Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance - Fatality Show [Gameboy Advance]

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This is my special fatality show of mortal kombat deadly alliance the gameboy advance version. It contains each fatality of the gameboy version. The GBA version has 12 charakters and each of them has one fatality. Edited & Presented by GrandMaster T.R.S. CHECK THIS LINK FOR A COMPLETE GUIDE ABOUT MKDA: (GBA Version) /> />Enjoy the show

Voan Siam
If you play this game on the actual Game Boy Advance, GBA SP, or GB Micro, the game actually look 10x better. The scanlines on those systems smooth out the pixelations so you get clearer details on the characters and the background. Play this on emulator and Game Boy Player and you will only get a ton of pixelated mess instead. Both MK Deadly Alliance and MK Tournament Edition for GBA were meant to be play on handheld and handheld only.
Big Buddy
the nostalgia is real
Ademir Galindo
Como los ases
what buttonts to fatalities
marzuki antara
kung lao fatality control?
Keanu Excel Kaban
where is cyrax
what does "away" mean cuz i want to do sonya's and scorpion's fatalitys
I've write it in our forum at in english. We understand you in english too. Just register yourself to our community for free to get access to all areas. :)
Sawo Play Games
but this site is in german can't you just write ? plz
Sawo Play Games
Hey buddy check the link into the description of this video for a complete guide of all finsihers and some more informations about the game (GBA version). Check the link one of the best MK Fan pages @ the web. Check it out. :)
Synxonized Kyaos
Is it just me or was this game's Shao Kahn announcer a little cheesy?
Jon Spinac
The only "Fatality" in this here game, is the game itself ...
Sawo Play Games
can u write how to do ?
Funny :)
Nacho Victorino
in 2011 i was have got this game
Yes only one.
Alex Jones
Is there only 1 per character?
@hyperflame10200 just press down, up + B with Kenshi after the finish him message at the end of a battle. :)
@hyperflame10200 no its just a presantation of all fatalities from the GBA version. :)
i did fatality with kenshi but i dont know how 2 do it
i thought this was a how to video
Spiritual Gangster
@GrandMasterTRS which link ?
he sounds liek the voice guy from crash bash xD
Quigon-Gin and Juice
omg they couldve made it with better sprites
Henry Ashtran
1. 3:04 and i.m sure is this not fatality in deadly aliance 2. is not kitana in deadly aliance 3:13 3. kung lao throw hat in head 4. 4:02 not happened (happened simple kick)
1:33 is not this fatality in deadly aliance:D
It's the same fucking shit, stomp and and stomp. Console one is far better.
The Gba version looks kind of crappy and WAY less bloody
Tyrik Flood-Feaster
I hate this Game for Killing Liu Kang and Shao Kahn.They are my Favorite Characters in Mortal Kombat Unchained.Fuck Deadly Alliance.
@zolleen Hey check this link.^^ There you can find the combinations for a fatality.
i dont know which button to click to do a fatality in this game for my gameboy :-(
fuckin game cube the xbox and ps2 are good
Wow nothing new just rehasing the console MK DA fatalities.
Hey the tournament edition fatality show is online so check it out^^
coming soon ;-)
yes I know but it makes fun to play a 3D mk on the gameboy ;-)
Armon Tawakalzada
Worst fatalities of any fatalities