Character study : Single Vision & writing [MLP FIM]

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Mark Rogers
Cant say I agree with this completely. Having soo many different writers can be an issue and hurt an episode (Spike at your service) but in a show that teaches moral integrity I dont think its a bad thing to show that people or rather ponies dont usually change overnight or that theyll always show their best selves. That could set an unreasonable standard for kids watching the show.
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Intimidating Creature
I really enjoy the writing style you have for your dialogue, good to see something different from the usual pony review and writing study channels.
Anna Corcoran
I'm not sure if this is still the case, but back in 2012 I remember Meghan McCarthy saying that other countries air the episodes in a different order so the writers have to write the episodes so that they can be a stand alone story. Not sure if this is the best excuse, but it worked for me. Great video btw!
It's better that way than turning into fruity monstrosity.