CRYSTAL VIPER - At The Edge Of Time (2018) // Official Clip // AFM Records

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CRYSTAL VIPER - At The Edge Of Time (2018) // Official Video // AFM Records Taken from the "At The Edge Of Time" EP (2018), released on June 29, 2018, on AFM Records. Music and lyrics by Marta Gabriel. Produced and mastered by Bart Gabriel. Recorded and mixed by Rafal Kossakowski, assisted by Damian Likus. Video directed by Marta Gabriel. Lights by Bartek Gburek. Camera 1: Tomek Szopa & Karolina Szopa ( Camera 2: Wojtek Gabriel. MUA: Pati Gabriel. Follow AFM Records on these channels: AFM Website: AFM Webshop: Facebook: Instagram: />Spotify: /> Follow the band: Website: />Facebook: />Instagram:

Guitar MAX
Releasing the same song and video, in two different languages!? This is new! Excellent!
Kevin Gamble
Is singing finally becoming ascendant again in metal? Are cookie-monster vocals finally dying out? Please, may it be so.
Vampire Witch
The witch queen is back!!!! \m/ i fuckin' love it!!
Polska metal cool!
Piova Metalhell
marta does not play guitar anymore??
Ivan Gushkov
I don't know about that snare but otherwise this is the usual Crystal Viper badassery I am used to :)
Larry Baumgardner
PLEASE COME TO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think a Iron Maiden/Crystal Viper tour would be a AWESOME match
Yeah! it rocks \m/
Sergey Magda
Очень хорошо. Молодцы.👍
Andrew Catania
They rock! 🎸🎸
fernando pedroso domingues
I hope to have this fantastic band in my country, Brazil
Veljko Krsmanovic
Imaju oni bolje stvari od ove kuknjave, srpski prosto receno zivo sranje. Nisu se proslavili!
Тружба Прави
не, на Польскомъ языче складнее и краше!!! достали все сіи Англо-Саксонскіе песни.
David Rousseau
if Bruce Dickinson was born a chic.
darius maroszyk
Super muzyka.
HellPatrol 777
Great song!
lupus 1 de vasconia
Great.voice for the slavian(polska) wichsinger
Александр Шамин
це добре.
lupus 1 de vasconia
She is so pretty and great voice.
Needs a little better production, but damn good stuff.
Finnegan O'Dell
Now that's what I call METAL 🤘
Megaaaaa!!! \m/
Mark 13
Ever Metal
Great stuff. Both versions added to the Ever Metal YouTube and July Spotify Playlists
Screams from the end of Forest
so hypersnrfy great song vocals and video i lovezzz it 💙💙💙🙋🙋🙋👽🤘🙋🙋🙋💙💙💙
Jorge Rueda
¡Excelente vídeo, buen metal, grandiosa voz!
Ernando Monteiro
incredible performance and excellent music. marta gabriel always beautiful
Daniel Kruck
If you don´t like don´t like metal!!! This is just great!
Hard & Heavy Metal Hits Radio
Great Great!!!  100% METAL
WarriorOfMetal RoadOfKings
Very good.
MARTA, kiedy duet z DORO? Oczywiscie, kawalek zajebisty super to zwolnienie. Pozdrawiam.
Red Jury
\m/ \m/
Renars Dradeika
this is zajebisce!
Michael Morrish
Awesome and beautiful Singer Chrystal !!! Powerful Metal Band !!!🤘🏻👍🤩🤘🏻
Csaba Kálmán
Jó zene, fantasztikus hangja van a kis csajnak. Nyolcvanas évek végi Iron Maiden-re emlékeztet nagyon...
Mateus Arnaud
Great music!!! But she could still playing guitar! It was better!
Channel Rat
Martha your emission is very sexy. I love you from svk (hun)
paraíso perdido
Riff do caralho
Damien King
think i'm in love, what a woman yet I bet a lotta work is involved here to keep an original band, image an sound ongoing and looks like its paying off its working for me
Go polska metal. Magyar vagyok. Hungary
За Рыбалку
Цыганка! Ромалэ!
Thomas Frost
[[[ Crystal Viper forever ]]]]
Marduk Nibiru
Я сначала подумал что Лика Ялинская поёт :)
solomon kane
Metal Head 420
Тошнить тянет...
Гюнтер О Дим
Alessio Caporossi
Voglio il cd...!!! Perché solo in vinile?
Alex Torres
She looks hotter with a guitar on!
Pilisi Sándor
Igazi ROCK !!!! JEEEEEEEE !!!
B Haddock
Very well executed metal but... Let's see them do a proper mid tempo piece like the stuff Udo is doing so well at the moment.
Justin Conn
Don't care for vocals
Can't stop listening. Kinda sad it's not available on CD :´(
go eurowision XD
Agus Hernandez
Good song congratulations from mexico
p m
Guerrero Luz
Oh my God! Marta´s voice is beautiful and unique! I hope to see them live! By the way, new guitar player?
George Lisgaras
No more guitar for Marta? Hmmm interesting.
Kenneth Taylor
new Crystal Viper music! Outstanding!
Eric Young
Nice, congrats !!
Very... very nice song! Thank you! 🤘🤘🤘
This band is very good but this triggering drumming is so artificial and plastic
Jang Čop
Night Viper is better. :P
José Augusto dos Santos