Rolling Stones - Dandelion (stereo)

Fer Abra
0:30 John Lennon and Paul McCartney as backing singers of the Rolling Stones in 1967 no less. This song and We Love You are absolute historic pieces.
Jonathan Stilley
One of the more underrated songs in the Stones' catalog.
I thought the Stones psychedelic songs were over criticized.  This sounds great, as do a lot of the songs on Satanic Majesties Request.
Natalie Angelo
Mick Jagger: Voclas, Backing Vocals, Tambourine, Lyrics Keith Richards: Acustic Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lyrics Brian Jones: Harpsichord, Oboe, Maracas, Backing Vocals Bill Wayman: Bass Guitar Charlie Watts: Drums Nicky Hopkins: Organ John Lennon: Backing Vocals Paul McCarthney: Backing Vocals
glenn h Friedmann
Massive.... a wonderful record and song... the harpsichord help distinguish this one from all others records being played at the time... Brian.....
Brian's magic on oboe
shannon bolden
Lennon and McCartney in on this number. As well as the other side of the single 'We Love You'... Good stuff.
Carole Clark
Best part: Brian on oboe.
Joseph Obenauer
This song was playing on the radio, I was cruising down the Meadowbrook Parkway In a 1966 MGB convertible. black exterior and red leather interior, top down, my older brother Greg let me drive his car down to Wolf' Sporting Goods store down there in Rockville Centre. Some lacrosse-related need. The car was small & nimble and a breeze to steer. I was 17 and I was, I thought, on top of the world.
jim brusso bigtimecavaliersfan
my favorite Stones song by far.the energy is amazing !
At 61 years old, having listened to this song my entire life, almost, I find it to be a staple I need to boost my well being from time to time.
Compare this to todays music.
Richard 3365
I swear The Stones are the band with the most deep-cuts I know. Apart from their famous big hits, the more you get into them the more you discover little gems like this that, for some reason, are not as famous as they should.
Great song 1st heard it on AM radio in 67' I was 12 and this was such a great tune, I never wanted it to end. The photos of Brian and the group are superb to say the least. The transition of the group from young MODs to a full Rock & Roll group is evident in the photos as it was many at that time, progression sets in when they became more successful. My favorite group, sad about Brian Jones, Bill Wyman bowed out gracefully, Mick, Keef', & Charlie (still original members going strong) with past Mick Taylor & present Ron Wood they still are fantastic. ✌️2 ya
Rob Hollander
Unfairly forgotten Stones tune. Although the Stones unearth different deep cuts with each tour, they've never revisited this or "We Love You."
Love Hippies
dandelion 1967,sublime
Dries Van Dongen
Oboe solo by Brian Jones...
AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT :)))
60 panhead
stones for life, thanks for all the great songs
Tommy Pwood
I remember listening to this in the early 70s it was still in rotation like other greats......what the heck happened...getting old.
Love the Stones psychedelic stuff like this one, She's a rainbow or 2000 light years from home. It doesn't really matter if they were influenced by the Beatles or not. I think that each band influenced each other. And don't blame me, i'm a big Beatles fans as well.
Mike Hand
The Rolling Stones - Dandelion ( Stereo ) Such a wonderful tune .
Devin Ian Schramm
Includes background vocals from 1/2 of The Beatles (Lennon/McCartney) easily one of the most unfairly obscure Stones gems from their prime.
Beautiful use of the sitar in this great early Stones song....
John Reynoso
Of course Mick and Keith would deny the Beatles but hey they're the "Bad Boys" of rock
david hill
Folks should love Dandelions. Quit spraying Round-Up on them and make Dandelion wine instead. Great song, exceptional sound quality
Pete Feges
love this song so much ,I named my golden retriever Dandelion !
Barry Brodsky
not only were Lennon and McCartney there for backup, but legendary poet Allen Ginsberg was in the control booth conducting with his Shiva beads and Tibetan oracle ring!!! What a session!!
Paulo Palomino
rolling stones dandelion 1967 con un coro de lujo (Paul  y John ) nada menos
Any ad preceding any Stones song should be a federal crime.
Danny Football
One of the best songs from the stones
Beverly Fleetwood
the very beginning...we know!
