5 Ways To Conquer Sweep Picking (With Tabs)

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Shubham Poddar
I came to this video to see a hot girl who was sweep picking I'm not disappointed.
I want a part 2 🤘😁👍
David Conrad
Robert, I tried to follow some other sweep picking explanation on YouTube once and I couldn't get anywhere. This really made sense to me. I have a lot of practicing ahead of me, but I think this is really going to help me, especially the clear explanation of what the picking hand is doing, and starting with just two strings. Thank you!
Bryson Baker
lol that last example was Glasgow kiss
David Nwokoye
Yeah boiiii. Where's the magma guitar today. Ex 5 sounds like glascow kiss. Sorta.
Lachlan Hickford
Damn those licks at the start were tasty man, Love your playing!
learning to sweep has just 2 rules 1 - it takes time...a long time...so never give up 2 - practise SLOW...over and over and over again..slow...sweeping is all about muscle memory
Darrell McMillan
Keep 'em coming Robert. I love this stuff. I get a lot from your free lessons as well as your lesson packs.
I wish I had Robert & Youtube lessons when I was 16. Said, 63 y/o player me. 👍🏼
Brad Bunyan
Had to watch twice because I was laughing so much about the Seinfeld reference!
You kind of remind me of freddy fairhair
gregory macdonnell
@ Robert Baker There are 2 guys on you tube that I pay attention to as far as playing. I have been playing for 30+ yrs,and I find that EVERY time I watch one of your vids I come out the more wise than before watching. Your time and energy that is given for FREE is something I wish I had growing up ( no internet or celll phones in my teenage years!) I thank you and Doug Steele for keeping the music in me still flowing,after a few years of barely touching my rig!!!! You 2 dudes re-ignited the once boring state of depression ,and letting my callouses on my fingertips disappear ,I am back playing alot every day,and you were a part of that Robert!!!! So, Cheers!!\m/
iluvart 05
FaAaaaAaaantastic lol he cracks me up every time
tairy hestical
this video really helped me. thank you for sharing this knowledge. \m/
Mango Kyaw
This helps me a lot after years of randomly practicing.. Thanks a bunch Robert!
David Ahmad
I've never even seen a girl with hair as good as Robert Baker's XD.
Axl Black
Great, as always!
Thanks a ton for the wonderful lesson Robert. Loved it and deep gratitude. The last example [sounded like John Petrucci's Glasgow Kiss unknowingly ] which was a nice unconventional way of demonstrating on how to extract melody using the notes of a scale/ chord which was different from other standard major minor arpeggio shapes as in other lessons on you tube. Very well explained by you. Your link for the next video in the description is not working. Would love to see a continued Part 2 of this lesson series on You-tube . Stay blessed. :)
Double Black
I see we are going with the coffee cup now...... a la Henning. Nice
Luis Covers
i cant mute the strings while sweeping help :,c
Part 2 plz
Herwan Saputra
E major = glassgowkis. thanks for the lesson sir ! 👍
Serph Varna
Thanks for putting the time on when the lesson starts, keep doing that pls! :D gr8 vid btw
Aryan Bollinger
Awesome! Part 2 would be very appreciated! I know I may be in the minority here, but I would love to see a country-guitar-inspired sweep lick.
Michael Tuggey
Robert I was just working this tonight on my own, then came across this video! Jeez man thanks for the explanations! It helped so much! Please do a part 2.
Blast Goal
Mr. Baker your video is awesome always but who don't want to save the time.... If you can show tabs on the screen while you play it will be so great.
Αλεξ Κατι
Thank you for the lesson
Michael Anderson
Love this video. Number two plz. I enjoy learning from you. Thanks for all the cool content you do.
De Oppresso Liber
This is my practice until I master the sweep picking Perfect practice makes perfect
Trevor Hurd
Part 2 please!
Remon Vredebregt
part 1 is breaking my patience.... yeah, lets do a part 2 and let me go insane some more why i cannot play this like you do. thnx for the great tutorial and tabs
aLOYSiUS productions
Favorite sweep picking vid I’ve come across yet...thanks!
Cedric Jayme Jordan
Thank you for this sir baker :D
Hey robert!!! Is the giveaway ended??
Rain Prison
Thanks for teaching me sweep picking.
Shaurya ME
wow man great lesson, great tone too what amp do you use
Jacob Reichert
ex 5 sounded like Glasgow Kiss
Dana Boyd
This video has actually helped me out a lot more than most “pro” videos
Adonis Lajara
i could not find the tabs in your page
Glen Livingstone
Robert something that for me kind of throws me and i am sure its something you do without thinking about it,is when you go through showing individual finger positions you do a bend with vibrato but as you go through the full sequence you dont bend
Jacob Pennell
Robert.... I can't find the tab on your site? almost sad because i'm excited to learn more.
Mr.roastyonutsack Jr.
I like using an a minor arpeggio shape in dadgad tuning, it actually sounds pretty good imo
Awesome, as a bass player this can help as well for more interesting bass lines
youtubers are like girls on a date: they talk too much
I must say that this video has clarified a lot of issues I have been having with trying to sweep. Breaking it down like this really helps you understand what exactly you are doing. I've watched tons of other videos, and this one made it crystal clear to me. I already learned how to sweep from this, slowly, for now, of course, But I'm sweeping. So thank you very much for this very instructive video. Subbed.
