Don Omar & Lucenzo - Danza Kuduro - Zumba choreography by Lucia Meresova [HD]

Zumba choreography for the song Don Omar & Lucenzo - Danza Kuduro. Instructor Lucia Méresová. Visit my YouTube channel /> For more info check my web page

Look at little dude in the back. YOU GO YOUNGBLOOD!!!!
Shubham Kumthekar
The Choreography was superb and Lucia led the way!
roberta alcantara
quem consegue dançar esta música ,está com tudo e não está prosa srssr
This is the best Danza Kuduro Zumba Choreography ever. I love it.
Adriból csak egy van
ignacio y daniela una aventura mas
super bueno me encanto
Danniel Perez Garcia
Muy buena coreografia esta cancion la vamos a bailar con mi colegio! re buena!
Abril Celayes
no combina
Noelia Rosales
3:13 B E S T P A R T the little kid got attitude lol
Anila Deosingh
i wanna dance this song but i have to dance it in a dress anyone wanna help me with some dance moves?
marisel alejandra
Me encantó... super la coreografía:)
to the instructor: Please remember that less means more... Try to lead no to show off. We know that you know how to dance
Такая позитивная песенка, а остальные девушки (кроме стоящей впереди) неохотно танцевали! (
Caitlin MacDuff
It's not the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders but they are having fun. Love that song. Love that video. You should see my Zumba class, so funny!
pothel '
saya dari indonesia.saya suka sekali dengan video ini.apa saya boleh tahu gadis yang memakai baju warna hijau??saya tertarik untuk berkenalan dengan dia
Manny De Cora
1 ves al dia ! y ab's cada noche! cardio ! 3 al semana! no duro !no rapido ! lento ! suave tu sabes ! si ! adelante manita =) buena suerte !
frannie luna
mueroo con este baile!! pero k energía!!
Laura Angulo
¿Cuántas veces debo practicar zumba a la semana y cuánto tiempo cada sesión? Por favor. Gracias!
Soii beautifulRose
buen baile
keilyn Fernández salas
samira cute
Terry Golden
girl you toooooooooooo slow .. try again
Respect for the kid in the center. I don't have the balls to do this at the gym I work at haha ONE DAY! :D
Margarita Tsosie
i love this song... now i need a ZUMBA wrkout buddy!!!
coming from a dude that typically doesn't even like dancing...these classes look like so much fun!
abdi murshid
the kid in the lime green color is a boss dancing with girls
This aint meant to be racist, but the Spanish song centered Zumba has MUCH better choreo than my class ^^
En el Grupo de Trabajo Nivel
Alejandra Guarachi
marwa krouma
niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice <3 <3
Claudia Perea
That choreography is sick!! I'm definitely adding this song to my class.... with this choreo. Thanks Lucia. Keep rockin!!
Ashlee Shimbles
the kid in the green is awesome!
Go lil MAN!
Carolina a
she leaving every one behind.. to into herself she should of done a video by herself
Hugo Pina
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! I'm in love w you
Pavlína Průchová
i love it
Chris Breen
Fuck off hahaha i do zumba and i'm a lad.
Richard Danks
This is a full-on workout which may require a few attempts to be fully confident in all the moves. The leader is obviously young and flexible and performs the moves with relative ease - well done! This is a great workout for those who like be stretched and work up a good sweat. Thanks!.
escalona lancara
The boy in the back is so cute.
Yamsoc Zapata
me encantaaaa la coreo yujuuuuuuuu
muito bom :))
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linda marcel
Some people need to realize the the one in the back are kids. At least they are trying. Better than sitting on their butts watching TV. BE NICE!!!!!
Chofa Carc
Me gusta muchoo esta coreooo! De donde son?
Ngan vo hoang
Don omar- zumba
minhaj mdminhah
minhaj mdminhah
Almazan ochenta
Yes..! he is smart
Maghana harrop-williams
finally a challenging worthwhile zumba routine. thks
Shannon Aaliyah
the girl in the back in purple & pink has no clue what shes soing
lol the kid is like huuuuuuuuuuu ??????????????
