Paul Bettany on how he became Vision in The Avengers is an amazing true story.

Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen, aka Vision and the Scarlet Witch, talk to BBC Radio 1's Ali Plumb ahead of Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War. Paul tells how being cast as Vision saved his career, and Elizabeth reveals how she can't stop making strange noises when she uses her special powers.

He has one of the best voices in the history of voices.
The Spectacular Batman
0:30 I need to find someone who looks at me the way Elizabeth Olsen looks at Paul Bettany...
Dan Knight
Who the heck would tell Paul Bettany his career is over?? He’s so talented!! Someone didn’t know wtf they were talking about.
Avishek D
Jarvis or vision...betany has the greatest voice
Friendly neighborhood Spidey
Paul and Elizabeth do looks like a sweet couple
Dan Knight
Jeez, Lizzy don’t hold back! 0:30 “oh you’re dreamy!”
Mijo Cee
He is so perfect for vision. The way he talk is just so natural and sounds like he's really a innocent robot
Shivam Jaiswal
*I want someone to look at me like Wanda looks at Vision..*
That T-shirt Guy
The way Elizabeth Olsen turned to Paul...Body language says everything.
M.L. Soll
Isn't Paul Bettany like 45? Cause he be looking good
Amigo J
I would love to know what that producer is thinking now.
Dante Barcenas
In this year alone Paul stars in a MARVEL movie and a STAR WARS movie..... so his career is far from over
Lizzie Olsen is super cute. One of my Hollywood crushes.
Faizal Rachman
I would go to heaven if Elizabeth Olsen look at me the way she do on 0:32
Bro Capitalista
Vision is my favorite
Anjali LIM
1. Find someone who looks at you the way Elizabeth looks at Paul in the thumbnail 2. I'm so mad that I ship them so hard because he's married with kids
Max Fuller
0:30-0:32 Just look at the way how Elizabeth is looking at Paul ❤️
Michael Holmgaard
She's totally in love with him ;)
Evelin Ay
everyone's talking about how Elizabeth is looking at Paul but to be honest, girl, same
James Robson
Elizabeth ❤❤
Jonna Heijke
videos of cgi-less superhero scenes are hilarious XD
He talks like that in real life 👀
Mike McTighe
Jennifer Connelly is at home sharpening some knives right now.
Jess jms
His face is just perfect for vision. Happy for him
Lordvicus Madin
Ali Plumb is such a pleasure to watch. So composed, so well interviewer ever!!!
Mina #9
He's charming.  Is it weird that I find him more attractive red?  He really looks hot.
These two had great chemistry.
No andno
He's so sexy
Some say Scarlett Witch is stronger Some say Vision is more powerful But deep down we all know Thor needs to light up noobmaster69
This guy is easily my favorite interviewer. Hes almost always on point with the interviews.
Super heroes
The thumbnail looks like Elizabeth Olsen was like “hell ya I’m interested in you baby”
Shahin Capaldi
Paul looks and sounds like David Bowie.
Paul bettany is hot af 😭
RC Networks
Hell, I thought the thumbnail was edited. But then, 0:30 ❤
Every time I hear Paul Bettany speak, I can't help but think of him in the role of Geoffrey Chaucer in "A Knight's Tale". He absolutely owned it!
Dude these two are so dope Elizabeth is so incredibly beautiful and Paul is just so bamflike and his voice is music to my ears
Jade C
Wow. Liz is in love😂😂
John Consiglio
He was great in Master and Commander.
Mr. Jay
0:32 I want someone to look at me the way Elizabeth Olsen looks at Paul!! ❤❤❤
Paul Mooijman
Man, i love seeing these two together, whether as Wanda & Vision or just themselves! They are SUCH a great duo! ^_^
Louvez Clem
I love their relationship 😍
Prukdoy Makirr
Elizabeth Olsen is hot, That's all I can think about while watching this video.
I think Elizabeth has a little crush on Paul. ;)
Hi Hi
Paul has so much chrisma.He played Vision very well
Just watched the movie. Loved every bit of it. Great story execution, breth taking action sequences as well as perfect emotional punch. Every character is given their reel time. Hats off to Joe and Anthony Russo for pulling this extravaganza. My personal most favourite MCU movie till date.
Volume Dealer
Paul : "And it's a true story." *Elizabeth Olson intensifies*
So down to earth! Aaaaaaah I miss you Jarvis... Vision!!! #WeLoveYou3000
Oh man, Elizabeth Olsen is so beautiful.
Namrata Sinharay
Real sweet people. They look so good together. Off-screen especially.
Daniel Russell
The way she positions herself in preparation for the story towards him will always get me
Mr. Mysterio
0:33 The way Elizabeth looks at him when he's about to tell a story 😍
That Indian Engineer
The way she looked at him. I wish I could get someone like that.
