Ozora 2011 movie - Perplexity breakaway (Zooteam production)

Tracklist by the order : Asura - The Prophecy Asura - Five Lines Allaby - Imaginarium (Burn in noise rmx) H.U.V.A Network - Symetric Lifes Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization (Filteria rmx) Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries Man With No Name - Possessed Zen Mechanics and Ace Ventura - Digital Beings Unofficial movie from Ozora Festival 2011 by Zooteam production. It is dedicated to Ozora crew, dJs, projects, artist and all the people there. Especially: Asura, H.U.V.A Network, Aes Dana, Solar fields, Carbon based lifeforms, Allaby, Ace Ventura, Zen Mechanics, Man with No name, Filteria, Penta, and many many thanks to . . . Shpongle - wish you another 20 years of great production. checkout my other Psy videos: Boom Festival 2012 - Portugal /> FullMoon 2010 - Germany />

dufinka duf
Алексей Моря
тариел кутелия
Alejandra Silva
como se llama la rola del min. 10:14?? <3 *.*
If Welwet
Zooteam production
terrible right?
Richard Ballan
Bad editing
Thaisi Garcia
14:16 hahahaha <3
17;23 good price
chris boss
come to Germany...for Plastik Parties :/
One big happy family.... It makes me so happy to see the people getting brown and dirty without a problem :D smile the whole time being there :D Tomorrow morning we are coming from Gouda ( HOLLAND :D ) Can't wait !!! Sober to the max !
Almost everyone. I once hugged everyone in the chill and had one person left. I asked him and he said no. Still haunts me. :(
авий цезарь
ДА! я прикололся -бы . там жаль я не владею телепортацией
plop plop
excelent je dit direct
Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries
Eights Everywhere
The Internet ;p
Eights Everywhere
That interesting people feel the same way about Burningman currently but I think even if they do get more commercial there is still a lot there it just might be a bit more party and less spiritual or something but there will always be smaller events and it all seems to be going in the right direction if you ask me :)
Muktananda Light
pretty good
Ewan Mclaughlin
Where can I find people in everday society who like this music, feel trapped
this is an occasion when the basic instincts comes up to the surface, its magic
Optx SA
OMG ur right this song kill me BTW you can use this to get this song on your ipod --> bit.ly/1187THA?=swwxh
Hinna Kiri
and I really "can move any mountains"! nice!
Associazione Utopia
song at 9:35??? thanks
Jota Saldanha
X. Erm
Jota Saldanha
D d.
Irving Demeter
Salos desde Mexico....
Zooteam production
we produce lot of kids from insignificant sex - isn't that enough? :)))
fyah babylon
name of the song?! 10.00
oliver mackalister moreira
Pra mim isso e o paraiso todos são iguais ae ninguem ta ligando pro estilo do outro eles se tornam um só =)
Thanks for the info. I think about it to visit.
Zooteam production
You can't make mistake if you go. Only if it would be raining whole week :) but that would be just bad luck :)
Zooteam production
Well, Ozora is so big now, that you will find all kind of people there. But mostly, everyone smiles and enjoy like in my video. I was not at 2012 edition, and I am going to S.U.N. festival this year, and some say Ozora is getting so big, its more commercial now and loosing its unique spirit. But still in my opinion it is amazing experience and you will not regret it. There will be twice as many people this year, because there is no Boom Festival at 2013. So everyone will be heading at Ozora.
I also ask this because if I buy the week-ticket I cannot make it happen back if I encounter the second version...
It's happy to read what you write. Goa is also a piece of my heart. I always wondered why people needs drugs to enjoy this mind-music...but it's their choice. What can you say about Ozora? Is it really about love-hugs-meditations-spirituality WITH this amazing music? Or is it more about drugged hippies who dance alone starring the projector?
Marcelo Barefoot
i agree cvana001...
you may come alone but you only stay that way for 10 minutes until you realize everyone is your family. cya in 5 months <3
Georg Tzvetkov
but in general, great video)))) energizes primitive))Э
Georg Tzvetkov
and a smoke-guaranteed ----- buzz
Georg Tzvetkov
alcohol is unfortunately not fit this video .... Checked
Milan Kovacevic
Yakir Shukrun
fuc.k you racist.
