2017 Mercedes V Class - More Space with S Class Luxury? V250d AMG Long Review and POV Drive

Welcome to my Channel, MercBenzKing! Follow/Share/Like For more /> Hey Guys, here I review and test drive the new Mercedes-Benz V Class V250 d BlueTEC Long version with AMG package and Prestige. 360 degrees camera and more! Beautiful luxury MPV. V klasse How does it perform ? Watch our other videos on the MercBenzKing page. This MPV has a total length of 5.14 meters. In another video I show the options of the new V Class: - POV driving - Parking assist - Lane keeping assist - Night drive Other versions are the V200d, V200d 4MATIC, V220d, V220d 4MATIC, V250d and V250d 4MATIC. Hope you enjoy the video! MercBenzKing pages: Facebook: />Instagram: />Twitter: /> Options Mercedes vlog. Interior and exterior design, COMAND Online, Drive Pilot, DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL, active and passive safety features including emergency braking and steering assist, Pre-SAFE Impulse and the possibilities of the new Multimode Radar sensors, MULTIBEAM LED and a lot more. I drive a C Class with amg package. C200 petrol. Same 2 liter as the C250 and C300. GoPro Hero 4 with Mercedes Benz C200 drive. City of Rotterdam. Point of view POV driving Mercedes AMG package. Coming up: S-Class, New Road trips, Dynamic driving modes and CLS AMG. Current camera: SONY HDR Mercedes models (Mercedes A, B, C, E, ML, M, GLE, GLC, GLA, CLS, CLA, CLC, GLS, S and so on) Update: Have a look at the GLC 2016 and the GLC coupe 2017. Also the E class w213 2017. Check out the new Mercedes C coupe 2016 2017. C180 C200 C250 C300 C350e C400 C450 C63 C63S Options on my Mercedes: - Command Online Navigation System - AMG line exterior and interior - Distronic Plus with Active Lane Keeping Assist and Steering Assist - Panoramic Sunroof - Ambient Lighting interior - Ventilated and heated seats - LED intelligent light sytem - AIRMATIC Suspension - Park assist PARKTRONIC - Head up display - Keyless - Go Comfort - Burmester Surround Sound System - Memory seats - Thermotronic airco - Airbalance Parfume

Tahir Akkaya
Are you in jurassic park ? those kids :D
Akhil Ghosh
So which version did Doug get? 😝
Idk Tbh
Did he even talk about the engine? Annd he repeats things too much. 🙁
i dont understand... a sick intro but then a quite person review wtf
Direct Reply
Lol those kids screaming their heads off
Tony Yu
I totally think the rear should be more stylish...not just flat
Mirser Korkmaz
Could you test the CLA or the A Class? 🤔
Kris K
I guess he meant more space THAN* the S Class.
Naji Ezzeddine
"12v plug in the back, that makes it luxurious"
I wish this car would come to Korea, too.
jay son
Sick intro
Zunaid Ahmed
This seems more like a C/E class combo rather than S class
Rejhan Çohodar
Soo when Audi or BMW will produce something like this, anyone knows?
I attract this car to be my car this month & I BELIEVE IT. NAMASTE
Vasil Dedov
".... So you have a lot of space happening here.." made my day!
Numzy 9999
You very handsome
Michael Armilio
Only Mercedes Benz dominates in this sector. Beautiful MPV and better quality than most other cars, even different brands. Love your channel man!
Rosilda Caetano Da Silva
Que top kkkkk
Mario Escobar
nice video i enjoyed it. just keep on doing your content on youtube. maybe you have to chance to present us a mercedes w213 e350 diesel some day :)
+Doug Demuro Which one did Doug review then
Emanuell Lovnički
I like that van
Hadise Fan
is he speaking dutch?
Golden Boy92
How much does it cost?
Nice Vids ! And a hot car ! But what's the name of the music pls ?
Haserot Malach
Did he mention the leather covered dashboard? How about the (faux) carbon fiber? 😆
For all those who came from Doug DeMuro's vid on the Mercedes-Benz Van, he got the crappy Mercedes Benz Metris, the Classical horse carraige from the 1800's reborn like the Maybach. This however, is the Merecedes V Class, which is actually decent.
Abdulmajeed A.
Amazing luxury car 😻
Hashim Alamily
Wow I Love Mercedes Benz
Schiller Sylvestre
Gostei, c/ toda tecnologia a de bordo. pena q no Brasil não temos vários modelos como estes e é preciso importar via mercosul (Argentina) e fica + em conta.
Thando Mokemane
My parents bought this car today
Ikke Ikke ikke
Is this a review 😫😂
Michael S.
Perfect Van to become a personal driver. How much?!!?
Bro dat is mijn droombusje, En reageer bij mij svp Nederlands :-) .
Kamol Ergashev
Honda Odyssey for me
Robert Bidochon
Mercedes, now you need to bring it on a full ev platform with solid state batteries and autonomous level 4 !
Wish I could buy this car for my dad :(
Andrew Samy
Question is, why would you need a sport mode in a van.