Queen PushyCat
I want to find someone who I can look at like Elizabeth Olsen looks at Paul Bettany 0:30
Gokul Balakrishnan
Man,I expected a much better story😂
Antara M
The way Olsen looks at him folks💖💖
Ju Lynn Ong
*SPOILER ALERT READ AT YOUR OWN RISK* Now everytime I see them my heart breaks into two and it feels like my feelings have been scrubbed raw with a metal bristled brush T.T
Lucas Fuentes
the way elizabeth turns to face paul right as he's about to tell the story... Jesus christ.. if a girl turns like this to face you in any context in life, She's 100% into you
Luke Bannon
Genuinely good questions. They clearly were engaged, which must be hard on these press junkets
Juste Tsai
I fxxxking love his voice and accent.
Tomiwa Aina
It feels like theyre actually in love
The two are so cute♥👏#wandavision
Umar Tahir
Wow... Paul did not disappoint. That truly was an amazing story!
Edgar Ben Joseph
I love these two, they're amazing <3
Paul is gorgeous.. all of him.😍😍😍
Leonardo Villa
Lucky bastard! 😡 Having Elizabeth Olsen sitting next to you must be a dream come true 😍😍😍
Michael B
Came here just to see the frame in the thumbnail. Wow Elizabeth Olsen is dreaaaammyyyy
I really fell in love with both Elizabeth and Paul after watching Infinity War, they were both magnificent and one of the standouts in the movie.
Dickson LAM
Why is nobody acknowledging every time there is Elizabeth there is Paul, like they are always together!
Natalie Sta. Maria
i think paul bettany is underrated and overlooked, i honestly think that he's so great in acting i admire and love him so much
Samantha Le
The interviewer looks like Tom Hiddleston
Tremor Dusk
0:32 why do I feel like this is what Wanda was doing before The Infinity War bedroom scene? 😂😂🥰😍🥰
Athiqah Zailani
I'm super duper shipping this two Elizabeth and Paul 💕💕💕💕
Jon Brexter Beniga
The way Elizabeth looks at Paul is damn cute and sweet😍
Paul Bettany: **breathes** Me: 0:32
Christian Luczejko
Oh wow. Olsen was really making those noises in that footage. That was a cool find as an example.
Nurmalita Titania
Paul Bettany us my all over ideal man. but then i research, and he's married for years already and I never been this encouraged. Vision x Scarlett probs my real life aspire
he's looking. So good looking.
I love their friendship so much. You can tell that she’s totally supportive and totally friends with him. I know a lot of people think they make a cute couple and I guess I just truly admire Paul and Jennifer as a couple. He’s very proud of her and their love, as he’s said many times and has even seen her first son as his. Anyway, I love him and Lizzie as friends and onscreen lovers, they’re awesome and I love how enthusiastic they are!
these nibbas got Lil Xan playing in the back
Shaggy Doo
Wait?!? Since when has bbc had over 4 million subscribers??? 😂😂
I wish I had a girl that looked at me the way Elizabeth looked at him...😭
Scott Jefferson
I’ve always loved Paul Bettany’s work, he is such a good actor. And Elizabeth Olsen has really stepped up her game as Scarlet Witch, she is fantastic!
भुवन चंद्र Joshi
0:30 Elizabeth: " Oh Paul!!😍😍 Me: " WHYYYYYY???"
Jojo javaYT
Paul bettany is more hotter the way he is speak
The Agent of Chaos
I need a girl to look at me just as Lizzie looks to Paul.
Gorilla Mug
1:05 Vision(Paul) Why Did you do the Middle Finger😅
Tomas Soejakto
I'm just making a logical assumption here: so there's a point in Paul Bettany's career, after voicing Jarvis but before playing the Vision, where he hit a low in his career? That must've been very hard considering he's done so much already... Also I'm just gonna throw this out there and hope he reads this someday somehow: but I frickin' LOVE his movie Legion. Despite what some audience and critics think, I really really enjoyed watching that movie.
Every time Paul Bettany speaks, I think of vision. His voice is so mesmerizing (?)
0:24 Yes yes Uncle Paul tell us again how you became Vision.
gimme dem uwus
the way Lizzie is looking at Paul is just melting my heart :)
Paul: “you ready?” 0:30
Rický G
It'll never be normal atleast for me to listen to Paul's voice as his own, but Jarvis'.
Latifah Gordeeva
They both did a great job. Very impressive.
Joe Blo
Why are they using Betrayed by Lil Xan as the background music? 😂😂😂
sweet mother of all that is good and pure, elizabeth olsen is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen in my life
Well he must feel pretty stupid right now. Paul's doing big shows and interviews, magazine covers. Career over huh? where's your Good Morning America interview big shot producer?
Elizabeth Olsen is so gorgeous! I wish I cld find a chick like her!
Shot in the Heart
He's so elegant even while giving the finger
Look at yo man like Elizabeth looks at Paul on the thumbnail
double EnnD production
Is it weird that not only I ship their character in the movie I also ship them irl? I mean look at Elizabeth shifting her position at 0:29, she's so into the story Bettany was about to tell