How To Escape with all 1,250,000 The Pacific Standard Job The Easy Way(GTA 5)

This video shows you how to complete all setups and the finale for The Pacific Standard Job in GTA 5 on hard whilst escaping with all the cash ($1,250,000). You can complete the entire heist in an hour with a good team and these methods. Another thing I forgot to mention in the video is that once you complete the finale you can skip the 1 hour wait time to play the heist again by restarting the game. -Music used:Doctor Vox-Frontier

Jakovjd Delač
"Sori for my bad england"
The division gamer99 98
12:38 porn time
Who else cracked up when it said “ho hes” 😂😂
Rockstar logic: Robbing little bank Fleeca - take armoured Kuruma and the Cargobob with magnet to avoid cops Robbing the biggest bank in LS Pacific Standart - take bikes and ride half of the map so you will lose much money on the way
5:55 when mom finds the pee drawer
Listen to the music at 3:02 and watch how he collects the money. It’s in sync.
Matts FN
It's a shame that the kuruma strategy has been patched. Used to be the best way to earn millions in GTA.
Lukas Herzog
4:27 The Player Ho Hes Money😂
SROrel Games
Ho hes manie not mustnt get hurted bacause tha monay wyll foll eway Edit: Ho laiked diz coment iz gud thenkz
Lp Mit Edgar Titansteini
Ho hes = who has
“The player ho hes money stay in bank”
Daniel haziq
Lol bad english
”The player ho need to get to the Lectro” 🤣
Me: starts reinstalling GTA YouTube: recommends abunch of gta stuff Me: *insert that one image of a little blonde girl holding to revolvers in either directions*
*FBI wants to know your location.*
Lester's desire for style points with the bikes off the cliff just goes out the window
Cruz Espinoza
Wish I would've seen this a year ago
Alp Agat
Players:go straight to the boat Yellow dot: am i a joke to you
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Nice outfit, could u please make a tutorial for that outfit, thank you.
Even his english is bad But damn your teammates are better than mine
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You guys aren’t even humans HOWW THATS INSANE my teammate leaves with 1.096.000 every timee
Eva Krumina
Of course you have a super loud song thats really outdated because people used that song in like 2011
Marc G
Its not necessary for the person who gets the Lectro to drive around on it for 5-7 secs. He can simply blow them all up and then kill himself. Also, the easiest way to do this is to get a helicopter and park it by Laguna apartments before going inside the bank
blaze matte
Okay. Ho hes and ur outro made me cry
Caty Catalin
it's impossible when you are a solitary guy without friends
So fortnite scammers left save the world and come to scam gta lol
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My man covered the money and team lives box with a subscribe box
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Learn how to spell before this
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this is not the easy way but the medium difficulty The easyway would be if you cut off with the helicopter.
Please upload more, you have really good content but I recommend taking English classes, a part from that, your channel’s really good and too underrated. You honestly deserve more subscribers.
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4:22 " The Player HO HES Money STAY IN BANK "
He Has Around 500 Million
Playmaker YGO
Totally agree, but most players are a bunch of idiots
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Nice vid man i like it
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Thumbnail stolen from Gypsy
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Yeah good but elite challenge?
50 subs?
Good united kingdom
I wish i still had friends that still play gta 5 😥
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Wow I’m gonna sub just for those edits that’s amazing😲
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Music Doctor Vox- Frontier Thank me later:-)
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who else noticed that his money just moved to other player. it’s just montage magic. he has done 2 pacific jobs and cut it into video
I’ve only played gta online once
3:03 this music perfectly goes with money grabbing lmao
Bro you have take the damage
Jamie richrdz
Thanks for this!
Ultimate player
I had this idea as well but I didn’t think about killin myself and restarting
Lochlan Stacey
This strat still work???
papa nigga
Doing this randoms makes it difficult
Man why didn't my teammates know these before they ran out the bank trying to kill the floor
UnitedHumanDominionAirforce ?
Do the bike under map glitch
4:30 lol ”Ho Hes” but good video man!
Did u steal the thumbnail from Gypsy
Kozos110 Vlog csati
You can do that with kuruma!(armored) buy a House front the bike and go garage and sit in and go to the boat but this change is a Good one
Elite Agentin
does the trick work in 2019?
Tipul Pistolar ツ
I want to at least just escape XD
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At least we got bogdan problem now
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Lol,I thought is was easy but i fail every .. Moro .
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Can this work still?
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That outro,kill me
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Sory for bad engelishe
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This guy should stop focusing on gta and start to pick up on English spelling
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That’s actualy genius
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Or Just find a helicopter before going to the bank lol
unnecessary _sweat
This is patch now guys
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Your a god for this man
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Ur grammar 😂😂😂
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Good video, but the spelling wasn’t that good
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I think this video just helped me, because I have been trying to complete this heist for about a couple years
Relexious -
Good old days
Kozos110 Vlog csati
Hi how to do red eyes and how Can buy this supreme hodies w red?
Zvinins 777
Gamer tag Rxssian-OZ-
Song? Also great video.
Jack Cookson
I told people that but they didn’t believe me
Jordan Mynes
Anyone on xbox add me for heist finale one spot left(gamer tag)- jordanmynes67
13:12 *Womans want to know your location*
And your outro is rlly loud
Bailey The Artist!
Does this still work??
The most important thing is not to kill any of the citizens. If you kill one there will come armoured trucks, to help the police.
No offense man but ur grammar is kind of off but u did good👍🏽
Does anyone know if the closing glitch still works? I believe the car and helicopter still work just don't think the "quitting" part works anymore
Yoboii Chance
I’m in that same crew
Daweres LP
Nice I use this tactic before I know this video, iam happy that someone make video to help others
Sir may i say i think you forgot the W!!
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Anyone else notice the nodded backpack like if so comment if not
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Ayyyyy yo does it still work
Who play mcfortnite at McDonald’s
You stole Gypsy's thumbnail
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Thanks man ive been making a lot of money because of this just subbed
Madara Got You Wet
If you blow up the bikes and then suicide and all team mates spawn there is it still working now days or nah??
- RoxxZyy -
lol u dont have to drive to the bridge? 😍
Mayrlon Gramajo
Hes 😂 stay in the bank . He stay inside the bank .
Baraa Khan
My friends and I do it faster , when you get the kuruma you could keep it at the side of the bank
Can I play with you please
Kee Shyy
How do we get this mission though ?
random account
Does this still work?