They need to make an amg from this😂
good taste in music in all your videos
Sule Bello
lovely you are okay keep it up
Otsile Kadiege
Nice review, King! Keep up the good work.
omg this was so cringy😆🤣
تيم وائل المسلط
Maher M
Praat Nederlands jongen ik hoor dat hè Nederlands bent en je ziet er zo uit en bent in nl dus
marko kravcar
So this is what Vito without a single rust spot looks like ??? Amazing....
Marijn Willem
Dit is nieteens dichtbij de luxe van een s klasse, komop man. Dit interieur vind je terug in een B klasse, niet in een S
Germancar Man
Can you make the review or POV driving of W221 facelift? S350 diesel, or s500. You have one more sub from me. Also try to compare the silence of the cabin with the w222. Fuel consumption and these things, acceleration from 0-100 and from 40-80. For me it is nicer brown interior of this car. Keep going.
Sab Руслан
what track is playing at the beginning of the video?
WITH ENOUGH MONEY even a METRIS can be an AMG. Amazing, isn't it?
can you tell me the song?
Silou Abdou
does this have launch control
Numzy 9999
I love you
kp Turquie
combien cette voiture ?
Valentin-Ionel Tolbaru
what a weak review. Wasted time
Jun Wang
your sooooo handsome
Tommy T
Are the rear seats always facing each other
Lidl Onlineberatung
panararic roof ?
thon chrouk
I love Mercedes S Class so much and it is a car in my dreams and life
482 644
Great video, tnx!
I cringed really hard in the beginning
Qhawe Teyise
Even I could do better than this damp squib of a review...
Phissith Ottha-Hekenon
Sorry but my 2017 Pacifica have more features!
hadad ahmed
ik ben nederlands like als je dat ook bent
Only 6 seats? And boot its not that big. V nice car but imho GLS is much better. i know different target. This one is more comercial vip taxi etc. ĢLS is for privet people .
lil finnesser
Nice can I Ned it dammmmmmmm
JikKoh RoBoCoP
Thomas Yue
Not available in the US!!
Design is out
Ng PohSheng
Is this model for Malaysia .
Ruben van Dijk
Praat Nederlands of praat Nederlands want Engels ik versta er niks van of ga naar school (Tip)
Maßlos überteuert für das was man kriegt. Laughably overpriced for what you get. The Toyota Alphard blows this thing out of the water.
Gretchel Vasquez
and of course, Illegal in the US.
Hey Baby
Can this seat up to 10 people
tarun singhal
What's the engine ? 190kw?
Alleen gek dat hij geen richting aanwijzers heeft, of hij gebruikt ze niet. Maar dat is tegenwoordig een groot probleem.
Minh khang Quách
Jggujoop. , Iitdewaz😘😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😘😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😛😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚
Chanez Sbai
Can you fall down the third row seats?
Forrest Scott Brinkley
RWD or rear-biased AWD, avail. Airmatic, and Benz safety...this would eat what's left of the US minivan market alive were it available over here
Matthias Jung
Grüß Gott an alle Leser ..... es gibt wahrlich viele Anbieter , die Futuristisch dies und jenes Anbieten ... richtig .... es mag sein dass der Preis fü den Moment 😎😎 stimmt , aber wie sieht es mit dem Gesamtpaket aus = sprich die Langlebigkreit und der Zuverlässigkeit sowie der Weltweite Serviese .... mmm und den mal so zeitlich unbegrenzt 😊😊😊🙄🙄 . Das ist der Grund warum ich ein Überzeugter Mercedes Benz Fahrer bin ebenso die Frau und und und 🤗🤗 . Bei den letzten Modellwechseln hat Mercedes Benz ... sprichwörtlich das Auto NEU ERFUNDEN , und das schönnnnnnneeeee .... es kommen noch mehr ..... Die Neue A - Klasse / B - Klasse .... u.s.w. Euch allen eine Gute Fahrt 🤠🤠
Noorullah Khan
Too dark can't see the interior properly, a bad choice to record the video in a car park.
prince Dz
Kasem Al Khadra
what do you work
kavi ranjan
i am going to buy this car because i care about my family and i dont care what car people has because it up there telling that i care about my family
ok - so let me guess, it is not for sale in the USA ? which sucks and disappointing not to be able to buy one.
Sudais Shakir
Is it hybrid
Enzo Engi
I can buy a Mercedes Benz v class on my’s 27 years old
Arie Kanarie
Hahaha wat een lief knulletje, is dit de spreekbeurt voor zijn extra uurtje buitenspelen? Ahh wat een scheetje, kan ik de hele dag mee knuffelen.
Ben Cojo
Not worth $75,000, when a Honda Odyssey has a lot more options and futures. Don’t get me wrong I love Mercedes Benz but not on this. Maybe if the price on this would be no more than $48k
Usman Memon
I am the first one to like
Ranjit Raut
Malcom Galinoma
Toyota new 2015 alphard is better than this
Tatyana Matyash
How much is this car?
Manuel Yi Donoy
Great vehicle but Terrible location for shooting this video. This must have been done where all the brat children came! Too distracting. Turned the video off half way through it because of the ill mannered kids!
Who is guy? This guy make the quality of V class explains repeatly turn out like C class... which is lowest class ... i am sure he ride piece of crab like citroen....