Rangers Fan Jill
I love this video and I think the instructor is awesome. I'm working on learning her steps because they're different than the ones my current Zumba teacher uses for this song. Whatever the guidelines are for Zumba, it gets boring doing salsa and chacha all the time. The instructors I've learned from use Latin moves as the basic, but throw in a variety of moves to keep it fresh and interesting. The important thing is to keep moving!
._. Not necessarily. Check the guidelines.
lol the kid in the back is like im not even her to dance im here to look at some booty
Asmaa Al-amoudi
The choreography isn't suppose to be mixed with hip hop, it doesn't fit AT ALL. Its suppose to be all pure LATIN
Mafer Bestard
you dance awesome! some comments of the ones that "maybe" cannot dance like transmit the energy to the group and here you mark so good the steps.. the instructor should do it 200% coz the best one in the class surely will do it 90% max.. keep it!!!! :)
Suyapa Opina
Suyapa Opina
Suyapa Opina
[iminent=OsSE8jUL1VEE] la mano arriba..
love it,so much energy
anderson eduardo
super choreography! velmi sikovna! :-)
Corentin Legrand
Waouh ! It's so cool ! Really ! I mut learn the dance :D ♥
Ana Creel
I hate people always talking bad about othre instructors routines, if they are so perfect why you don't put all the routines for Zumba! we try and like to give ideas. Good job girls I like it, and next week these song goes in my list, I like it.
whats with the girl in the back ... o-o
Rissa Robinson
Where did u purchase your zumba leggings i have to have them?
Carolina Gonzalez
cool chorography :) very nice
wats up with those things on her leg ?
Michaela Filipová
pekné :-)
Norbert Racz
is merem ezt a számot
danuta krajewska
me gusta mucho.....
ok, ;)
Thumbs Up for Ass Staring Lucky Boy.
Natália Rypáková
that´s great!
jospeh guccione
y is there always one guy
funny that they dance zumba on it. its actuly 4 kuduro.
ilham el kababri
tis is pretty cool
la mejor coreografía para esta rola... gracias!
This is freaking Aweeesooome!!! :D
sharon molfese
ma la bambina nn sa i passi a questo punto meglio che la mettevano in fondo perchè è di lato quindi si nota
rozy villanueva
meguzto mucho ke buen video a ponernoz en forma
Cecilia Paillao
uf..que movimientos ...jajajja bien aburrido el video..
Some moves are used by all zumba instructors like the routine ji ho and waka waka some dances are the same. It's hard to think of ure own choreography all the time so what if the instructors borrow a move or 2 from others. I have been in zumba for 2years and seen many videos and I can vouch for zumbapartySK this is original
This is Slovakian? Is there an English version of the website?
And even if she were a student, she should be praised for her energy. You only get as much out of these workouts as you put in.
no kočka... NO BIG DEAL na to aby ste sa v komente museli tváriť tak svetovo :) bez tých "najťažších" choreografií ste inak fakt dobré :)
Me gusto °°°
Abhinesh Singh Gourdeale
the front girls must doo striptease.......
zuri rose
SHE is a wonderful dancer.... wow
lola ine
je peux pas vous dire que c nul car je suis fan de zumba c tros bien !!
mélissa bennai
mdeiir pire
mélissa bennai
wee coolL... Riiien d'plLuss
Leila Hamrani
belle danse je vous dis BRAVOO
well she's an instructor she has to go hard... imagine if she wasn't so energetic how bad others would be?
Many Zumba instructors use the music and choreography given to them with their ZIN membership BUT ZUMBA, isn't about who has the BEST moves, Music, or Original Choreography (if you want good choreography LOOK AT DANCE videos) Zumba is about feeling good, working out, and most importantly HAVING FUN !!! They did, I may just use this for MY CLASS :)
jose cruz
yes me gusto