The Strangers: Prey at Night - Kinsey kills and unmasks Dollface (Scene)

The Stranger: Prey at Night "Kinsey kills Dollface"

PsychoKinesis Productions
You don't know how satisfied I was when she shot Dollface
Ian Fortuna
So much for "It'll be easier next time"
Robert Areche III
Kinsey was badass. I was glad, this time the victim s fought back
Madd Jason
Moral of the story: *Always make sure that the killer is dead*
Bear Aspirin
Nice to see somebody taking the Sidney Prescott school of make-sure-they're-dead advice.
Eduardo Martinez
So is tamara home?
Everyone in our theater cheered when she shot doll face.
Caleb Sprutte
"why not?" brilliant, brilliant!!!!
Boyd Crowder
Most badass scene in the movie.
I’ve been waiting for that for ten years.
Socially awkward potato
I feel like bailee Madison has a bright future ahead of her I want her in more horror movies tbh
Fares Tarram
Now, you will meet tamara.
Laurie Faith Prescott
Anyone else think of scream when she dangles the keys at the window?? Btw epic kill scene
FnafWorld _Child
She's honestly pretty😂
i wish she asked her who tamara was before killing her.
Manchester city 1894
This is the most satisfying scene in movie history lol 😂😂
Julian Velasquez
She is rotting in hell (yes, I know it’s just a movie)
Sarah Sullivan
It’s about damn time she did something
Well, at least she knew how to handle a shotgun, unlike Scott Speedman from the original.
Miyamoto Shun Masaki
You should've......aim for the hea- oh wait she's dead.
whenever a cute young policeman appears in horror movie...
Socially awkward potato
Kinsey: (aims the gun at her) Dollface: (oh son of a b-----)
Kenneth Santos
Why not??? There must be a reason why. 🤔
Luis Gonzalez
1:56 Scream
Sweet Tanner
Dollface was always my favorite!!!
Nahomy Restrepo
When Kinsey unmasks dollface min 3:10 you're welcome
I realy dont understand the hate of this movie .. I realy Loved it ...
We already knew who Doll face was if you watched the first movie. Remember that girl who kept knocking on the door? Yeah, it was obvious.
Seb Nic
This was my fav seen from the movie. Doll face was hella pretty. But it’s a scary pretty lol.
Dat Boi
Would've been better with Dollface's original actress Emma Ward
*In The End? Kinsey Is Just Paranoid After Everything That Happened Cause Come Df On Now* ... *Blonde Over Here Gets Two Shotgun Blast.* *And Black Hair Over There Gets Stabbed Multiple Times In The Chest* *Yet In The End They Say "Hello"* ? *They're Not Immortal Killers* -_-
She's literally looking right at Doll Face at 1:24 lol
Was she the little girl from brothers.
fluffy fat ball
sooooo satisfying
Timothy Loosvelt
I would let Dollface suffer tho.
Would’ve been hilarious if she said “Tamara isn’t home”
Ykcir Naug
Victim:"hears siren"oh my god yes sheriff
that general guy from full metal jacket
Finnaly a good final girl like not jist oh i run away and survive
Landry taylor notice me
Zinta Foxana & The Painted Shadows
Wait, ... :2:28, she was shot straight with the shotgun in the abdomen, and she flew vertically in the direction of the door's alignment. Yet, when Kinsey came out, she was farther, & on the front left of the bumper, Hmmmm... Unless she was trying to crawl herself away before Kinsey got out.
Skunk Ape
Idk about anyone else, this scene was super satisfying.
Mark Cabarus
Player Kinsey kill 2 death 0 injured 2
zombiekiller Dragon leader
1:55-2:05 Did Dollface do the same thing as ghost face with the keys?
xLar x
*J O K E S O N Y O U*
Bernard Poon
If they all had guns the movie would’ve been a lot shorter 😂
gamer glitchs & tricks
top 10 satisfying anime deaths
jacob roden
Is Tamara home? Who is Tamara? Why is Tamara?
full_ memes
Please tell me who Tamara is because I'm tired of doll face asking
Most hillarious moment in this movie! I was laughing so hard.
Daniel Viglietti Productions
Is this different to the theatrical version? I swear it is
Suscribete a Gabo Tube
It’ll be easer next time Next time: 😶
Jeffrey Holmes
Why are you doing this? Because you were in home Why are you doing this? Why not?
Adriana Lupo
“Why are you doing this?” “Why not”... SAVAGE
Nicks 92 videos
One of the best scenes in this great True movie.
Fishing Redneck
Oh great, now I'm gonna be able to walk around my trailer park at night !
Jesus Agustin
1:55 Scream homage 😈
Andrea Sanchez
Was she stabing kinsey when it was making that knife cutting sound
Shirley Kitchens
Oh no. Dollface died 😏. Now we'll never know who Tamara is. 😏
Disney fanatics ohio
Totally a revolt for the strangers because your gonna be dead
avalon 269
I dont understand why dollface was standing still when she was pointing the shotgun at her
the very first time we got to see the face of the doll face although played by a different actress from the original
Who IS Tamara?
I hated this whole movie series but it's funny how doll face paused when she got the shotgun
Delicious Vaz
This was one of like my favorite scenes
It was at that moment dollface knew...she f*cked up
The Cringeinator
When I seen the ending of the whole movie tho... I really want Luke to survive
HeavenOFbuity 9000
2:27 no why did you kill me I was having fun.
Decco 6226
I watched this movie in theatres with my brother, and he said after the bang, "Blew her outta her Keds."
louis lemos
At least she suffered a bit till her death Amen
Luke L
Dollface is hot❤️
I missed Liv Tyler, I wonder why they didn't tell us what happened to her character after the first movie?
The Cringeinator
When she says "why not" tho oml!
Harley Hoffman
i'm probably the only one who wanted the killers to get away with their murder again
2028, Strangers 3 :)
Daniel Baugher
I was constipated then I watched this lol
walnutthe 1
*why not?*
i wanna know who tf was Tamara and why Dollface always asked for her? was it their very first victim and from there on they just used it on their next victims...
I don't care what anyone says.. this was the best scene in the entire movie apart from her cracking Sackface in the Skull with a baseball bat.
sorry no
Thiago Sardenberg
it would be more poetic if she had used her own knife to finish her off the way she did with her mom, wouldn't it though?
Mr.45 GLOCK Owner
12 gauge 00 buckshot ☠️
You came to wrong house fool
pennywise the dancing clown
100% Of People Here Haven't Seen the strangers.. :/
da killer iphone
Valerie 135
Wait why did’t kinsy get killed 👻☠️
2:26 can someone insert the to be continued meme there
Food Is My life
2:13 those cut noises are actually satisfying
Maple Leafs Bleed Blue
''Why not?''
Daddy chill
What if Kinsey IS Tamara.
La justicia
I cried 😭
Adrian Bredell
Thank God for shotguns
This all would have been a much shorter movie if they stayed together and had a shotgun in the house
yuki y
who is dollface?beautiful...
Everyone in the theater were screaming when she shot dollface
UnKnownNoob 69
Why not
Everyone in the theater went dead silent when she pumped the gun then erupted like a damn sporting event when she shot her!
I wish dollface would have survived tbh
thegoshdarned batman
Double tap
Elizabeth Martinez
She's finally useful