5:40. you are my goa-girl !!!! :D
Diego Amezcua
@UMblue83 its like a big 10 years old party , the kids dont understend if the grown up are on acid or mdma or any other type of drugs not saying that everybody is on drugs but everybody is enoying life a good vibes i only wish my parents took me to a party like that when i was a child
Great But Great Vid ! haha :D Peace bro ;)
Thanks for this comment :)
Luc Little
beautiful :)
Gino Naldi
Renan Passos
Sadly, in Brazil, the P.L.U.R. concept was left behind, today, the festivals turns in a fashion and luxury contest.
very touching.
Péter Bérces
huva the king
lol you maybe Right. I personally didn't know an event like this actually existed.
María Verónica Kriegel
Zooteam production
You know - for some people, this is their lifestyle. And for some people (including me) all this is just the way how to forget all the cruel and heavy things about our world and for few days go nuts.Release some steam, clear my mind. I don't need to use any drugs to go into mud and become child again. I just wanted to try it so badly ;) Can you go on street in the city and hug somebody? No, they will say you are pervert. But at Psytrance festivals? Everyone will hug you if you ask for it.
Zooteam production
Thank you very much. You are very kind. The experience from Ozora was so deep for us. But still - that atmosphere couldn't be catched on camera :)
@15:40, seriously, ppl had their kids there? Hope they get taken away by CPS!
Some of the biggest dorks i've ever seen!
Tanya El
I really want to go to this place!! but don't want to go alone :( ah looks like a wonderful time!! :)
great party! love the colours and the visuals an people seems to be having an awesome time. greetings from Mexico
Árpád Hámori
i love it
Nice try, idiot.
As your English is not your native language I forgive you for accidentally omitting the word "from" in your last comment. Anyway, I have more interesting matters to tend to than constantly correcting your English. Good luck with your future studies.
Thanks, idiot.
Here's a word to add to your vocabulary. "Idiot"
Lapsus calami. Even if it isn't, English is not my native language, but still, you can understand me perfectly, without being a grammar nazi. I bet you can't speak my language you snobe mrtvi sa kompleksom vise vrijednosti jer ti je mama rekla da narkomani umiru mladi, picka ti materina ogranicena. I rest my case. Now excuse me, I got my feces to roll.
"Enlighten' is a verb, "Enlightened" is an adjective. Furthermore the plural does not take an indefinite article.
Oh, please tell us more how enlighten and mature You are, Sir. Please help these dung-beetles to become a proper human beings, like You. Sir.
Disembra Agustí
09:57 Oh yeah you have a good breast xD saying the other girl. Jump Jump!
moonbeat bah
So when's the next one???!
Timo Jüng
08:30 best guy ! ♥
in hungary
Rodrigo Do Trance
so quem e raiz sabe oque as pessoas desse video esta sentindo
lol your a sad sad little boy :D
MashUp Beatz
its not 6 for €10, its 1 for €10 and if you buy 5 you get 1 free. therefor 6 for €50.. sorry to burst your bubble :)
Pvoipe Voipe
where is this place in need to go
cool nice movi love it
jota perez
god damn hippies jajajajja
Lenka Mazačová
Příští rok jedu taky :D
ran pento
O.Z.ORA. יאלהההההההההה
Their like weekend warrior hippies with money.
Juan Guzman
9:54 Jump Jump !
Gavin Porter
getting there STOMP on!!!
Galle Sykes
Meow .Oner
lol that is so stereotypical of you to say. People are enjoying different kind of music and parties,stop being so judgemental. PEACE AND EQUALITY.
Nikola Lesar
Lisa Lana
Welcome to Paradize <3
Oleg Kukuj
Jimmy Pavlovic
WoW . This is shitty
Fa Csiga
1:12 Snails??
Elle ma tué la fin ! LSD : 5+1 Gratuit, 10 EURO XD
too much kaos
Daniela Gonzalez
I wish I was there!!! That is the best of the world's great I love weed
Alex Ha
funky :)
Germfried Weber
Perfect until the last second. LIVE LONG AND PRPSPER \\//
Germfried Weber
The scenes in the mud remind me of a kind of baptism, a baptism in the traditional psychedelic kind ;o) \\//
Germfried Weber
The Break at 8:52 ... "funny idea", i told ya, you did an excellent job, because people with have a better mood after watching it. THANX for sharing ENERGY!!!
Germfried Weber
Brillant Action at 7:42 --- I make a deep Bow!
Germfried Weber
Namaste! Nice memories. . I had my Camp in 2010 close to this Dragon 4:14. You did an excellent job in Videomixing! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER \\//
Nikole Reynolds
HAHAHA "Meanwhile, at Healing Garden"... I've been wanting to go to this for years, I'm hoping to actually make it next time
dont give up!!