Глеб Колков
Hi, Robert I have kind of an a advice on explaining the exercises and riffs . Why don't you call a note by it's name , instead of it's position on the neck? Or you could name a note and also it's position on the neck. I think it would be kinda cool and useful for those , who is studying notes on the guitar neck .
Jason Stallworth
Solid tips dude, thank you! We do have a tendency to be stronger at ‘down vs up.’ It’s definitely important to practice both! And the relaxed puck holding is essential (no death grip...unless of course you’re playing death metal!! )
George kourmou
i dont think that returning with an upstroke on a 3 string sweep is a bad thing its up to the person that is training the pattern if it suits you its fine i guess
Mark E
Thank you, this is really good
Excellent explanation!
David Mcgrew
I like that blue guitar.... looks nice..what brand?
5:26 Better terminology would be to take a cue from .38 Special: "Hold on Loosely, but don't let go" of your pick 😂
David Vecchione
Definitely want a part 2. Great video.
Daniel Kim
The metronome can not be stressed enough. Sweep picking is something I worked on for years and never saw progress until I started practicing with a metronome. And also when I figured out how little pressure I needed on the strings to get sound. Haven't really figured out how to put it to use, though, but at least its in my arsenal.
Deadric Gaming
Part 2 please
Serph Varna
Man i can do 5 string sweep no prob but im struggling so bad with 3 string ones
For Progress
Love that blue flat finish
Lawrence Garza
Robert, quick question. I'm an advanced guitar player and not well versed in using a metronome. What speed do you recommend I set it to begin? I've been "playing" for almost 30 years. 😂😂😂😂 Thanks!
Ionian Blue
Part 2? Bring it on!
gregory macdonnell
Robert, I cannot tell you the breath of fresh air to learning different ways of achieving guitar mastery. MESS YOU UP ROBERT LOL But seriously TY for you giving your own time to help out other players FREE! Yes you have a patreon (i had never heard of that until very recently) anyhoo...Keep up the good work brah!!!!!!
Donald Cunningham
Dude you always have great tone... do you remember what amp sim you were using here?
great stuff, appreciate your patience teaching us. how long did it take you to learn to sweep? then, how long till you were playing as fluid as now? great hair by the way, another fan
Jim Dewd Guitars
Plz make a part 2
Diogo Aguiar
I'am the 1000 like
5 Hour Spinnery
Why doesn't this have 100k likes?
Mark Claytor
Enjoy the sweep picking lessons. Nice joo
John Strader
Thickness of pick for sweeping???? Thanks!
sambo dutch
Joe Dirt, but you cool bro.
So reformed right now
awesome tutorial.check my tutorial out if you dont mind. i have a different way of looking at SP
Edi Gabrieli
I did follow all your instructions but find easier the arpeggio on six string rather than five, playing the lower E on the E string 12 fret. Make sense at all?
Don Sanchez
I'm having trouble on example two(so far). On the way down after the 10 on the b, the g won't shut up(it rings like I'm playing it open). How do you mute the string as you go? Palm? Thumb? 🤔
David B
this is the best tutorial for sweeping i've seen. very basic at first then you smoosh them together. makes sense and i can actually do it. i'm amazed i can do it because i never thought i could. actually playing it faster than i thought after only a few days of 5 minute practices. awesome video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you da man!
Awesome mann... 🤘🤘🤘👍
Jacob Fidler
What was the song in the background of the speaking part at the beginning?
Some people will never be able to do it no matter what they do. Some have the ability and some don't.
Niko Bellic
Part 2 please
Aritro Banerjee
The last one was basically Glasgow kiss
B Stone
It's the wood that makes it good.
Troy Theisen
Why don't you answer your email? I have a questions before I purchase a pack, and I have sent you two emails with no response. C'mon, bro. Please answer so I can purchase.
Max Dunn
God i wish i was as good as you
Rafael Sarges
Part 2, plz
Sonu Pramanick
a tip do not move your right hand from top to bottom to make the nail and clean it better
can you sweep with out a pick?
Roi Magik
7 to 12 on A string WTTT******!!!!!!!
Good man
Kaige McCullough
Randall Deynaka
Bagurk Bagurko
Part two plz
James Rockford
you aren't bad
Yeahimafreakofnature body and soul
Alec Arouh
great channel
gregory macdonnell
@ Robert Baker, Hey now brother!! Baaaad chicken!!!! yup yup! Listen bro, you help me break out of playing so modaly (is that a word?) the way you demonstrate sweep arpeggios it is made so easily understandable to a person who wants to start using more triads and to open the neck up a bit,as in thinking in ways ,for instance ,like chords. Your laid back approach is very easy to hang out with and ,for me, you are a damn good player. And I have been playing since the early 80`s!!!! So it goes to prove ,EVERYONE can continue learning those magic 6 strings and 22-24 frets!! Please keep on keepin on my brother!!! Peace !!!!
Hi Robert....i can't get this bright powerful sound. Which effects are you using?
Michael Dietrich
Is anyone else having some trouble😁
Christopher Walker
What guitar is that? Its well....I wants dat What tone you got? Its berry good. You fast...mmmmm I hate you
That intro was beautiful budy
Bro ... Your studio is looking pretty sweet!
Ed Boy
When you want to practice sweeps but you don't have a e string , and to broke to buy a new set ....
Oran's Take Over
I want a part number 2!! I only know one sweeping arpeggio and i would love to go beyond and actually be able to improvise and include sweeping into scale runs