Galaxy Center
Mick McCartney & Paul Jagger! ;-) Superb song. Which instrument Brian couldn't play?
Roy Mullins
One of the of IF NOT the Best Stones Jams ever... peace
Forrest George
Prince or pauper, beggar man or thing Play the game with ev'ry flow'r you bring Dandelion don't tell no lies Dandelion will make you wise Tell me if she laughs or cries Blow away dandelion One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clock chimes Dandelions don't care about the time Dandelion don't tell no lies Dandelion will make you wise Tell me if she laughs or cries Blow away dandelion, blow away dandelion Tho' you're older now its just the same You can play this dandelion game When you're finished with your childlike prayers Well, you know you should wear it Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailors lives Rich man, poor man, beautiful, daughters wives Dandelion don't tell no lies Dandelion will make you wise Tell me if she laughs or cries Blow away dandelion, blow away dandelion Little girls, and boys come out to play Bring your dandelions to blow away Dandelion don't tell no lies Dandelion will make you wise Tell me if she laughs or cries Blow away dandelion, blow away dandelion
John Jarou
one of their best.
Marie Gilmartin
Janine Boguslawski
Love this since ima kid
LES STONES QUI FONT DU BEATLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kevin Dolan
I've been studying this song for years, and it is definitely inspired by the Debbill....all songs by the Rolling Stones are the Debbill Bobby Boucher!!!
Enid 2 Oxford House
K. Semrad.    One of the best of best.  Truly a vintage song that can seldom be matched.
I loved "We Love You" as it is nearly perfect for its time. I also loved "Dandelion" and still have my original single 45. I always felt "Dandelion" needed more work, not on the composition, but on the recording. But it's a moot point, it is a classic.
no name
best Stones song
dearag peadar
we're talking another deadly single by the Prince of Darkness and his Clan.
Deborah Harris
Love this.
david hill
Giova Italia
even though this was the "B" side of the 45 release, it still did better than the main release
hard core stones
Donovan Psicodélico
Psychedelic Stones
Cool pics from a bygone era. I think I was in the 10th or 11th grade when this came out. Man. time flies.
Christos Papadopoulos
That song is my favorite
Louis Slater
Bull shit, dandelion's lie all the time, and never offer any words of wisdom. Their all a bunch of self-righteous, high-horse riding bullys. Love the song though.
paul lafferty
This is one of the Songs that got me into the Rolling Stones, I love every year with the stones, but I really love the Early stuff!!!!
Glad others like it. That song is constantly overlooked. Haunting song.
The vibrato of "The Lantern" is great as a cellphone alarm too :-)
Scott Davidson
Great song.
Frank Dialogue
I recently hear some early Beatles and Stones song with the digital remix on my neighborhood bars juke box through an excellent Bose sound system...You could actually hear the bass the way it should sound...Forget bass through computer speaker systems...If you really hear Wyman's bass you will appreciate how good he was. Now, I haven't heard a remixed 'Dandelion' through a good system, so I don't know how good the bass was.
I'm afraid human beings really haven't changed, the record industry simply decided it wanted to insult human intelligence by feeding the tastes of its lowest forms...look in the right places, there's still plenty beautiful music to be found.
Allen, Thanks very much for posting! I'm mainly a Led Zeppelin / Zebra / Boston fan, but this masterpiece always puts a smile on my face! Thank you again, have a good weekend from Massachusetts, sincerely 'Jr'.
Justin Georganas
electric bass?
Yes, you're right
Happy 72nd Birthday Charlie Watts!
Winston Montiell
man i need help...could you tell me the name of the song of muddy waters sung by the rolling stones , in the movie Cadillac records they sing the song and i really like but i don´t know the fucking name please help!!
Mia Kal
R.I.P. Brian Jones...
this ones for Bwrian.
Sara Rhiannon
Ummm......... don't think so.
Larry C.
Another fantastic 'Stones song that doesn't have an electric guitar in it!
kevin allende rangel
No dejo de oir esta cancion , me encanata
even though the stones put out alot of good music after brian jones, imo their best work was when brian was in the line up. they represent the quintessintial 60s bad boy british invasion band and sound. dandelion is just one of many songs that prove it.
Michael Rodriquenz
The Stones were GREAT in the 60's, but DIED when Brian Jones left us....
