Keb' Mo' Lullaby Baby Blues

Album: Just Like You Audio CD (June 18, 1996) Original Release Date: June 18, 1996 Number of Discs: 1 Label: Sony ASIN: B000002BAQ

Natasha Hockley
I found this song when I was 14 and knew this is the song I would sing to my children when I was grown. I now have a 9, 6, and 3 yr old.. I sang this to them from the moment they were born and still do almost every night! They know all the words by heart and I'm sure they will sing this to their babies too <3
Sara Bautista
My sons is name Bleu (French spelling) I think this song is perfect to put him to sleep to.
Chuck Heppner
👶 Keb' Mo' Lullaby Baby Blues 👶   Lullaby Baby Blue Time to kick off your walkin' shoes And hug the pillow on your bed And lay down your sleepy head Hush now no need to talk Hear the ticking of the clock Stars that twinkle, stars that shine Dream and you'll have wings to fly Goodnight, baby blues Close your eyes, baby blues The moonlit sky watches over you So close your eyes, baby blues Lullaby baby blues Time to kick off your walkin' shoes And hug the pillow on your bed And lay down your sleepy head Goodnight, baby blues Close your eyes, baby blues The moonlit sky watches over you So close your eyes, baby blues, baby blues
Ahh... I used to listen to this every night when I was younger.
Ernesto Zinkman
my grandchildren can not hear enough of it. for I even started singing that. opa sing please lullaby!
Robert Kubarych
I can't wait to play this for my grandchildren or a child.
Louise Frayn
a real lullaby and a great voice singing it
When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. –Proverbs 3:24 . . . . Amen, Will
Brian Thurston
touches my soul. thank you. so sweet
Erik Helgan
hey does keb have more of this kinda stuff Im not much a blues person i like the folky finger picked kinda stuff
Emily Blumenfield
My dad used to play this for me when i was little. Definitely brings back memories.
Great song!!
Rozanne Gates
Love this song.
Tim Zuercher
great song pretty
"Awesome" just doesn't quite cut it!! Wonderful, sweet and soothing-ly Awesome .... Is getting a little closer. Just Thanks!!!! It was just what I needed tonight!
@Jennypentaru your comment moved my wife and she was filling up reading it to me. We played this more when our wee one was small but have it on again just now. It calms our wee one down.
I've been singing this song to my three-year old most nights since she was born. She sings it back to me often, and I've even caught her singing it to her dolly. Recently I've been working night shifts, and after coming back tearful from a very stressful one, she came into my room just after I'd settled, stroked my hair and sang this to me. It made my life.
Martin WJ Elliott
As I came into this world, his songs were the first songs I ever heard... and still are my favourite.
been Keb fan since this album was relerased and this is the best track on it.. too bad it took 20 years for others to recognize his talent. I wish he would play this song LIVE,..
Barbara Williams
I want a grandbaby just to sing this song to.
Love it!
my parents used to sing me to sleep with dis i slept...well like a baby i wuv it
Jarrett McFarlane
this is mom again forgot to mention it was blus wedding we played this song
Jarrett McFarlane
my sons name is blu and this is the song we danced to.both had tears. unfortunately the dj scratched thecd and i havent found the money for a new one .this was almost ten years ago and the marriage failed but blu and i will always remember that song and
simply beautiful
Trop belle !!!
Dj Zemenick
So lovely. Just bought one of his albums and he's great. Now I'm listening to some of his YouTube videos to see which CD I want next.
Mike Yancey
What a talent a true talent
Golden slumbers kiss your eyes, Smiles awake you when you rise.”  Thomas Dekker
“So, fall asleep love, loved by me... for I know love, I am loved by thee.” Robert Browning . . . . . Will
Branko Kindl
shawnoo weldsparks
sang this to my son since infancy till 3 or 4 yrs.....lost the cd shortly after.....last week same 20yrs son hears it on my playlist ...Loves It!... Again!.... but doesn't appreciate my singing anymore
I used this at my Mom's departure ceremonies.
Greg Hanmer
My sister died at 44 years old and I chose this song as the last in her funeral. She had such great baby blue eyes and this song really summed it up. I folded in an emotional mess into the waiting arms of a cousins of mine (Patsy) thankfully otherwise would have been a mess. This song as perfect for her however and I thank you Keb Mo for the incredible words and emotion.
Rae Ringhofer
such a pleasure to come across this song!
Ethan Little
I grew up listening to this song every night before bed and was only played once becasue it was on a cd with other lullabyes but i always waited for this one to come on and id fall asleep. Thanks for the great memories Keb. Im now 16 and still listen!
Sarah Mullins
If Brian Jones were still alive, since he loves the blues, this song would be perfect for him in case he has sleeping problems.
Wendy Dhillon
what a lovely song!
Kieth Secrist
Any song which evokes feelings is a great song.....this song evokes a mountain of feelings