Robert Furlong 2.5KM Sniper Kill Shot in Afghanistan.

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Perry Kiddo
Damn campers
so apparently Canadian ammunition sucks, thanks history channel
Donald Trump
That is why counter terrorists win.
Lim kong beng
look like a mismatch but i lost all sympathy for the taliban when they destroyed thousand year old buddha statue in their territory,show their intolerance towards others.
One less taliban cave-monkey walking around. Good job!
not even a noscope
Bee Free
Lying ad, this was a 1.5 not a 2.5, get it right!
Dave Johnson
Rob Furlong was furthest in March 2002 at 2,430M, Craig Harrison bested Rob in 2009 at 2,475M Both are Masters at their skills.
Juju Rellama
yeah, greetings from hollywood, the moon landing, nice try,
woah, canadian gets awesome kill, US wants to take credit because of their "great" .50 cal round...
Troy S.
God Bless American made ammo!
thank u 4 your service
Jean Carton
hahahaha!! another taliban less!
Admiral General Aladeen
We are not training talibans to use this weapon. right?
dude i can do way way way better then that i can do ZERO KILOMETER SHOT WITH MY BARE FISTS AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
terry wheatley
great shooting guys!   this was also on the history channel...
Chris Gately
Bloody great stuff, It was interesting hearing him talk about leading the target.
عبد الله عبد الواحد
كلاب اعداء الله والرسول
John Duffy
also allways use american rounds. unless your lookin to lose..
Dan Kelly
Robert Furlong is a fellow Newfie. ;]
I for one am glad to have the Canucks on our side.  A fine country and people, that Canada.  
  Our Canadian allies are under appreciated. The story says he and his spotter were supporting US Forces. I say good job  and thank you.  Haters gonna hate, then go back to playing Call of Duty.
Good to see our Canadian snipers get some credit. Good shot my friend!
Gerry K
Maybe instead of the American sniper movie they should have made a Movie called Canadian Sniper!
Carlos Hathcock's US Marine Corps) shot was (I believe) 1968 in I Corps, RVN, some 35 years before this shot during Operation Anaconda, Paktia Province, Afghanistan Think for a moment the difference in equipment, rounds and scopes....most would say, Hathcock remains the foremost sniper in the history of the US military
Emile g
Rob good on ya mate go kill us some more
bunny pong
You use guns because you're not a Jedi !:OP
Lol people are saying that this is unfair for the Taliban fighter. War is unfair people. Example: Taliban uses an ak while U.S drops a bomb on the Taliban.
flavio thomazine
It seems I play far cry!!
9:20 You really can’t compare these record shots both are amazing but both are using different equipment quality and newer tech makes the difference
Sasha Ribeiro
Onde encontramos o endereço dele ou um telefone?
Iyank Nebo
weapons of mass destruction/WMD....IRAK... HAHAHAHAHAH...LOL
A Simple Rebel
Damn dude, well over I mile? That's amazing! (:-|
Eneias Calixto
2.5 km e erro o tiro tem um tio q acerto a 3.5 km novo recod link
i i
One shot one kill... what a great deal :)
Mike Jone
bet'cha Hollywood is gonna make Canadian Sniper, based on a true story
"What do you feel when you shoot a terrorist?" "Recoil"
A Canadian now has reclaimed the title of having the longest shot. A 3.5KM shot (2.1 miles) by a JTF2 sniper in Iraq
Bob Boberson
what a hardscoper no skill
Dirty Bong Water
Wow, enjoy your VACation aimboting silver
Damn they made fortnite sniping into a real thing
Daniel Gillett
and Recently beat by around 1000M well done Canadian Sniper!
Matthew Smith
record is now held by CoH Craig Harrison of the United Kingdom at 2475m (robert furlong was only 2430m)
Petter Rakstad Solberg
Skip to 9:00 for the kill.
kUsHL0rD 420
"How would I describe it? Sorry." -Original Quote
What I've understand , carlos Hancock's first shot was a kill, and he did have a spotter , and all these technology they have now.
