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In this week's edition of GamingSins, we sinned Grant Theft Auto IV (GTA 4) This one was one of the You Sin videos, where you guys submitted your sins. We picked out our favorite and added some of our own. We credited everyone by adding their names in their respective subtitles. Thank you guys for participating and we'll post our next poll this week! FlyingKitty's "Let's Go Bowling" Full Original Video: /> *Copyrighted content used under the Fair Use exception for review and commentary. Remember, no game is without sin. Which game's sins do YOU want to see recounted? Subscribe: /> Check out the original gameplay we sinned from Gamer’s Little Playground: Tweet us: />Facebook us: />Email us: [email protected] Axol's book now available: />Awesome t-shirts: /> No game is without sin. This is our mantra. What’s a sin, you ask? A sin is usually one of three things: a joke, a ridiculous observation, or something that’s legitimately wrong with the game. So don’t take our sins too seriously. We’re not game reviewers from the New York Times. We’re not Metacritics. We’re GamingSins. And we sin games.

Patchou Mojo
Niko Bellic is the deepest and most well written character in all GTA's and I miss him. A mature, noir and complex character
Actually, you could hear Niko's English improving throughout the game, in the beginning he made a lot of pronounciation and grammar errors, but towards the end of the game, he was much better! Sin 3 is invalid! :-P
Resident Evil
No , that's not really true. Actually Niko english get's fluent and bettet with every story mission...
bleach 22
One of my favorite games EVER
2008. Damn, It seens like a long time ago that I played GTA IV. For me, the best story in all GTAs.
Gamer's Little Playground
Let's go bowling! lol
Cptn. Wolfe
Still one of the best GTA games
Kafanska TV
Niko's English actually gets better as the game progresses.. but his Serbian is.. well, let's just say that it's good most people who played the game don't know Serbian. I wish they had called up an actual Serbian actor to do his voice, not only would it be more authentic and he'd speak proper language in a few scenes, but Rockstar would probably have no money trouble like they did with the guy who did Niko's voice.
Is that... Flying Kitty?! NOICE, my favorite GTA YTP
Dried Marmot
Let's go bowling
OlcayPlays gaming
GTA 4 was the best
Vines Braa
Niko bland character? You haven't finished the game, it's one of my favorites. It has bugs like evry other game, no game is perfect, but gta4 has the best written storyline and best written main protagonist Niko. So much depression and sins he done for revenge...
Kiosta 270
GTA 4 is better than GTA 5
Do you not realize how old this game is?
Rockstar tried to get the actor they based Niko off of but he turned them down.
David Taylor
BTZ Hematologist
Only took you 10 years.
satakrion kryptomortis
that punish is way to hard i guess..pool would be ok. but bowling? damn thats a death sentence right here.
Diego Mauricio Gomez
Some stuff were nitpicks, another ones were absurd, some points were right. But you made a mistake by making fans chose sins. And btw the last segment is wrong in some parts, also you don't know about liberty city stories that was the succesor of gta sa Also do you remember gta 3 it was all in liberty city Btw there was a generation change so they couldn't make a much bigger map Aaand they forgot the times that this game can get really pretentious if you think about it. Also in an interview they said that tons of stuff weren't included because it wont go with the story like planes for example. Don't let fans choose for you it is no good.
Tbh best gta game hands down, had the most fun in it.
Laddy Donglegs
Good thing virtually everyone who played this has no idea what a Serbian is supposed to sound like.
Roman Bellic
Fun fact: GTA IV was originally supposed to have more customization options, including being able to customize cars, more clothes, haircuts, tattoos, etc... And, originally there were more sections to the map! It would have been Liberty City and the surrounding areas of Liberty State, but all these ideas were scrapped. It really makes you think, GTA IV could have easily been 100x better if Rockstar would have just put some more time and effort into it. It's still my favorite game in the series, but honestly I can picture myself as Niko wearing sun glasses while driving a fully decked out convertible Banshee, running from the Liberty State Police through country roads. We could have had so much more.
You should do GTA Vice City next
Finally my dreams have come true..... Seriously I’ve been waiting for someone to sin this game
Thank you to everyone for submitting sins on the "You Sin" video. We picked our favorite and adding some of our own. If we used your sin you were credited in the subtitles. Our next poll will be on Tuesday for the next "You Sin" video! Also this week, the third and final part of Metal Gear Solid V as well as one long video with all 3 parts together. Thanks again!
Look at old mate
I can say that I've played through this game and Roman didn't ask me to go bowling once.
Ballad of Gay Tony next please
The legend says Hossan still keeps searching for a dog
Coco Z
I don't have a problem, you have a problem... is a weak sin... lazy writer
Jason Terry
Personally I like the grittiness of GTA IV, imagine this game but with GTA V's customization and game engine, phoar
Mr. Bonnie Bon
"50 shades of Dave" I laugh so hard XD
Hey Niko wanna go bowling?
Please do Mafia 2!!! It has 3 playthrough Main story Jimmy's Vendetta And Joe's adventures Hope to see it!
Derek Weisman
Everything Wrong With GTA 4 : Nothing
Eat My ass
You forgot WASD
Nimal Nair
I use money in GTA4 for taxi rides ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Succ God
The simplicity was what made Niko so likable.
