History Of Cyrax Mortal Kombat X

Mustard has arrived on the scene! Watch as one of my favourite cyborgs is forced to fight his way through his opponents as he struggles to find his own humanity! Competition Email:[email protected]ail.com Follow me />Watch me stream at

Abbey Lim
Cyrax - Mustard Sektor - Ketchup Scorpion - toasty
I'm still depressed that Cyrax died.
Kurtis Stryker
RIP, Cyrax. Sektor can go screw himself.
I don't know why, but for some reason I kind of thought Cyrax was from Jamaica rather than Botswana. Maybe it was the dreadlocks? Oh well. I hope they bring back Cyrax. I agree, he is an awesome and underdeveloped character. Plus he had a pulse blade aka lightsaber as a weapon!! Who doesn't like lightsabers? :)
........AND HIS NAME IS SHAO CENA!!!!!!!
My God. Cyrax. he truly understand of humanity and he truly is a warrior. I hope there is another Cyrax somewhere.
Michael Mayhew
Cyrax is my favorite
Nightwolf Lover
Nightwolf is really handsome.
Seeing Human Cyrax and Sektor was one of my favorite parts from MK9.
That John Cena part almost caused Me to Take off My Shades!
Drason Vender
Human Cyrax for Mk11
Buzwani Mphala
How proud am I to have Cyrax come from my home country
Dragonmaster 226
Anybody watching this after kombat pack 2
Rose Supreme
Nice video! Hope you don't mind me asking... what's the intro song?
Wing Adept
We seriously need some history behind some of the villains. And by villans I mean guys like Quan Chi, Shang Tsung, and Shao Khan! Hell even Onaga! These are key characters in the MK timeline!
Mah Boi Cyrax! Sucks he blew himself up, though.
Cyrax is one of my favorites
OMG thank you for doing Cyrax!!!!!!!
SKELLY The Sauce King
I really hope he becomes human again and is good!
Christina Wetherington
Do a history behind Motaro
do history behind baraka
My boy Cyrax!!! ,anyone om here who plays ps4, dont want any.. Team Cyrax Lets Go'
Nevvon Dennis
R.I.P., Cyrax.
Johnny Boy
I love cyrax can't wait to see him in kp2!
they removed my favorite charater because he's modist. I believe he should be rebuilt
R.I.P Cyrax
Kitana fan
Can you do history of Tanya
Mongol Steve
Yes! Cyrax is one of my favorite kharacters!
Personally, I think Cyrax should’ve lived, he didn’t have to be a playable character in Mkx but I would like him to still be alive and participate in future events, while Sub Zero is the leader of the Lin kuei
yoongi_ felix
I love Cyrax!!!!!!😍😍😍😍
why was the lin kuei allowed to represent outworld even though they are from earthrealm? I know bo rai cho wanted to fight for earthrealm but he could not since he's from out world
background song?
Usi Playz/lots more
+History behind the warrior is Cyrax,SEKTORandcybersubzero Owed by Triborg
XXM Montana67
I had no idea cyrax was black
Rick Steve
This episode reminds me to go buy some Mustard. Awesome Video!
Khaos Dragon
DopeSmokeKingbud 2k
i saw a easter egg
anyone here after seeing the new Mortal Kombat 11 trailer featuring Cyrax and Sektor returning to the game roster
Dylan Nicholson
Cyrax was most likely *captured* I wouldn't say he agreed to the Cyber Initiative because why would you argue with someone you're against and then just accept it later like its nothing? Cyrax is a fierce warrior like Sub Zero so he obviously fought against it. But probably lost.
Do Sektor!!!
Jacklene Taylor
I like cyrax human form
Hope Village Films
Peter Giese
So, you did Cyrax, but no Sektor. You know, you left out a few characters in the MK Universe. There's also Sheeva, Kabal, and Tanya.