Andrew Phillips
I shot a buck in Idaho once across a canyon, uphill at about 600 yards, and THAT was bad ass. This mile and a half distance....crazy!
Wow this guy is so MLG
I can prob do 5 km... but I won’t hit anything
Michael Weeks
Those Canadian boys can sure shoot! Congratulations from Texas, Nice work Fellas!
Its made more impressive because he didn't practise furlong.
So Canadians own 3 of the top 5 longest sniper records! Including by far the longest at 3.54KM by an unnamed JTF2 soldier.
Chick Bait
A Canadian sniper just slaughtered the record with a confirmed kill of 3.5 miles.
chris kyle sets the new record using a .338 sniper kill well over a mile
Los Pollos Hermanos
My future job!!! <3 snipers
ميدو مشاكل ميدو مشاكل
هوة انتو مابيكم خير لو زلم ما جان نطرتو جبناء اعداء الله
Thanks neighbors to the north!
This is why Dakota’z is so good
Türk Coğrafya
rambo 3=1988 Afghanistan
Canadian sniper... *shoots target* "Sorry!"
When a marine sniper was asked what he felt when he shoots an enemy soldier he simply shrugged and said 'Recoil'
Rodelio Magay
new recorc a canadian special forces broke the record distance 3.4 miles weapon TAC-50 kill a machine gun nest isis
Cristian Tomaquin
What formula did he use? Rise over run or y=mx + b
Sanjeev Thakur
A rush dei
Yenta Yo
Sure is pleased with himself. I bet he has a lot of mirrors in his house. He likes "power" also.
Ramjan Ali
Give me one, i will take people from 5 miles distance... And you can deal with it___
R.J. Ciambruschini
They broke this record in may 2017
peter p
@giounds: woteva!
Affan m
the sniper like fast and furious actor
Evil Grin
i know that trick before you dude. before you even born. actually i know many trick. i maybe not a soldier but i know what to do.
Bjj _Legend
sorry guys but the British army holds the title of the longest killshot
how is called the tv show?
Practice Repeat
With a U.S made weapon.
you gotta love snipers
xc wr
Can't wait for a reboot with the CF's 3.5km shot.
New record shot, 3.5km and still by a Canadian
imo he sounds like he's still going through puberty
Skill, science and awesome weapon. what a shot! Amazing.
Gilles Guillaumin
Pfff, last time I shot down my target, it was at 3100...millimeters
White Knight
Good job Canada👍👍 Americans can't shoot without killi g everything around it
within a week furlong runs out of his canadian made ammo
Chris Hannet
Could you see the madnees in this phsyco eyes?
Now I understand why Trump said he does not want Canadian Steel . because Canada is a Security Threat with its Snipers
Ethnik Albania
Respekt too USA...🇦🇱🇽🇰✌️
pike gear
It is modern warfare. ....we are not leaving in stone age.....
Liam Burke
A Canadian recently broke this record. Must be something in the water
Educated guess  and some luck.....Good shooting bro!!!!
كيف اتعلم على القناص ؟؟
Affen mensch
i shot a bug at range of 3.7km.......with my softair rifle....and exploding ammunition!
Digger 55
What a great competition !!! We dont need the olympics :< 
Gabriel Drake
1:19 when you see a firing mortar but hear an impact sound...
Robert Oliphant
John Duffy
carlos didnt have a 50 cal and he worked alone in the jungle.. ahhh canadians.. lol
Jari Hujanen
The American soldiers fight for the NWO. Shame on them!
Kyyhky ez
actually 2.43 kilometers (By *Google* )
Dramatic Groundhog
He’s clearly hacking. No scope in COD has that magnification
Jim Palmore
2nd longest shot now. canuk nailed 1 at 2 miles
cyril layman
canadian sniper got a 2.2 mile confirned kill,so i guess thats now the new record.