Robert Furlong 2.5KM Sniper Kill Shot in Afghanistan.

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One less taliban cave-monkey walking around. Good job!
so apparently Canadian ammunition sucks, thanks history channel
Perry Kiddo
Damn campers
woah, canadian gets awesome kill, US wants to take credit because of their "great" .50 cal round...
Bjj _Legend
sorry guys but the British army holds the title of the longest killshot
Dynamic Gaming Network
yea but carlos hathcock didnt make adjustments his was kentucky windage and only one shot fired
US GO HOME, the whole world is tired of you invading countries and killing people who try to defend their lands. Your foreign policies are RIDICOLOUS. From Europe with <3.
Lol people are saying that this is unfair for the Taliban fighter. War is unfair people. Example: Taliban uses an ak while U.S drops a bomb on the Taliban.
Roland Deschain
Starlite scopes forever.
Lim kong beng
look like a mismatch but i lost all sympathy for the taliban when they destroyed thousand year old buddha statue in their territory,show their intolerance towards others.
John Duffy
also allways use american rounds. unless your lookin to lose..
Dan Kelly
Robert Furlong is a fellow Newfie. ;]
Bee Free
Lying ad, this was a 1.5 not a 2.5, get it right!
Tyler Kemp
those basatred terssirots deserve to die
Matthew Smith
record is now held by CoH Craig Harrison of the United Kingdom at 2475m (robert furlong was only 2430m)
Donald Trump
That is why counter terrorists win.
  Our Canadian allies are under appreciated. The story says he and his spotter were supporting US Forces. I say good job  and thank you.  Haters gonna hate, then go back to playing Call of Duty.
عبد الله عبد الواحد
كلاب اعداء الله والرسول
Eagle Fat
RED ALERT ! Bill h.r.3999 is a ban on semi auto! The Bill is completely open ended and does not define it intention at all, spread the word and call your congressmen NOW! ITS TIME TO STAND UP!
I can prob do 5 km... but I won’t hit anything
not even a noscope
Kadir E
they are so proud that they kill people  wtf man ill minded a new level of degenarate humatiy
i i
One shot one kill... what a great deal :)
Jean Carton
hahahaha!! another taliban less!
terry wheatley
great shooting guys!   this was also on the history channel...
Troy S.
God Bless American made ammo!
Master Laipita
Thanks to our .50cal Just say thank you Canada! What a lucky shot that was.
Chris Gately
Bloody great stuff, It was interesting hearing him talk about leading the target.
Dave Johnson
Rob Furlong was furthest in March 2002 at 2,430M, Craig Harrison bested Rob in 2009 at 2,475M Both are Masters at their skills.
Is this documentary an american production ? Because it looks like the Americans tried to take some crédits for this amazing CANADIAN achievement by proving their US-made bullets made the difference.
Gerry K
Maybe instead of the American sniper movie they should have made a Movie called Canadian Sniper!
Sanjeev Thakur
A rush dei
thank u 4 your service
Emile g
Rob good on ya mate go kill us some more
dude i can do way way way better then that i can do ZERO KILOMETER SHOT WITH MY BARE FISTS AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
Good to see our Canadian snipers get some credit. Good shot my friend!
Damn they made fortnite sniping into a real thing
Wow this guy is so MLG
Warden Dios
The cinematic of this video glorify killing somewhat.
Deki D
Only an ignorant can believe this crap . Even a computer can't calculate the physics behind a 12.7mm round and where exactly it will end at 2.5 km . This is a pure stunt , and if someone says otherwise  well then go ahead and repeat the shot in similar conditions in front of others ,It's quite simple . Too much Hollywood made people really stupid
John Lenhart
If this story is real go put a moving Target two and a half miles away and let's see if he can hit it I think it's BS
This western behaviour in the middle east my friends is the reason for all islamic terrorism in the west. Period
Juju Rellama
yeah, greetings from hollywood, the moon landing, nice try,
Vouge Gaming
Good job!
Admiral General Aladeen
We are not training talibans to use this weapon. right?
Gatis Upenieks
A video,that shows how an American kills an innocent local and feels proud of it?most
anne yoder
Freaking hardscoping bitch
Hopefully somebody will shot him with 14.5 caliber rifle... Looks like it gives him pleasure to talk about killing people, it should be a joy for him to be killed as well.
