Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 - Full Show

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The Junior Eurovision Song Contest of 2010 took place in Minsk, Belarus and was won by Vladimir Arzumanyan from Armenia

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Danni Hjøllund Karjaälainen
Congratulation Hayastan 😘😘😘I remember so much
Harut Hovhannisyan
Armenia ❤ Vladimir is in Army now,wish him peaceful nights.Well done
Sergey Hovhannisian
yesss Armenia won
Adяιαиα Sταмεикσvιc
The year when my country was Winner <3
Best winner for me❤
Deniz NL
One of my favourite years, where almost everyone was amazing!
• Elina •
Armenia 😍😍
ESC Arman
The best winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest
Narek Mikayelyan
The best JESC winner
Mery Margaryan
This was a good show, I like the winner but my favourite was FYR Macedonia
One of the best jesc's because its almost 100% core idea not like 2016's jesc what just was the worst
Artak Artak
Armenia super....
I think Belarus put on the best show in JESC history. What a grand stadium!
Max Hacks
a beautiful country
Vahe Miqayelyan
Armenia 😘😘😘😘
Mercedes Swirl
Please upload all jesc!
ESC Lazar
Čarobna noć!! <3
Hannah de bruin
like als je dit kijkt in 2017
Mercedes Swirl
Omg click at 1:27:05 and enjoy
Do u guys think Belarus will do as good as this. This year
Liam Holton
Are you going to be uploading all the contests from each year?
Pınar Özoral
Best winner for me <3
Jane Weasley
My favourites were Georgia, Russia and Macedonia that year. The winner was OK.
Sergey Asikyan
The best winner
Sun&Moon Covers
Anja Veterova was the best C:
Peto Martirosyan
bravo ARMENI
I think nobody watched full video because it is 2 hours and this is uploaded before 0 mins like if u agree
Rick Velthoven
Netherlands; 12 points go to belgium Presenrator: wow how unexpected LOL
Tarber Tv
Michał Prędota
One of the best shows in the history of the contest :)
Misha Engibaryan
My Armeniaaaa🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘
Alex Schmidt
My favourite was F.Y.R. Macedonia😀
Mil Sadoyan
Aric Const
Mari Dari got 12 points from me (Russia)
Milena Mirumyan
Armenia you are the best!! I Love YOU so much! It's so cool
Samvel Barseghyan Brabus
ARMENIA 🇦🇲🇦🇲💪🇦🇲💪💪🇦🇲💪🇦🇲💪
Liam Holton
I kinda noticed that one of his dancers looked a lot like Gibby from iCarly!
Srdjan Gavrilović
My favourite year in jesc,such a good memories :)I can't even decide for my top 3
Jyky Krete
super early!!
my favourite part of the contest is 1:10:00 - 1:13:38 hehehe
Vincent Dolan
What about 2011 contest and the rest of the contests prior from 2009?
Edgar Gevorgyan
Best winner with fierce competition <3
TRG The Band
Russia was better
Lina Shahnazaryan
Moligey !
My favourites: Armenina and Moldova
This was a great year. The songs were really strong this year. Belarus put on a great show.
Belgarion de Riva
Why Maria Isabel is singing in playback? Did anyone notice?
Victor Efremov
FYR Macedonia ruined the voting.
Rip Gevorgyan
Proud to be Armenian❤️🇦🇲
Алеся Драздова
My favorite JESC because it took place in my city!!!!
Super me3 Bros.
This is great that the former competitions are being posted on the channel!  It really puts it all in one place for fans and supporters of the competition to see.  Keep up the great work!
Anna Kristine
Maria Isabel was lip syncing like CRAZY
Flower Power
the winner of the year 2003 became very very sexy
dot Tommy
Can you guys upload the full 2009 show please?
And 2011?
Marinka Inna Fan
Mama մամա
Sofi Meliksetyan
R.H Channel
Armenia ❤️ 🇦🇲
Manuel Luna
why is not uploaded the 2011 show?
Radu Bocicor
Jesc 2011??????
I want to go on JESC and give my country the best comeback and make it proud
N C T Z E N x E X O - L
you can put the 2009 contest also onlne because I want tho watch it lots of hearts from safiata
Даша конопелькина
здесь есть кто то из России ???
Maca Catalan
The Georgian girl ate too much sugar before going to stage
Sergio P.
my favourite was Moldova, Latvia and F.Y.R Macedonia
C7F5C 97
If Macedonia would have given Russia at least 3 points it would have won. Wow. The competition that year was very thought.
Famous stars In the world
Emanuele Fabbri
when Macedonia is the last to give the votes there are always surprises
Wait, are there people sitting behind the stage? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me?
Georgia - That song text
Claus Michael Fasting
What about 2011??
Max Hacks
I from Belarus
jacek wożniak
do more in 2009
Kayra Karamel
Mariam Hovhannisyan Best fun ,
Famous stars In the world
Armenia is the best
Salim Akhiat
2010 was one of the best shows.... i like armenia but, Georgia was my favourit...
EurovisionFan Alexa
BEST WINNER❤❤❤Vladimir is amazing,cute and pretty voice!But Macedonia,Latvia,Malta and The Netherlands is underrated!
Random ness
It`s rude to point Ksenia.1.32.02.
Duka Teunyaho
Очень обидно мне русскому,1 балл отделил нас от победы тогда)
Caution! Maltese performance can easily cause diabetes :)
то чувство, когда тут 6666 просмотров)
Why there are no Germany?
Lee&Vii SE
Рашка, как обычно, супер с:
Erik Erik
Dear hosts. When Belarus won over Armenia in 2007, no one mentioned that only one point seperated them. But why did you say "just one point between the second place and the winner"😕? It kind of spoils the victory and the glorious moment.
Donny Cral
just want to ask to add also the full show of the years 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011. could you please? waiting!
Georgia girl was screaming like mad, but it was ear rape in my ears, btw my favourite was Lithuania!
Naj Renchelf
These songs are just WAAAYY too much fun to not enjoy! Especially Georgia - I mean GOD DANG! 😂😃😍👏👏👏
Fantasy girl
this songs sounds like i heard them before but i didnt thats kind of creepy btw can someone explain me whats the difference between classic rehearshals and dress rehearshals?
Napattra Jira
Wow alexander rybak as interval act is best choice ever! As he is from belarus. Hope he'll come to Minsk in jesc 2018!
Cristiano__ Georgina
Why doesn't it suprise that there are pretty much no entries from GB? I mean, it's part of Europe...
Мне кажется, или Бзикеби поют под фанеру.