Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

“This is America” by Childish Gambino />Director: Hiro Murai Producer: Jason Cole of Doomsday with Ibra Ake and Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothstein tour tickets and merchandise available at

jerome zhao
He looks oddly in shape and out of shape at the same time.
Aaron Davenport Jr
0:40 when it’s Friday and your teacher gives out homework
Webbiesttiger15 D
Anyone else want to know where tf he pulled that gun from
Childish Gambino: This is America Vsauce: Or is it?
lego marvel filmz
This is Walmart No refunds
Ebony Hagans-Greene
*Kills a black man* Walks about freely. *Kills a whole black church choir* Walks about freely. *Smokes a lil bit o' weed* Forced on the run. I see what you did there.
Katy moore
I wonder how many bloopers this had And how many times the ppl in the background had to run nonstop
All while the rest of us outside of the USA look at this and just think.... Yep.
i dont think the man with the bottle of water on the right @ 3:33 is supposed to be there lmao
Blank Potato05
*Aliens land on Earth* Me: Shows them this video
So this is what English teachers will be analysing in 2025
No one: Donald: DiD sOmEoNe AsK fOr A mAsTeRpIeCe?
Casey Hyland
as important as the message of this video is, i have to say that it looks like it was a lot of fun filming
LoveDa Llamas
We need more talented artists like him who are able to have messages hidden so well that you can so easily miss as easily as you could find and understand them.
Dogswith Bowties
*Hello I am Donald Glover and I will be your freestyle dance teacher*
Shobhan Mohanty
Yo this childish gambino dude kinda looks like Donald Glover
Riadsz Linkz
1:57 When you're teamate won't stop playing music
Jediah Stewart
This songs has a deep meaning and I know it.
Christian Mukeba
2:38 is that 21 savage’s voice in the background? 🤔
Gabriele Alcântara
Música top, clip top !! Realidade de muitas nações !
faith marie
0:28 pants thought to be a part of an old Confederate uniform 0:52 Jim Crow reference 0:55 and 1:58 red America values guns over human lives 1:29 brown and white chickens turning their backs to show the racial divide that still goes on in this country 1:33 kid in the back carelessly blowing money away 1:35 gwara gwara, an African dance; he also encourages the kids to dance along with him as a distraction from the chaos 1:48 represents how quick a rejoicing and happy moment can turn violent in an instance 1:56 Charleston church shooting 2:11 symbolization of how the screams and cries of the citizens are quickly silenced by the government 2:15-2:25 representation of today’s rappers and how they constantly rap about how much money they have and how successful they are; also shown as a distraction from the chaos as the children continue to do popular dances in the background 2:25 “This a celly (ha), that’s a tool (yeah)” on March 18th, 2018 in Sacramento California, Stephon Clark was observed to have picked up a “toolbar” and break a window to a residence. He ran into his grandmothers backyard and was then shot 20 times after an officer yelled “gun, gun, gun.” His grandmother said that she saw him with an iPhone (CELLY) at the time the shots were fired. TOOL is slang for gun 2:28 kids are shown recording the events but remain silence as represented by the material covering their mouths 2:33 America loves black culture but not as much as they love black people as shown by this very popular dance move which originated from BlocBoy JB’s music video for Shoot 2:44-3:01 17 seconds of silence for the 17 lives lost in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s Day 2:35 white horse is biblical symbol for the apocalypse or reference to a book entitled “Behold a Pale Horse” by Milton Cooper which includes examples of the government distracting the people; also the police car and the horse are a symbol of juxtaposition 3:20 SZA is represented as lady liberty and how many people are mistaken that the “American Dream” isn’t all what it seems to be 3:34 a man is visible for a short second holding what seems to be water bottles; this may represent the issue in Flint, Michigan that keeps getting pushed to the side 3:35-4:01 reference to the “Sunken Place” from the movie “Get Out” Some of these are original, some are not but I thought I should put all of the references together so you don’t have to go searching through the comments.
Elizabeth Drake
This is based off of Jim Crow's entertainment.
Sierra Camelia
That moment of silence still makes me cry every time.
E Hak
Don't really like the song but respect the message
im noodle
Showed this to 21 Savage. He's Now American
nicolas freitas
Alguém Brasil aiii ?!!! 2019
Jamie Cornejo
Most important video of the 2010's. I mean that.
Rachel Key
Guys,I think I speak for gambino when I say this, He wants to explain that the world has gone mad I made a comment on “it feels like summer” Slowly explaining what he means in these songs In this song he is showing us that gun violence And other crimes are popular and that’s all People do nowadays and in his “positive” song “It feels like summer” explains that people don’t Listen to what’s really important Everyone just pays attention to new technology And toys and stuff like when he shot all those people He was explaining how people are dropping like flies And when he was running from the cops He was explaining all criminals
Tara Bramall
If this is America, then why at 1:56 is he using a AK? That’s a rifle from Russia!
*No, this is Patrick.*
Rubén 357
3:40, when its Friday and the classes have finished😂😂🤘🔥
This was posted on my dad’s birthday. And he’s not american, he’s filipino. Wait but he lives in america-
Carter Pannell
If I ever meet childish gambino irl I would say “This is America?”
Fountain Mods
2:44-3:01 17 seconds of silence for the 17 lives lost in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland‚ Florida on Valentine's Day
Why wasn't this in Rewind?!
in this video, why is childish occasionally doing weird moves ? 😂 his facial expressions makes me laugh 0:40 & 1:02 & 1:08 & 2:11
Aditya Roy
Year 2018: this is a great song Year 3018: dis is a gr8 song (stoned) Legalize the plant
H2o plays
This really is America Chaos everywhere but no one cares
*_Top 10 Most Strongest Characters Who Can Defeat Thanos With The Infinity Gauntlet_*
I understood the symbolism in the video, now I might be able to watch Rick and Morty.
