NBA Indiana Pacers Vs Miami Heat - Game 7 | 3rd June 2013 | Eastern Conference Finals 2013

LeBron James scores 32 points and grabs eight rebounds as Miami Knocks off Indiana in Game 7.

Ruiz Olivieira
The original pacers squad was GEORGE.HIBBERT.LANCE.HILL and WEST man strong as a mtf
Everett Seals
I dont care what nobody says paul George is the next rising superstar u have to stop hating and give that man his credit just like kobe and Lebron got they credit at his age he is doing his Job well without granger and he don't have a shaq or an allstar team good stuff george!!!!
this rivalry was a slugfest
Anthony Bryant
Heat win Game 7
Jon S
Pacers just need Rondo.  A pass first point guard who plays solid defense.  They would be the team to beat in the East, but until then, Pacers are just another 7 game obstacle the Heat has to beat again to get to the finals.
you can bet your dollars that this definetlly aint the last time these teams meet up in the playoffs
John Isaac Waters
I could've sworn Granger was on this squad
Rudy Hill Jr
This proves what skip bayless said on first take when lebron,wade&bosh come to play indy can't deal with that
Ako Ikaw
heat 3peat !!
Brad Intentions
this series gave you a late 80s 90s feel or as close as you gonna get. Pacers hated the Heat, Heat hated the Pacers
Danny granger is overrated and if Greg Oden is healthy then Roy hibbert will be non exsistent on the offensive end. If u look at his stats against the heat they are signifigantly better than all his other games because the heat dont have a real center
My all-time favorite lebron playoff series
GP Patrol
lolololol mario chalmers was floopin' on the play. XD
TheTallguy isTall
If you look closely at 1:07 Wade travels... like he does on every possession...
If pacers won would they face spurs
Draško Dominiković
Haters are only insecure to miami heat.
Edwin Baez
3peat is coming
Alex Oh
He's not a superstar yet. I'd rather have Kawaii Leonard than Paul George. Hibbert and West make him look good.
hellz yeah!..=)
both ur teams got whooped jam16 ur fuckin pathetic!..HAHA!
Kim Walter
Poor george.. scored only 7 points with 2/7 field goals in a close out game.. What just happened to him?
ya sorry that's not gonna happen, hill is not true point guard, stephenson sucks, george is not better that lebron, west and hibbert will be the same, if oden is healthy forget about it.
granger is shit, pacers will get better cuz of cj watson and scola. But thy still won't get over the hump and beat miami.
Pacers need to go after Rudy gay, he does not want to be in Toronto and he would be a great fit on that team, Very solid all around player.
Pacers lack a true point guard. George Hill is more of a 2 guard. Once they fix that problem they're the best team
naomi izedonmwen
Wat the hell is your point wen dranger was there they only made to a game 6 without him they made to 7 so wtf is your,Logic here
J Gio Sanchez
Excited to see Miami cry to Indiana next season, gotten alot better this offseason got Luis schola,Chris Copeland,Cj Watson and granger is coming back and gotten more experienced from last season.2014 champions!!!
Yah you're right
With Granger they will all fucked up because Danny was a selfish basketball Player. all he wanted to do is to make a Quarrel, and fighting all other players in the NBA same as with Paul George
what a stupid logic ,yea it took 7 games for the Heat to beat the Pacers, just like it took the Lakers 7 games to beat the Kings in 2002, just like it took the Spurs 7 games to beat a Piston team with no superstars in 2005, that can be applied to a lot of teams
Ross McAdoo
With Granger this would be a closer game.
kim philip lacanilao
I hate that game no physical defense for the pacers that was a game looks like a exhibition game.fuck pacers
Vinu George
lol u mean the way the heat pooped on the knicks in 2012?
Vinu George
canibizle777 is bad luck brian, he wanted the heat to lose and they ended up winning? am i right?
Yeah a lucky stacked team. Needs luck to win..smh
How the hell did PaulG get fouled out wit chris andersen the nba made sure that the heat were supposed to win thay game
Paul George is 6'9 and Lebron is 6'8 so Paul G should play at 3 and Granger at 2 or Sixth man
Rob Stark
Lucky and stacked are oxymorons in the nba
You don't get it kid. Beasting is not beating an opponent in 7 games.
