оператор, что с тобой?
Die Dinkelbrüder
Pussy tischtennis,das kriegt jeder 5 jährige hin
LAndres Quintero
Watching all the the idiot with the camera lose the final point because of playing with the zoom.. crap
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Henry R
This is exactly why no one watches women table tennis, backspin, backspin, and more backspin. They were hitting it right to each other lol.
Bastl Railor
ping pong isnt a sport
Khaled Ibrahim
Poor referee
Tutin Jr
Estan entrenando
Снимал какой то даун, в итоге решающий мяч так и не снял, игрался с зумом придурок.
the zoom out @0:41 is hillarious! And the crowd goes craz--oh, no, they seem to have gone home.
Sparki Dee
their still playing now
Дима Стрелок
у меня аж затошнило туда сюда смотреть (
Ray Tate
Great defending from the lady in red.
Jon Dou
две пиписьки))))
Aranis Das
Alek Bogdański
Who skipped 3/4 of the game?
Sachin Jain
Cameraman got bored i guess !!!!
Didim Surendim
The Left side players ( dark shirt ) no need to chop that much at this point 10-7. but you know....woman.
Pedro Santos
Chinese men playing at these speeds - Winner would be the one who lasted longer standing up
Law justin
It's like it just copy and paste and keep repeating the same thing
Mateusz Kowalewski
heh kręciły sobie
gaurav soni
did i miss the good part ? this is a normal rally ....
Josep Antón Velázquez
The best is when the camera zooms out and you can read on the wall "Time to win" LOL
Aatif Sheikh
Idiot camera man 😑
chocoboy issac
this whole thing was scripted just to make a video and get millions of views
Miten Butir
die haben grad 190 ballwechsel gebraucht bis mal einer zieht, waren doch alle lang genug!
Gustavo Leal
Malísimas!! Que vergüenza!!
Schiaccia, zooma e non si vede più un cazzo! Prendevi paura?
Han Shao
One loser could not beat the other.
Paul Schlitzer
The Camera was so terrible like the Two ladies
Adeel Ahmad
were they trying to bore each other to loss o.O
Yichong Wang
When you're not Chinese...
Alessio Fimiani
This isn ' t table tennis
Rahul Negi
I think after this match tt will playing as per time 😂
John L
this should've been titled "how not to shoot a video"
charlie lawrence
I just commented what are u going to do about it
Thats noob point this is just a cut on cut
no comments...
Val Russo
lol this is in slow motion compared to the guys
Rudolf Baez Giaco
David Tian
That was sooo bad
Marisol Soplana
omfg someone attack pls
Melkor's Chosen
Come on guys the poor camera man.. why are you complaining about him? Thats truly the worst job: to handle a camera during such a game :D
Rodrigo Grandi
Eric Smyth
0th comment!
m p99
No comment
ai fukami
they just "spin" the ball , wait for oppenent mistake
Славик Rus
Сбербанк России))
haha... no comments 
how often does that guy get it in the face