Al Malone
Wait so how was tri Borg formed
SirMilky III
If anyone say the Armageddon intro you would know this part. 2:55 *"screw you"*
Quan Chi and Kabal! Brilliant characters that need covering
Cyrax dies only in the comic, in Mortal Kombat X he actually becomes Triborg (get it? 3 cyborgs - Smoke, Cyrax, Sektor)
History behind the warrior love ur vids
Cyrax > Sektor
Fahedul Islam
Keep going, your doing great, I really enjoy this channel.
I really hope we get these cyborgs in the next game, and hey where's Sektor? BTW where'd you find that last clip of Cryax?
President of the Secrete Sankcake Server
3:18 *BOY*
History of Chameleon??
Rose Supreme
What's the intro song?
My favorite character, after Hanzo and Kenshi, Dead and gone... at last until Triborg
Antonio Alba
Could you please do Tanya next? She's now my favorite kunoichi?
song from 8:00 ?
I've always been partial to Sektor but I'm sure NRS has more plans for Cyrax. Surely he won't just end with Triborg.
Cookie Boi Boi
3 years later cyrax is here... Wait what? He died? Oh nevermind
who is with me on this. after shao khan the video is about... SHANG TSUNG OR QUAN CHI!!!!
victor alvarez
u should be happy now cyrax is back in kp2 but as triborg/smoke/sektor
ifeellikeaflamingo98 OwO
who is your fav mkx charater mines cyrax
????? ?????
Your channel is pretty cool. But I'm wondering if you'll start doing fighters from Soul Calibur or Killer Instinct.
Tobi Helsing
Where did that Sektor/Cyrax scene at the end of the video come from
Notgoodwithnames Apparently
You called Bi-Han, Sektor and Cyrax ninjas? Lin Kuei are NOT ninjas. 😂
hannibal barca
Thanks for all the cool history behind the warrior bro and congrats on reaching 50000 subscribers. Keep up the good work.
Rizer Stake
Not a /Huge/ MK fan, so..Where are the last scenes from where Cyrax and Sektor fight that Lin Kuei cyborg?
Unstoppable Rage
Do onaga 😩
if sektor and cyrax were ketchup and mustard, respectively, what was smoke? Gravy?
Cyrax was my favorite character from MK3, im sadden my fav character has been written off but then again this is MK we're talking about. he will return at some point.
Adralin Starks
Cyrax is not dead He is triborg
Hi Uncle Terry
Please do Kanal
Great video! It was well put together and organized with lots of information.
I send you the jason one
SEptIk FIngEr
Do sketor
last episode with Jax mad me think... You said MK9 had 1,2, and 3 in it. So isn't MKX technically the reboot of MK4?
"to the fundal god"
Gary Baker
Does any one knows the background musics in this video?
wipeout tings
love ur vids when are u gonna stream
PleaseJustRage Gaming
I thought jax and Sonya round him in the Desert
Johnny Kinard
You are doing some very good work. Keep it up!
thantoes god of death
Actually cyrax, smoke, and sektor are revived as tri-borg
Robert Kraner
Let's see sektor
Do sektor
MaTT DErp23
When you find out Cyrax is Black ¬.Г I know I was shocked for some reason and also confused on how he could use his robot powers with his human form costume things
Cathy Hays
cyrax is tri-borg
S Selvakumar
Plz sekor
James Mullins
Do a history of hidro
Ghost Warrior 38
question. where did this live action segment with Cyra and Sector come from
Scary Anti-Vax Kid
All right. Now do ketchup! Do Sektor!
5:54 *Sub zero was defeated by Scorpian
id caree
So we got ketchup, mustard, smoke, and snow.
MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS 1. Kabal 2. Night wolf 3. Cyrax 4. Ermac 5. Raiden 6. Shang Tsung 7. Ashrah 8. Jade 9. I don't know her name, the old queen of edenia, it's not tonya, but her special power is screaming in someone's ear 10. Goro
Cancerous commenter
NO JOHN CENA!? You my friend will be suplexed into next weeo
Liam White
cyrax is my 2nd fave character. 1st is ermac!
Do John Cena next for real tho
can I get 1200 subs with no videos
I always thought cyrax was bad but nope