Joseph Bradley
No way you called Niko one of the least memorable protagonists in the series. You are now the sin dude.😡
Craig Campbell
5:04 . Correction: "That's what all the non-Jamaican players without subtitles thought"
"Niko bellic is such a bland character" Everyone Disliked That
I see GTA IV in a vid.. Gotta drop the Luv reacc <3 (The only sin is the optimasation.. nothing else xD) Also.. Let's go B O W L I N G
The Senate
Couldnt they yust hire a serbian dude to play niko?
Quantum Ranger 99
"LCPD watches a civilian get out of a Police car and does nothing about it." Maybe they thought he was an undercover officer. LOL
spoopynibba69 lmao
"11 minutes or less, video is 11:05
nate the gr8
The "let's go bowling" cliché with this video, add a sin
Julio Brian
"Step to it M***erfucker"...missing the censor que (DING)
You skipped the number 14 on the sin counter which is also a sin
Josh S
Cousin, let's go bowling me: Ok ill pick you up *arrives by roman* *shoots roman* DIE TOGETHER WITH YOUR BOWLING
Shadow Darkraven
Nice seeing this game from a critical light, i loved playing it and it was interesting to see the faults. Still one of my favorites
No Name
Title should be Everything Wrong With GTA IV In 11:05 Or Less
Haha, let's go blowing. Get it ?
Destroy All Bacteria D.A.B
1:42 unspecific? You do realize he's talking about 9/11 right? Why would he have to specifically mention it by name?
1:42 "Unspecific terrorist incident" GTA 4 takes place during post-9/11 trauma, genius. It's seen everywhere, making fun of war on terror and other topics.
Niko sounds like Dracula at times
sunny singh
Great job guys,was wondering when you guys would do this.
Jade Nguyen
Roman calls Nico so much, his bill for the month must fund the phone company for several years.
NightFoxs 77
I'm not exactly notification squad, but this video came to my recommended. Also you've got another subscriber:D
Jade Nguyen
That lightning round was awesome! Bo Bo Bo Bo bowling!
Roman Bellic
Hey cousin, let's go bowling!
Kay Luciano
Cousin! Want to go bowling?
6:50 lol, predicted Obummer
#X-treme Gamer
I love how you used FlyingKitty's music video, "Let's Go Bowling" ft. Niko. 10/10 love it👌👍👏
Plague Doctor
They wanted the actor from Behind enemy lines to play niko since thats where they got the niko character from...but the actor refused amd so....we got.....THE ENGLISH NIKO
Dominik Ajdučić
You can't find much errors in a game as perfect as *GTA IV*
Fireman 322
You just copied the other YouTuber who does literally the exact same thing. EXACT. 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️
Rimjim Das
Sin 96 is invalid Niko does the hits because he was searching for the guy who betrayed his squad
cody Lavito
Hey Niko Let's go bowling
Aaron Hennessy
6:50 the land of opportunity The golden chance for me My future looks so bright Now I think I’ve seen the light
X8DP35K -2
4:03 is invalid. Rockstar purposefully did that reference
2008 game : gta 4 lagging 2013 game : gta 5 not lagging Like wtf?
Sir Sixty
Please make a Everything great about GTA IV
Mohamed Baradji
*Bowling song comes on* Me: unwatch
Nala Mthembu
You could actually hear Niko's English gradually improving throughout the game
6:11 - incorrect bleeping placement.
Niko was suppose to be portrayed by Vladimir Mashkov which is why Niko looks exactly like him. I still think Michael Hollick did a fine job but yeah he's kind of struggling with the Serbian. Lol
Wonder WhyZ
I'm happy that you realised the brilliance of the intro and gave one Minus (-) Sin for the awesome sound track! Soviet Connection was such an amazing tune!!!
Cesar Alvarez
GTA IV is my favorite GTA, that includes it's DLCs TBoGT and TLaD.
waters228 91
So is the "bowling" meme a reference/parody to Jim Jones' "We Fly High (Ballin')"?
GTA 5 had 20mins; this one, only 11mins.
The Gaming Hoovy
Hey Comrade, Let's go Bowling!
Sharonda Salmon
Nothing ,next case!!
niko belic was the best protagonist in all gta's, and not the least memorable it was great that he was just like a random in the episodes from liberty city
Fliyo MB
*Cousin! Let's go bawling* I would give it 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 sins, and it won't be enough.
arum barcelos
Nico its your cousin ! Let’s go bowling ! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Nala Mthembu
6:11 great censoring job lmao
Man I love this game! But I do agree with the sins Great job!
Death Rager
btw, the patch didnt fix anything to give better performance . commandline.txt did, and that was made by someone from the community, not by someone from r*. lol
WhiteSquare 48
I don’t like how you added like 50 sins for bowling, I know it’s a joke but this game is to good for that
Niko: *blinks* GAMING SIN!
Sin: Listens to Russian radio, is serbian (Doesnt even understand Russian).
Finally youtube's notification system works :v
Cody Levey
Niko Bellic was my favorite character in a game till Arthur Morgan
the planes is because they were worried about people doing 911 in the game
Zoboomafoo The Dark Pharaoh
Niko is my second favorite protagonist.
No Name
And at 10:30 Removing 102 sins for there being 103 people who still play online
50 Sins off for Packie
Skaters4 ever
Better be low there is nothing bad about this game
Farhan Saputra Yahman
I don't care anything wrong about gta 4 Still i love all gta series 😆