Brian Jones
2:45 Charlie with a guitar. EPIC !
He said late 60s when The Beatles were around. The Kinks had their bes spell of albums at that point and I think that Village Preservation can easily rival Let It Bleed any day of the week. It's superb, just like The Stones' albums at that point.
The Beatles were gone by 1970, and the Kinks were never in the same league as the Stones.
Except for The Beatles and possibly the Kinks.
Joe Smith
Eclipsed only by the Beatles.
The Who albeit great, never had the social significance and impact of the Stones of that period. The Stones were just cranking out of classic hit/album one after the other. The Who werent even close.
The Who. Come on.
Horn solo and horn during outro are Brian Jones, I hear.
Thank you Thank you for posting the old photos! They look so.....young! pure! innocent! Who would've thought of all who lived through the heavy rock and roll years ahead, these would be the ones to actually make it this long still intact? Seems amazing, really.
Great song, it sounds like traveling into a fantasy land!
That's right!!!
I wonder who's doing the backing vocals? Oh I know! only John lennon and Paul McCartney!
great job on the vid ! and the sound quality is aces ! cheers, well done !
Skylar Brooks
beggars banquet to exile on main street - i couldn't agree more
Vitz Fina
This so August 1967 our garage band from Brooklyn recorded a demo at Bell Sound Studios in NYC....I still have the master tape in my music library......there is a pix of a 45 with Bell Sound Studio......that day in the Studio at 17 years old was unforgetable....the recording was pretty cool too....could only afford 3 takes.
Mick Jagger
@musicaldun1 I agree with you. The Lantern and Gomper were very replaceable with We Love You and Dandelion. They also shoulda constructed Sing This All Together (See What Happens) better.
Not getting into any arguments but The Lantern is brilliant. Loved it for 22 years now. End of.
Alvin Tostig
A masterpiece from a bygone era in which human beings displayed extraordinary musical competency.
@musicaldun1 The Lantern is ok for me, I would have replaced Sing this all together (see what happens)
Thanks for all the old pics! Apparently, one person got blown away.
This song should've been included on Between The Buttons since it was recorded during those sessions in late 1966. It would've been great to substitute some of the weaker tracks there
@feeeball the stones,,NEVER were like the beatles musical with or without brian's strong influence. they never wanted to be the beatles,,,they DID,idolize them,,,like the rest of us. now u mention..let it bleed in regards to mick taylor?..he played on one forgetful song. that album has/had the last gasps of brains hard influence all over it. sticky fingers ?w/ the last GREAT Stones album. and Exile is an over-blown try that has 3 good songs out of what 30?...Brain WAS the Stones. Peace
It's a great song, but I wonder how many heads immediately went out and smoked dandelions!
@carrier3232 Sir, I share the exact sentiment----it was during that period that I became, and still am, a huge fan of theirs.
Glenn Wheatcroft
@feeeball I agree with both of you. When Jones left the band's sound changed, though that would have happened anyways with Jagger, Richards as the writers carved out their own niche after the hippie thing. They lost the adventurousness when he went but gained their sound when Taylor joined. Taylor was the right guy at the right time and contributed greatly to the sound and made it classier. A great player with great phrasing & tone. Yeah when he left they went downhill but still a great moments
@feeeball ...mick taylor...was never considered a 'real' rolling stone. its painful to watch him interact with them on film...he just did not fit within that original 'psyche' he was a need to try and find some real 'Blues' that richard and jagger always yearned for,,,(example,,hiring marshal chess)...but i respect your feeling. it just a simple fact for me and the quaility of their more brian,,no more soul..for the stones.
i too think the Stones were absolutely,,second place to the did everyone and anyone who lived in those days,,such as i. BUT i LOVED how raunchy and raw the Stones were compared to such a highly polished act as the Fab 4. so many songs the Stones did,,paint it black, ruby tuesday, spend the night together,,on and on..BUT here's the killer..Brian Jones's influence. when Brian left,,the soul and sound of the real Stones we all loved....the music started to falter badly. ***Brian.RIP.
Glenn Wheatcroft
@musicaldun1 does this mean were in agreement on sing this all togther(reprise) should be scrapped in favour of this?