Yes a lot of it had to do with luck but don't underrate Spurs and Pacers. Spurs only have 2 or 3 old players but they played at high levels. Parker is only 31 and still in his prime and was able to score a lot. Pacers are a young a deep team with a rising star in Paul George.
You call that beast? More like luck. Elite teams don't need 7 games to beat a Indiana team who has NO SUPERSTARS or an OLD Spurs team. Considered them a lucky stacked team.
Pacers got Luis Scola.. Things looking bad for the King at this rate. Unless Bulls knock off Pacers for Heat lebron gonna do some REAL GRINDING
Nabilah Sayeed
Heat would've gotten swept
Nabilah Sayeed
It it were the knicks vs the heat...
The Heat won 2 game 7s...what a beast team.
pacers deserved to win that series, but next year i believe they could beat miami, they blew the first game and got pressured game 7 and there a young team so theyre learn and improve from last season
glad Heat eliminated them
lester delos santos
D BEsT Miami
No top comment ? My time to shine
I know YA'LL fucked up!!! Heat are the Champs! HAHAHA!..=)
yeah still replyin.. thats what I thought..
Raina Davis
why do you hate the Heat.
Rannie Lavapiez
talo kau mga pacers,,haha
Meryll Visca
Go indiana!!!
Go Heat!
2013 NBA Champions Miami Heat!!!!.=)
The Spurs really wanted to win this game for sure. But their going to be tuckered out and the Heat will be pumped up. It's pretty cool that there will be a game 7, makes for good suspense.
Iesha Ford
go heat go
Iesha Ford
this 963
if you say so, but why make the score line the most embarrassing blow out in nba finals history? haha. the excuses are getting pathetic.
I think the Heat let this series go 7 games just to stay in shape and ready for the Spurs.
tamaraw lebron james
jacob hecht
Miami heat is unstopable
Rahul Haridev
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jonh dizon
nice block lebron
No chance at eating my words, Miami's just that good. Even if they lose game 2, I still get to see them repeat their 2006 championship. I just want it to be a competitive championship series.
hope you're right, for your sake. otherwise you'll be eating your words.
The real outcome will be another ring 4 Lebron & company.
how can you say its rigged, then say "go spurs". fuckin idiot. if its rigged, you dont fuckin watch it.
if you believe that, then dont watch it. watch WWE.
fuck off, idiot. stop watching NBA if you truly believe its WWE
i love how people are so un humble and talk way to soon, like it is fact. haha! makes them look super stupid when the real outcome accours.
I'm loving it, just one more win Sunday & then the real basketball begins. However I'm not that lucky, Miami will probably blow them out.
bea jucom
airies aqoh
spurs in game 5.. old but sure
san antonio should thanks to indiana
ah... ? they just lost.
was it worth the wait? haha!
Don't cry, heats fans^^
yeah, why do you'll whine?
did you get enough rest? HAHA!
kim philip lacanilao
Boring game 7 ever
rafira peralta
el papa del basket : Lebron james :D
hendon edgware
My aunt phone me in america and its miami leads 91-70 in the 4th quarter
hendon edgware
My aunt phone me in america and its my leads 91-70 in the 4th quarter
Lynneee Sings
Go james
Go to hell, Pacers!
Rancid C.Agudo
bakla ako
Rancid C.Agudo
tae ako
Rancid C.Agudo
baho pwt ko
song name?
mark boyonas
AndersEn,wAde,aLLen,JaMes Idol..
mark boyonas
IdOl Lebron Jame GALing HAnga Ako SAayu lebRon Jame .
lorenzo ruiz
Hutch Dime siacan
go go miami..........
hendon edgware
The birdman and ray "the hitman" allen is the only key player to beat sputs
Lebron needs Wade,Bosh and Ray Allen to win a championship
Marven Aclo
fucking good game...bravo maestro...gogogogo power heat