Xj9 Is My Waifu
This is GAME ENDED Don't steal petscop 2 Pyro you better upload This is GAME ENDED Don't steal petscop 2 Pyro you better upload This is GAME ENDED
Momma JiBi
This video makes me cry every time I watch it. It's so, so good...and so, so true and so fkin sad. My heart goes out to anyone affected by senseless gun violence.
ibbu Safi
Tiktok has entered the chat 🤣🤣🤣
Leon S. Kennedy
This is raccoon city *mr x coming to kill* *zombies coming to eat *
TJ Martin
Who’s here after this won a grammy?
imtiaz Mubin
He looks like the bagger in whose house I live😮😮😮😮
1000 subs wirhout videos
%50 nudity %100 Talent %1000 background %1000000000 meaning
Leon S. Kennedy
This is America (Donald trump) any wall here
Rob is Bliss
2:09 When co-workers catch you venting in the walk in and they ask if you cool.
Nelson Fernando Fp
2019 alguém de Brasil
Adam adam
I show this to my sister Now she is my mother
8943 Yzz
No , this is car park But , where is cars
0:50 what are you capable of doing when your teacher shouts at you
Jada Marie
For those who don’t understand the again and pay attention to what’s going on behind Gambino’s dancing. It’s the whole point. We’re being distracted by so many things nowadays while the world is being destroyed. Focusing on mumble rap and viral dances while we should be paying attention to destruction and violence
Ruben Rivera
Genius, but this is not just America this is the whole world. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter even YouTube makes us less humans.
Эльвира Алибекова
No,no this is Kazakhstan 🤘🤘BABY!!))
Is their something your not telling us! We’re watching you!
Just looking at his body and trying to figure it out about what i should figure out
Another school shooting, everyone focused on the royal wedding. This is America.
Venkatesh uduta
This album was most hit the song rapper is excellent act from this a video......
Dont Click Nothing will happen. If anything we should be helping others and hoping for the best for them.
RK Zion
This is Gamestop. Don't catch you stealin' now. Don't catch you stealin' now. Look what game its now.
Snip ez
*who else is here for no reason?*
Rabrena Warner
Omg he movessssss so naturally beautiful BLACK MAN STATUS
Arbuz ik
0:49 Jesteś polakiem Co robi z tobą Amerykanin?
Stout Shako
Pretty much a 4 minute panic attack and I love that.
toast chara
(if this was on undertale ) *WARNING SPOIL* this is the underground dont do genocide dont do genocide this is the underground yea..uh idk i couldnt think of what to say (ok last comment "promise")
Anthony Lin
* shoots 10 people* * walks past police car* * nothing happens* *THIS IS AMERICA*
Януся Пампуся
This is American😀👌,( I'm Ucrenie 🇺🇦) кто руский лайк.
Zech Wilson
2:44-3:01 one second of silence for all 17 lives lost in the Valentine's day shooting... R.I.P.
Red Rosey
The most important and critical question is ? How did they make those chickens not moving?
Justin Cui
0:52 Eggboy slams that senator. Someone should do a "This is Australia" meme
His dancing is meant to distract you from the background, just like when something bad happens there is always something happening to distract you from it, giving you a false sense if security.
That Guy Bob
1:28 Get the bag. YANG 2020!
Amanda Emerick
I'm trying to figure out WHY IS THIS SONG SO CATCHY AND I CAN'T STOP listing TO IT!!!😁😀😂
Le Øctavio Child.
He killed 2 people. Welp, rest in pepsi those 2 people
The two bros
He looks like he smoked some weed then drank water to make sure he’s healthy
Oscar Paech
Some of the hidden shit in the background is insane
The king Neku
Director: How do you want to film it? Donald : Shirtless doing weird faces. Director: Seems legit.
Makayla makayla
It's 2019 and when I first watched this my heart dropped then I was soooooooo scared to go outside
When the alarm don't work. *My Mind:* 0:52
Erik l
This won awards? Wow..."music" sure has gone down the tubes. EVERYTHING PE did is better than this
linh truong
okAYYY so “this is america” is literally trending in every other country besides america...the irony.
Rachel Isms
Wish I could 'like' this 1,000 times! Wow.
Russian Doggo
People not from America gets on plane to go to America ( Pilot plays song )
Zane Schaad
Not the most accurate songs of "America" but ok
Gustavo Coelho kk
Vocês não sabe como é o Brasil o coitados
Aiden P.S.
How's kidz bop gonna do this one
Primož Koprivec
That is the sickest beat i'VE HEARD IN MY LIFE!
Re Tytfttt
When your teacher give out homework on Friday and this is what you want to do to your teacher 0:51
code-one gaming
Wonder why this song was trending all over except america😂 Anyone in 2019?
Gambino's stomach looking like Big Chungus
Patrick Playing Piano
He’s smiling and dancing to distract you from the horrible stuff behind him, just like how entertainment distracts us from whats really happening in our societies.
This is India Do anything
Azer Playz
*Greece left the chat ...
Abuzaffar Mohammed
Nonsense in Visual-Creation in Physical Form!!!---
I'm sitting here trying to analyze what the hell I just watched.. Wow.
Dumisani D
@1:46 he looked like the Tom and Jerry mouse, when he saw the cat Tom playing piano in "Tom & Jerry - The Cat Concerto"
yulian akfet
When i watch this video i cry so long time because it has big message for real. But nobody attend to this music but stop sleeping you all.