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Tunisia is located only a few kilometres away from Sicily, the Roman influence is therefore still very obvious. In 800BC the Punic Tunis was only a small village in a shadow of Carthage. Today, Tunis is a modern city with 1,2 Million inhabitants. Where ever we look the Tunisian flag hoisted everywhere. The five columns of Islam, the state religion of Tunisia, are symbolized by a pentacle . The Muslims believe in God being the only one and Mohammad being his prophet. The teaching of Allah calls the faithful to pray, to fast, to give alms and to make pilgrimage to Mecca.

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Mohsen Mkadem
tunisia is very peaceful country i was born there and i lived there 27 years of my life i visited in 2012 for a mounth and i want go back as soon as i can.tunisian people are kind, welcoming , and the most educated people in the planet this is a truth they know a lot about history and geography and politic literacy is almost don't exist ,they speak arabic ,french, english some speak German and Italian too.i love my country tunisia .
bog Zeudon
"Berbers" or "Amazigh", Not "barbarians"
Abdul Moeed
As Salam Alekum to all my brothers and sisters from Tunisia. I am from Islamabad the capital of Pakistan. Sending love and respect from Pakistan. We consider Tunisia as our Islamic brother. Cheers
I been tunisia twice wud recommend it to anyone.
David Allen
The women are attractive from this country, Star Wars were filmed here
Arif Moosa
Assalam alaikum my brothers and sisters im Arif moosa from india lots of love and respect to you my islamic brothers and sisters
Mohammad Asif
Good video, Tunesia is a nice n beautiful on the 🌍 earth. Tunisian people are also nice n kind. I would love to visit Tunisia next month Insha Allah.
Alanis johnson
I going hoilday tunisia in summer this with nannan and grandad that,s my frist time i going xx
Alyssa Muniz
Very well done. I'm going to Djerba, Tunisia in about two days! Very excited :)
Carthage = Tunesia!
Elselina Ben Hadj Ahmed
my husband lives in Tunesia! love Tunesia..
Gav Stain
I've enjoyed watching that, thank you. One criticism that I have to share is that your watermark on the top left of the screen, could have been much smaller as it is extremely distracting.
What an amazing place. very exotic. would love to visit oneday, God willing.
saif trabelsi
Berbers not barbarians !!!!!!!!!!!
oussama saafi
berbers not barbarians!!!!
Irish Najma
Beautiful Tunisia
Kaydance Perkins
my teacher said to go on this and I love it
Irfan T
Love to visit tunisia someday.
Yogagama Effendi
Subhanallah , it is wonderful
Mustafa Kamal
beautiful and that part the barbarians, their lifestyle and dwellings strange and interesting. lovely tunisia
Aitor Navarro
Sounds like Daniel Craig is narrating 🤔
Kaydance Perkins
They have cool hats when I mean cool I mean cool because I have great tast in style
Aziz Hathout
Train or air conditioned buses. There s both a train and bus station in the capital with daily commutes . Enjoy !
Aziz Hathout
Train or air conditioned buses. There s both a train and bus station in the capital with daily commutes . Enjoy !
Bean Baby
barbarian bɑːˈbɛːrɪən noun 1. (in ancient times) a member of a people not belonging to one of the great civilizations (Greek, Roman, Christian). "the city was besieged by the barbarians" adjective 1. relating to ancient barbarians. "barbarian invasions"
Karim Khedher
Love tunisa
Yati Yahya
why cant we have respect ? i m going to tunisia in october. such a beautiful country all Allah given.
Tunisia/تونس أمازيغية/Amazigh
Tunisia amazigh's
Well done! I loved this. I look forward to watching more in this series.
Red Bull
🌂every ayatollah 😉
erica crokin
3 more weeks =D
Linda J
Great video...
Ryan Herich
Ahna Kennedy
The makers of this film ignorantly describe the Berber people are Barbarians. Can you imagine?? They are NOT the same thing. Berber people are the original inhabitants of North Africa, and refer to themselves as Amazigh. (NOT Barbarian) 
Keith L.
Lately, whenever I want to read good news, I just google 'Tunisia.'
Francisco Neto
Tunisia are ISIS
Amanda de la Rosa
Nice place, cool research, useless facts, facts... boring. We want to see experiences in Tunisia, not only facts.
Trabelsi Hamza
ya3tik essa7a cthajja3 3assiye7a bess5att , matfakkerch ki ta7ki klem kima hakka !!!
Jane Doe
Thank you so much for sharing as I can only afford to dream and watch it. I can travel the world through your videos. Hope you post more.
Tunisino Man
Good Video ...Thinks :)
Beautiful city and country. I would like to visit it some day.
Seek Truth
i love Tunisia \m/
Anna krysiak
chce tam teraz być
Anna krysiak
cudowne miejsce
Ghassen MatrixKC
Mate I believe you visited Tunisia before the revolution no? Because indeed,Tunisia before revolution was quite amazing and a great place for tourism but now thanks to our new government,Tunisia is suffering and what not.However Tunisian didn't change they still have the same values and they're the nicest people,as you said earlier man.
Can you make your logo 10 times more bigger! I can hardly see it 0_o
tunisia the best place on earth
vidhata bachem
Is it the same country which went bankrupt last month?
Jaouhar J
No matter what you believe in come and visit Tunisia! You'll be more than welcome!
Fatma Ben Ghazala
I'm a proud Tunisian <3 <3
Once upon a time, there was a peaceful country called Tunisia. Thank you, this brought back some good memories.
Daria Mnakbi
i love tunisia!!! its best place in the world!!!!!!!!
CA Aymen
this is my country i love u TUNISIA
Ghassen MatrixKC
Whenever I see my precious Tunisia after the revolution i feel sad and heart broken. Each and every Tunisian thought that after this blessing revolution,Tunisia future will be brighter and happier.But no! the only thing we gained was our freedom and that's it.I personally think that Tunisia was much more peaceful and stable before the revolution, I mean yes we lived in the dictatorship and Injustice but at least we lived quietly with cheap prices and good education.I really miss old Tunisia :(
Geez what's wrong with you?
Dani Carter
romdhani mod
ahahahahahahaahhaha idiot
Syrine tounseya
Allah ysamhek .
Supa Nova
Forget Tunisia, go to Morocco instead.....its so much better!
Thoroughly enjoyed this video - will certainly return to Tunisia to see more in person.
adam smith
Tunisia is such an amazing place, wanna go back really bad, this video is awesome too.i saw a good video for Tunisia on the directline-holidays page too:)
mannou bay
My lovely country is big by its history and its special geography, i can't imagine my self in any athor place...We have the see, the mountain, the desert and many other gifts that god has given us...Viva Tunisia <3
155km isn't exactly far..
Frank Blangeard
'A few kilometers away from Sicily' is actally about 155 km (96) miles.
welcome :)
why i did not know about this before mama !!!
Paloma Um_Balqees
<3 it ! I'm coming in MAY ! Can't wait
intresting video but I agree about the narrator I will visit again some day !!!
What's that stupid thing in the top left of the video? ;(