Radioactive Gizmo
New record as of 2017. Canadian Armed Forces special forces, Joint Task Force 2 sniper killed someone at a distance of 3,540 metres. The sniper killed an Islamic State insurgent in Iraq.
corey mink
Yea right Mushroom, ever hear of Chris Kyle? The best U.S sniper in American history? 160 confirmed kills. No?
TheOnly 0506
That scope reminded me of x and y axis
Even though I definitely disgust Talibans, Al-Qaida, ISIS and all other terrorist organizations, merely the thought of eliminating someone's existence is for me unthinkable.
p.ö.h.toprak kılıç
Terost ABD
Alex Tango
shame on America they came from 11000 miles to attakc these poor and innocent people who have no relation to 11th-9   shame on you
Norman Ceeb Talls
This was not an actual shot just big talk only.  That's why Taliban is still existing today.
Lil Yassix
Im from afghanistan and it was really hard for us to survive you guys are very lucky
Jari Hujanen
The American soldiers fight for the NWO. Shame on them!
Rajul Saxena
Funny job , Supply weapons and funds to both sides of the war and then enjoy fighting them
Petter Rakstad Solberg
Skip to 9:00 for the kill.
flavio thomazine
It seems I play far cry!!
Vural Mecbur
sounds like B.S. how do we know he didn't aim the other guy.
Gary David
If canada doesn't wake up, the next wall will be between canada and America.
I have the body of a Pig I have the body of a Pig
Finally a canadian with a name for himself lol
pike gear
It is modern warfare. ....we are not leaving in stone age.....
Mike Jone
bet'cha Hollywood is gonna make Canadian Sniper, based on a true story
bunny pong
You use guns because you're not a Jedi !:OP
Cheese .EXE.
they lived but not furlong.
Türk Coğrafya
rambo 3=1988 Afghanistan
these arnt poor militants they are a danger to people around the world and they deserve to die
he was doing his job killing innocent man in his country You came to his country to kill him what kind a job is that i hope you sleep good for killing innocent man
You can celebrate that you have killed people but in 80 90 years your going to hell
Daniel Trottier
WOW...these INVADERS are pretty good.
Bob Boberson
what a hardscoper no skill
Thanks neighbors to the north!
john mac
canadians are bad ass mo-fos and their subtle about it!! check all the wars ww1 ww2 the axis of evil were petrified of Canadians!! the germans called them Storm troopers! thats were the phrase comes from!!!!
alfonso de albuquerque
american soldier was bad. like to kill people...
Chris Kyle shot longer than 2.5 km
Jupiter MacWillow
The creepiest thing about this is the gleam in this asshole's eyes and smirk on his face.
Don Mon
in reality it was some poor goat herder, americans love to hollywood everything up, history channels a joke lol more like fictionary channel.
hill clime 2 hill
Is this real
Juju Rellama
fact is, the US and its cronies from mother england lost despite all the high tech weapons and arms, reason: the taliban are just the better fighters, face up to it
Imagine 1st
kennyS is still better
Philip Lord
We need to tell ISIS, As long as you go north or south of the US Borders we don't care what you do. Don't be our problem and the rest of the world can deal with you themselves.
fortnite game play
Is it just me or is everyone who is complaining about how they are killing people have reeeeeeeeaaaaal bad english skills
According to the narrator, this happened in March, 2002.  Fast forward twelve years, did this shot make any difference?  No.  Has the US involvement made any difference?  No.
Caleb Robben
my anaconda dont
What a psychopath
IZ3 Shadowz
These COD campers...
Coke Meat
There is a game called medal of honor 2010 based on operation anaconda
nurul soheil
Canadians are peaceful country ! they look cool with the ice hockey stick not with those sniper stick.
Lie Peng
ini bohong, Amerika kalah di Afghanistan .....
How old is this documentary? Cause I'm 99% sure a Brit has the longest shot in history
Victory islam
Dan man
Gold Medal motherfukers. One day you will pay for all the pain you are causing to the world. Poor USA citizens, all live believing in something fake, unable to control their country. For me it will be a real shame to be from USA, I am from Spain and I feel shame to be spanish, but in your positions my dear human friends, ohh my god, I do not know what will I do. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP invading countries to get more ressources to satisfy your anxious ambitions.